Nigel Farage claims that Britain faces a triple crisis: rising inflation and waiting times for the NHS.

According to Sunday Express, Nigel Farage has been a presenter for GB News after he stepped down as the head of Brexit Party. 

In the meantime, the GB News Presenter for Boris Johnson predicted, keeping an eye on the next general elections, that Boris Johnson could lose at the polls if Channel crossing spirals out of control. 

Farage’s repudiation of the Tories occurs as Mr Johnson’s Channel crossing tragedy causes infighting within his cabinet.

  • Priti Patel has spoken out in defense of her handling the crisis of migrants to MPs and ministers
  • When the dinghy crashed off Calais, 27 migrants were killed, some of which included children and women.
  • The Prime Minister claimed to privately have rebuked her because she ‘failed to grasp’ the issue
  • Sources at the Home Office however supported her, stating that she was fighting against French inaction
  • However, No10 officials claim she is ‘doing little for two years’ now and has been a’missing-in-action’ since the latest tragedy. 
Nigel Farage has laid out a gloomy prognosis, warning Britain is in choppy seas - with the Channel crossing issue, pressure on the health service and rising inflation all high up on his list of concerns

Nigel Farage, who has a grim outlook on Britain, warned that it is heading for trouble. He cited the Channel crossing problem, rising inflation, and pressure on the NHS.

Mr Farage has been covering the migrant Channel crossing issue since April 2020, when he first uploaded a video to his YouTube channel from Pett Level Beach in East Sussex, in what he described as a 'fact-finding mission'

Mr Farage has been covering the migrant Channel crossing issue since April 2020, when he first uploaded a video to his YouTube channel from Pett Level Beach in East Sussex, in what he described as a ‘fact-finding mission’ 

Boris Johnson privately reproached the Home Secretary for not ‘getting a grip’ about the matter and was joined by the other Ministers in their criticisms during a meeting held in the aftermath of the drowning tragedy.

Mr Farage has been covering Channel crossings by illegal migrants since April 2020, when he made a YouTube video from a drizzly Pett Level Beach in East Sussex, describing the trip to the camera as a ‘fact-finding mission’. 

The former Brexit Party boss was ridiculed for reporting on it. East Sussex Police received a slew of complaints that Farage had violated lockdown travel rules.

France and Britain have tensions over the Channel Crossing tragedy.

Boris Johnson informed Emmanuel Macron that British boots will be needed to protect France from evil slave gangs. This is after the deaths of at least 27 migrants in the most deadly-ever Channel crossing.

Police in Dunkirk arrested four suspected smugglers who were believed to have been involved with the tragedy. They were located near the France/Belgian border.

The casualties were five women and one girl, the tragedy occurring within hours after French police watched as boats left their shore.

As tensions rise between London and Paris, France’s ex-Brexit negotiator for the EU has urged France to end its migrant agreement with Britain and allow asylum seekers to cross the Channel.

Michel Barnier is a former French Europe Minister who hopes to unseat Emmanuel Macron next year at the presidential elections. He has promised that if he wins, he will pull France from the Treaty of Touquet governing Anglo–French border relations.

Each country now has its own immigration control point at Calais and Dover under the 2003 agreement. Britain has responsibility for the security and financing of its northern French border stations. France must stop illegal immigrants from reaching the UK.

 Paris has complained that, in practice, they are managing the British border with mainland Europe. They have also claimed that the treaty has resulted in huge numbers of migrants setting up campsites – such as the infamous Jungle dismantled in 2016 – at its ports as they attempt to enter Britain.

London has accused the French of failing to stop migrants illegally crossing the Narrow Sea, despite paying Paris £54million in instalments to increase patrols in a bid to curb Channel voyages. France raised previously the possibility of ending the checks on migrants, unless Britain changes its mind in relation to the continuing post-Brexit dispute about fishing licences.

After the death of 27 people drowning while trying to cross the Channel using a fragile blow-up boat and their subsequent deaths, Farage declared that he was anticipating a ‘national crisis’.

Farage claimed: “I believe it’s possible that by spring or summer next year, this is possible.” [the Channel crossings by migrants]It will be declared a national emergency.

“I believe the numbers you will see will be greater than what you’re currently seeing.”

“I didn’t make any wrong predictions on this.” 

Sunday Express interviewed Mr Farage in a wide-ranging interview. He spoke out about his dire outlook for the country, with inflation and the health system high on the list of worries.

“Already we have been told that if you wish to undergo a hip surgery, then drive 400 miles. The NHS simply cannot cope. It is a shameful reality that no one dares admit to.

Farage said, “Inflation can be described as a money disease caused by governments.” The government borrows and borrows. Even a Conservative budget foresees a deficit of £100billion next year. 

“Addiction to Quantitative Easing.” Asset-pumping. Wealthy people get disproportionately wealther. Westminster doesn’t seem to understand it.

Farage believes that things will get worse as tensions simmer between France and Britain, both with each side dealing with the aftermath of the largest single-day loss in life on the Channel. 

“I have been using this program for more than 20 months. [When]To raise awareness about it, my first YouTube movie was created. I made the film while I was on vacation to South Carolina. It’s been almost daily since then.

He explained that you could put as many police officers in France on the beach, but the attraction factors, such as four-star accommodations, three-square meals daily, medical care and spending money, will still be strong in France. 

Farage made a slur at Boris Johnson’s Tory Party. He accused him of only lip-service to the topic in 2019, to get votes. 

Farage dismissed concerns that the prime minister raised about the topic in the latter part of 2019 as “utterly insincere”.  

“The overwhelming majority of Leave voters and the majority of Conservative voters see,” [immigration]As a crucial issue, he doesn’t have a clue what to do.

“I’m convinced that there are literally millions of people who won’t vote. Corbyn’s bogeyman is gone. Starmer can be even worse. It’s hard to imagine.  

 The Home Secretary has been privately rebuked by Boris Johnson for failing to ‘get a grip’ on the issue, and was joined in his criticisms by other Ministers at a meeting in the wake of the drowning tragedy.

The 49-year-old’s friends however hit back, accusing other ministers of doing ‘sweet f*** all’ to help with the situation and accusing the French of refusing to cooperate.

Concerns have remained about the ability of Ms Patel to manage crossings that now total nearly three-quarters of last year’s.

Twenty-seven migrants, including women and children, died on Wednesday when their dinghy sank off Calais. Pictured: Migrants prepare to cross the channel on November 24

When their dinghy crashed off Calais, 27 migrants died, many of them children. Pictured: The migrants prepare to cross Channel on November 24,

French police have evicted migrants from a camp on November 28 in Calais, as France convenes regional officials to discuss illegal migration and people trafficking after 27 people drowned in the deadliest Channel crossing on record earlier this week

French police expelled migrants from Calais’ camp on Nov 28th, while France met regional officials to talk about illegal migration and trafficking. This follows the death of 27 victims in one of the most dangerous Channel crossings in history.

Tensions between Britain and France have risen this week, as a blame game erupts between the two nations over the tragic Channel drowning. Pictured: French police evict migrants from a campsite in Calais

This week has seen tensions rise between France and Britain as blame games between France’s two countries have flared over Channel drowning. Photo: French police expel migrants from Calais campsite

An official at No10 criticized Ms Patel’s ‘inaction for two years’ while her cabinet colleague suggested that she “has to get on top of things.”

According to the Sunday Times, they said that she had overpromised but not delivered for two years. It’s been all mouth and no trousers and everyone, including the PM, is getting fed up of her.’

Priti Patel, 49, last night launched a defence of her handling of the migrant crisis as she faced pressure from Ministers and MPs

Priti Patel (49) launched last night a defense of how she handled the migrant crisis when faced with pressure from MPs and Ministers

A cabinet minister also accused her of “missing in action” for interviews about the news regarding 27 drowning victims on Wednesday.

Although the Prime Minister remains publicly supportive of Ms Patel, there was speculation last night that he may have lost faith in his Home Secretary. Rumours of a Home Secretary being fired by the Prime Minister were refuted by Number 10.     

Today’s Sunday Express interview with Mr Farage revealed that he believes he can play a part in changing the direction of travel and hasn’t ruled out returning to politics on the frontline.

‘Never say never. It is something I will think about. People send me emails daily requesting that I return.

Mr Farage claims he gets emails urging him to stage a comeback to frontline politics on a daily basis, although for the meantime he feels his role as a presenter at GB News is enabling him to make an impact on politics

Farage says he receives emails daily urging him back to the frontline, but for now he believes his position as a GB News presenter is allowing him to have an impact on politics.

‘I had one from a couple saying if you wish to do this again Mr Farage we will send you £1,000 of our hard-earned money. A couple who I had never even met before in my entire life.

I have had several big donors that are Conservative backers more than Ukip supporters by historical records. They said that the government is not one that supports the free market and does not stand up for the poor. Do you think it is worth considering a return?

“There’s general dismay. There is general disappointment. One cannot say and do one. 

Farage said that he’s content as a presenter at GB News for the moment.

The channel is on the rise, that’s for sure. Farage stated that it felt like he could influence events in this way.