After the PIRANHA attack by swimmers in Argentinian River leaves 30 victims with horrible injuries, a 13-year old girl gets her toe bitten

  • A teenage girl, 13, had one of her little toes bitten off by piranhas in Argentina
  • After the attack on a Para River spot, around 30 people sustained injuries.
  • The attack was blamed by local authorities on high temperatures and low water levels 

A teenager girl was attacked by piranhas in an Argentinian river, and her toe was bitten. Around 30 others were also injured. 

After losing her toe at Santa Fe’s Parana River sunbathing area, the 13-year old was taken to the hospital for emergency skin surgery. 

Following the weekend’s attacks, authorities in the area banned anyone from entering the waters. 

A teenage girl had a toe bitten off and around 30 other people were injured after being attacked by piranhas while bathing in the water at Laguna Setubal in Argentina (pictured)

After being attacked in the Laguna Setubal, Argentina water by piranhas (pictured), a teenage girl was bitten on her toe and about 30 others were also injured.

El Litoral captured footage of one casualty being attended to by emergency personnel. The video was shown by El Litoral. It showed a medic applying a bandage to his big toe. Blood also dripped from the foot wounds. 

Sergio Berardi is a lifeguard union member in the region. 

He confirmed that a 13 year-old boy had suffered a broken toe during one of these incidents and said, “We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for families with children to heed the warnings from the lifeguards. Now we know the extent of the damage these pirates can cause.” 

“When one or two people are bitten by a shark, the lifeguards immediately get to work. But, because there is so much of it, the action may not be sufficient. 

Local TV reports showed images of medics treating wounds sustained by the bathers to their hands and feet

Images of local TV cameras showed pictures showing medics tending to the feet and hands of bathers who had infected their skins.

“On Sunday afternoon lifeguards had to be on the ground quickly in order to help all those who were suffering from bite injuries. 

“These fish are known to be shoal-bound, so there is a high chance of multiple simultaneous attacks. 

“We never expected what would happen to us before it even started.” The water is safe to swim in, however it’s best to make use of the available showers on the beaches. 

At Laguna Setubal beach, the attacks were perpetrated by a cousin of piranha called palometas. 

A mass piranha attack on the river caused more than 60 injuries during Christmas Day 2013 

The surprise attack resulted in the biting of dozens of swimmers, including children. 

This individual had a chunk bitten out of one of their fingers by the piranhas during the attack

A distinctive chunk had been bitten out of the victim's flesh

One of their fingers was bitten by the Piranhas in the attack.

Seven-year-old girl loses part of one finger and young boy has an open fracture. 

Some swimmers sustained severe injuries to their hands, feet and fingers. 

It happened at a beach along the Parana River, Rosario’s birthplace for Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain star). 

In 100 degree Farenheit water, swimmers were racing to cool down. They were bleeding profusely and shouting for help. The parents of their children rushed to assist them in dragging them away. 

The Coastguards called the paramedics in order to help the seriously injured. Before police closed the beach temporarily, people continued swimming even though the danger. 

It was the worst attack on the city’s history since 2008, when 40 swimmers were injured.