Bridezilla will not pay for any food or drinks at the reception. Instead, she plans to crash a pub after asking 100 people to travel for four hours.

  • The bride is called ‘cheap, selfish’ because she expects her guests to pay her one-way.
  • After her ceremony, the mother-of-3 said that she’d ‘crash a bar’ to have dinner.
  • Her guest will need to cover accommodation, meals, and travel for four hours.

The bride-to be was criticized for being ‘cheap, selfish’ when she revealed that she is hosting an event where all her guests will pay their own food and drink. 

A mother of three explained that she’s having a destination wedding on the beach, four hours from her home. As such they have to also pay travel and accommodation. 

She is also not booking any venue, but she hopes that she, along with her hundreds of guests, will be able ‘crash the pub’. 

A bride-to-be has been slammed as 'cheap and selfish' after revealing she will be holding a 'host free' reception

An unmarried bride was criticized for being ‘cheap, selfish and selfish’ when she revealed that she is hosting an open-air reception.

She stated, “I have kids. I’m not spending $20k to get married.”

She said, “And they don’t have to feel bad. If they want to celebrate our love and be apart of our special day this is what it’s for them to do.”

Elle explained that it was her dream for a micro wedding, so she planned only 100 people and did not feel guilty about having them pay the costs.  

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However, this only outraged the people even more.

A woman stated that 100 guests isn’t a micro-wedding.

Another said that the only micro aspect of your wedding is its budget.

After being posted in a Facebook group about budget weddings, it was then leaked onto a pages dedicated to wedding shame.

One woman said, “I’d love to be in a position to send this message to her guest list,” and laughed. 

Others suggested that the couple just need to elope.

Another added, “If you don’t want to throw a party, don’t hold one.” 

One woman that saw the wedding in the original group said the bride seemed ‘outof her mind.’

She said, “I’ve been waiting for it to come up here,”

One woman said that the bride had been selfish at many levels.

They fumed, “They don’t bother telling the pub 100 more customers will be arriving on night to make sure they have enough staff to handle it,”

They also said that it would be a miracle for them all to get dinner, if they weren’t warned of the sudden influx. 

“I really want to understand how this works – how can you communicate it to your guests?”

Others didn’t seem to have any problems with the plan of the bride.

‘My cousin did it. The couple couldn’t afford the wedding reception, so they paid a down payment to reserve a restaurant. It was included in the invitation. It was accepted by everyone.

Another said, “As long it’s not put out on an invitation that it doesn’t contain food, it is what is.”

One person said it was ‘ridiculous’ and “outdated” to ask a couple for 100-person sit down meals.