Donald Trump released a statement just before the anniversary of Capitol Riot, asking MAGA members to ‘rise against mandate happy Democrats’ over their plans to close schools and to enforce COVID vaccines to children.

  • Donald Trump released Wednesday a statement urging his followers to protest Democrat plans to limit COVID-19 and vaccine mandates
  • It was issued just before the anniversary of the Capitol riot, where his supporters rose up to attempt to overthrow the election. This raised eyebrows. 
  • Trump originally planned to hold Mar-a-Lago’s press conference in celebration of the anniversary. However, he was forced to cancel it by his supporters
  • The riot resulted in four deaths of Trump supporters, and five police officers were also killed in the weeks and days that followed.
  • Around 150 police officers, including those from the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department, were hurt in the incident. Hundreds of other workers suffered traumatizing injuries.
  • Capitol Police have been warned about posts online calling for an insurrection. Security has increased ahead of the anniversary. CNN reported that Capitol Police had received warnings from CNN. 
  • Joe Biden will give a speech Thursday morning at Capitol, where Vice President Kamala Harris (Vice President) will address the audience to remember the attack that took place on Capitol in 1812

Donald Trump told his supporters Wednesday to “rise up” against Democratic overreach in a speech that raised eyebrows as it was made on the eve for the fifth anniversary of the Capitol riot.

Trump planned to host a press conference on Thursday at Mar-a-Lago, but his associates warned him against it, believing it would be provocative and potentially damaging.

Instead, he released a statement critiquing Joe Biden’s handling of COVID.  

Trump stated, “Now there is talk by the Biden administration again about closing schools, and even vaccine mandates to school children. 

This is an outrage and the MAGA nation must protest against this outrageous federal government abuse.

Although he was urging his supporters to “rise up” hours before an anniversary of an incident in which four of them died, eyebrows were raised. He used these words to urge his followers against government policies.

Donald Trump is seen on January 6, 2021, at a rally shortly before his supporters stormed the Capitol

Donald Trump was seen in a rally just minutes before his supporters stormed Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

People protest against vaccine mandates in Huntington Beach, California, on Monday

On Monday, Huntington Beach residents protested against mandatory vaccines.

Trump is seen on New Year's Eve with his son Don Jr and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle

Trump and Don Jr. are seen together on New Year’s Eve, with Kimberly Guilfoyle, his girlfriend.

Tension has been mounting as the anniversary approached, and the Capitol Police were recently warned of online posts that called for a ‘real insurrection,’ CNN reported.

Joe Biden will address the Capitol Thursday morning.

According to the White House, Biden will challenge Trump’s claim that his defeat in the election was due to widespread fraud. He also claimed many of his supporters believed Trump made these claims. They are trying downplay violence from the most violent assault on Capitol Hill since the War of 1812.

Trump made a vicious attack on his successor Wednesday night, without making any reference to the anniversary. 

Trump stated, “The Democrats are so incredibily mandate happy.”

“The Biden Administration’s response is worsening to COVID every day. Joe Biden claimed that the pandemic was not solved by federal action, but then he federalized the distribution and control of antibodies. Red states now have the upper hand. 

“In my administration we respected Governors’ role to care for their states. They could also request therapeutics and antibodies depending on the situation. This is how our country should be run.

Thousands of Trump supporters are seen on January 6, 2021, marching towards the Capitol

On January 6, 2021 thousands of Trump supporters marched towards the Capitol.

The riot of January 6 left 150 members of law enforcement injured, and cost five their lives

February 6th riot left 150 law enforcement personnel injured and five of their lives lost.

Trump claimed that his government created “vaccines in record-time”, but mandates proved to be wrong.

“People should have the freedom to decide how to manage their health. It is important to reduce the federal government’s influence and allow the citizens to choose whether or not they wish to get vaccinated.

“Joe Biden stated that he wouldn’t issue mandates but did so anyway, just like many other things.”