The bride’s stepmother gets slammed because she wore a WHITE LACE gown to her wedding. But critics are equally horrified at her black boots.

  • The unnamed lady was photographed with the newlyweds and shared it in an internet wedding group. This photo is likely to have been posted by the angry bride 
  • The caption for the photo was “The look you make when your stepmother wears a white lace gown to your wedding,” 
  • A Reddit user later posted the image on the ‘Wedding Shaming’ subreddit 
  • Critics agreed with the conclusion that Stepmother didn’t have the right outfit.

The stepmother of a bride committed a grave error when she wore white lace to her wedding. However, critics weren’t too bothered by the chunky black boots.

A photo of the unnamed woman with the newlyweds was shared in an online wedding group — presumably by the irate bride — and was later posted on Reddit’s ‘Wedding Shaming’ forum. 

The caption read, “The look you make when your stepmother wears a white lace gown to your wedding.”  

Feeling judged: A bride's stepmother is facing backlash online after wearing a white lace dress and chunky black wedge booties to the wedding

Feeling judged by a bride’s stepmother after she wore a white lace gown and black wedge boots to her wedding 

Going viral: An image of the unknown woman with the newlyweds was posted on Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' subreddit, and users couldn't decide what was worse, the dress or shoes

The image went viral. An image of the unidentified woman and the newlyweds was uploaded to Reddit’s ‘Wedding Shaming’ subreddit. It was not clear if users could decide which was worse: the dress or the shoes

Reddit user u/apejsnfhre noted that most of the commenters were outraged by the woman’s footwear choice and missed the fact that she was wearing a white lace dress. 

Many agreed with her on the outfit.   

“So, she didn’t just wear a white gown, but black Uggs,” one wrote. Another pointed out that she actually wore wedges and said: “Uggs would be better.” 

“Nobody is commenting about the white dress?” They are instead focusing on ugly construction/ski boots. Another person asked. 

Several people confessed that they couldn’t notice her stepmother wearing white shoes because they were so focused on her shoes.   

Honest: Some people insisted that they didn't even notice the stepmother was wearing white because they were too focused on her black wedge booties

Honesty: Some claimed that the white stepmother’s outfit was not noticeable to them because of her black wedge boots. 

One Reddit user commented on the footwear first and then added: ‘It just hit me that’s she’s wearing white lace. Um…’

‘Noticed the boots first, thought “ehhh something about those boots make them stand out a bit too much,” probably because they didn’t fit the overall lush, green grass setting,’ someone else explained. 

‘Then I realized the dress, and thought “Oh s**t, that’s what this is about. Ok, now I understand the post.

While there was no shortage of those who would tear apart the woman, others tried to be gentler. 

It’s a shame that the pastel is not another color. One person suggested that Cut was appropriate for her age, and the occasion.  

‘This is one of the best MIL in a white dress pictures I’ve seen — at least it doesn’t look bridal or try to outshine the bride,’ someone else added.