You can skip the popcorn. Bring a snack or drink to the cinema. This can distract your attention from the film and cause you to lose focus of the actual movie.

  • Study claims that bringing a snack to the cinema could ruin your experience
  • Because of the decreased engagement, people enjoy leisure activities less when they include food.
  • Popcorn helps your brain to focus more on what it tastes like than the movie itself
  • However, sweets are a great way to make boring situations like queuing more enjoyable

While taking snacks or popcorn to the cinema can be a nice accompaniment, Recent research has shown that snacking can make the experience worse. 

According to Erasmus University experts, delicious snacks can cause brains to wander and focus instead on the actual film. 

But scientists say that having a sweet snack, such as a piece of chocolate or a bag full of your favorite sweets, can help brighten boring and painful situations like waiting in line. 

Recent research shows that popcorn eaten at the cinema can ruin the experience. It distracts your brain from the movie and makes it concentrate on what the food tastes like (stock).


Research has shown that watching popcorn in the cinema can distract your attention from what you are seeing. Instead of focusing on what the food is like, it makes the experience worse.

Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management conducted the study.

Research has shown that food can make people less engaged in leisure activities. 

The results showed that consumers can enjoy negative experiences like queuing by being surrounded with food.

The study, which was carried out by the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, found that people enjoyed a leisure activity less when there was food around because it decreases their engagement with the experience.

Researchers Dr Anne-Kathrin Klesse, and Dr Emily Garbinsky stated that companies intentionally make customers happy by using food. 

Many amusement parks, cinemas, and concert venues offer food accompaniments that can be used to enhance the customer’s enjoyment. 

“However, research suggests that this strategy could backfire.” 

Professor Klesse stated that happiness and wellness are based on being able to truly enjoy life. 

“Our research has provided important insights about how environment factors could negatively affect consumer enjoyment of continuing experiences. 

“It is essential to provide a place where consumers feel fully engaged in order to maximize the enjoyment of experiences such as attending a concert. 

“The temptation to eat is a distraction that can lead consumers to think about what else they might taste, which in turn decreases the enjoyment and engagement of current experiences.

These results suggest that food may increase the enjoyment of unpleasant experiences for consumers. 

Researchers asked participants to see unpleasant images and discovered that eating food enhanced their enjoyment. 

According to the authors, businesses may wish to offer tasty food when consumers are less likely to enjoy the experience, such as while waiting in line, in order to reduce the negative impact.

However, scientists do say that a snack such as a chocolate biscuit or bag of your favourite sweets can be a useful way to brighten boring or painful experiences (stock)

But scientists say that it is possible to make boring experiences more pleasant by snacking like a cookie or bag of favourite sweets (stock).

Over 10 studies were conducted to determine whether or not there was any temptation food such as desserts or cookies. 

People were asked to indicate how much they enjoyed the experience.

The experiment was done at a concert to see how distracting chocolate biscuits can be for the audience.

Researchers wrote that they first looked at whether people enjoyed music differently depending on whether cookies were present. 

“As expected, people who heard the music with the cookie present enjoyed it significantly more than those who did not.”

Another task that required people to complete an artistic activity showed that the ones who were presented with a photograph of a chocolate cookie enjoyed their work less than those who didn’t.

Students in a dining room were served desserts after they finished eating their main meal. This was the third experiment.

Research found that people who could see their desserts were less satisfied with their main meals than the group without it.

This study was published in Journal of Marketing Research.

POPCORN is being used by scientists to make eco-friendly insulation 

A research team at the University of Göttingen has unveiled insulation boards made of granulated popcorn that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than petroleum-based options

A research team at the University of Göttingen has unveiled insulation boards made of granulated popcorn that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than petroleum-based options

The construction industry is an attractive target for countries looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Nearly 40% of the global CO2 emissions come from buildings each year. More than 10% of this comes from construction materials.

Researchers in Germany developed a method of turning popcorn into ice cream. You can transform your insulation materials into something that is more affordable, sustainable, and greener than the current alternatives.

Good insulation reduces heating costs, which lowers CO2 emissions — but some 90 percent of insulation is made from petroleum-based plastic or mineral fiber.

Non-renewable material creates carbon while being manufactured and is rarely reused when buildings are taken down.

A research team at the University of Göttingen has unveiled insulation boards made of granulated popcorn that not only trap warmth in, but offer good protection against fire and are also water-repellent. 

Alireza Kharazipour is a University professor of Technical Mycology. She stated that this new process, which was inspired by the plastics industry allows for the production of industrial-scale insulation boards at a cost-effective price. 

“Especially when it comes to insulation in construction, it ensures that natural insulation material are not just niche products.”