British Special Forces have been deployed to Calais, France to assist French police in capturing crime gangs who are sending migrants over the Channel. 

According to The Mirror, the UK might offer a group of 30 elite soldiers from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment to France to assist in the current crisis. 

At least 27 migrants downed in the deadliest-ever Channel crossing earlier this week, with the disaster coming just hours after French police sat and watched boats leave their shore.

Four alleged people smugglers thought to be connected with the disaster were arrested by police north of Dunkirk, near the France-Belgian border, on Wednesday evening after tragedy struck shortly around 2pm. 

At least 27 migrants downed in the deadliest-ever Channel crossing earlier this week (Pictured - Dover)

The Channel crossing that killed the most people in history was fatal for at least 27 migrants. 

The only two survivors of the horror – an Iraqi and a Somalian – have reportedly told French police the dinghy was hit by a container ship that punctured its thin rubber hull and sank the vessel. 

In spite of the most recent incident, it is thought that makeshift camps used by smugglers are still offering travel across the Channel. 

Following talks in France, this morning police officers were seen evicting migrants at Calais camp.   

Earlier this week Boris Johnson made a renewed offer of hundreds of British ‘boots on the ground’ to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. 

Mr Johnson told reporters on Wesnesday: ‘This disaster underscores how dangerous it is to cross the channel in this way, and it also shows how vital it is that we step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to sea in this way.

The UK could offer up a team of around 30 elite troops from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) to help French authorities

For French authorities assistance, the UK could provide a team consisting of approximately 30 troops from Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

The only two survivors of the horror have reportedly told French police the dinghy was hit by a container ship that punctured its thin rubber hull and sank the vessel.

According to French police, the only survivors have told French officers that the container ship which struck the dinghy punctured the thin rubber shell and then sank it.

It is believed that smugglers in makeshift camps are continuing to offer trips across the Channel, despite the latest incident

According to some reports, even after the recent incident, makeshift camp smugglers continue offering trips across the Channel.

The SSR regiment (logo pictured) is the most secret part of UK special forces, specialising in aggressive surveillance

The SSR regiment, logo pictured, is the secretive part of UK Special Forces. It specializes in aggressive surveillance.

Police Officers have been evicting migrants staying in a camp in Calais, France

Policing officers have been expelled migrants who were staying at Calais camp, France. 

This morning, police officers have been photographed evicting migrants from a camp in Calais following talks between regional officials in France.

Following talks in France, this morning police officers were seen evicting migrants at Calais camp.

What is the Special Reconnaissance Regiment in the UK Army? 

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) is a unit of the British Army, established in 2006 to carry out covert surveillance and reconnaissance, and to relieve the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service of that role. 

This unit is known for working with Police, the MI5 and MI6 on national and international issues. 

Members of the regiment have served in the Libyan Civil War, the Iraq War as part of the task force Black/Knight to carry out surveillance in parts of the city, and took part in Operation llois during the war in Afghanistan which captured four Taliban leaders. 

These intelligence-gathering teams have helped police to monitor the situation in London after the London Bombings in 2005 and also to locate dissident republicans from northern Ireland.

Recently, the unit members were sent to Yemen as part of MI6 teams to help train and identify drone strike targets.

“We must work with our French friends and with our European partners. I tell our Channel partners that now is the right time to get together to stop these criminal gangs from getting away with their murder. 

“Our proposal is to expand our support but also to collaborate with our partners at the beaches involved, and on the launching ground for these boats. 

SSR Regiment is the secretive part of UK Special Forces, focusing on aggressive surveillance. It is the only force of its type to recruit women. The force often deploys on missions deemed too risky for MI5. 

This regiment provides support for counter-terrorist efforts and occasionally works with MI6 in foreign missions. 

To infiltrate more situations, members of this regiment have been known to conceal their identities. 

They often disguised themselves in local clothing when fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. 

Operatives of the regiment might also be used for tracking and filming traffickers. Britain’s eavesdropping centre GCHQ could also be offered to hack into mobile networks to gain intelligence. 

People smugglers are charging more than £3,300 per head to make a Channel crossing, according to latest intelligence. 

In the wake of this tragedy, many heartbreaking stories were told. 

A tragic phone call between two friends, Mohammad Aziz, 31, who has not been heard of since, and fellow Iraqi Kurd, Peshraw Aziz came to light on Friday. 

Peshraw said to MailOnline that Mohammed decided to give it a try. He phoned me panicking and said that he was unsure if his decision had been right.

He said to me, “It’s not good”, that he believed the engine was too weak and was afraid that the boat might sink. This was his last contact with me.

Others spoke out about their concern for four Afghan youths, who also disappeared in the aftermath of Wednesday’s catastrophe that left at least 27 dead.

Riaz Mohammed (12 years old), Share Mohammed (17 years old), and Shinai (15 and Shinai (16) were some of those who attempted the dangerous crossing.

Riaz Mohammed, 12, his relative Share Mohammed, 17, pictured wearing life jackets on the beach prior to the crossing which resulted in the deaths of 27 people

Riaz Mohammed (12 years old) and Share Mohammed (17 years old), are pictured in life jackets at the beach before the crossing that resulted into 27 deaths.

French police carry on a stretcher an unidentified body discovered off the Sangatte beach, the day after 27 migrants died when their dinghy deflated as they attempted to cross the English Channel, in Sangatte, near Calais, France, November 25, 2021

French police transport an unidentified body found on Sangatte Beach by a stretcher to a French hospital. This was the day 27 migrants drowned trying to cross the English Channel. It happened in Sangatte near Calais (France), November 25, 2021.

The group of migrants boarded the dinghy and gestured as they started to make the journey across the Channel to Britain

As they began their journey across the Channel, the group gestured and boarded the dinghy.

French officers have been photographed evicting migrants from a camp in Calais

French officers were photographed exiling migrants from Calais camp by officer 

One of the victims was a pregnant woman. Officials reported that 17 men died, while seven women perished, along with two boys, and one girl.   

MailOnline was informed by Craig Mackinlay, Kent MP. He said that the tragedy “was both preventable and foreseeable”.  

He said, “My request is that France prevent beach launchings from happening.” If they are unable to do so, then UK support should be sought. “I fear that this will only be one of many disasters in the winter season.” This must stop.  

Nearly 27,000 migrants crossed the Channel in this year, surpassing roughly 8,000 and 1,000 in 2020.

The November trip has seen more than 60550 people make it, the highest number ever for a single month.