British-based lady is fatally run over by her OWN van and husband in Spain while on holiday.

  • After being struck by her van, a 53-year-old woman was hit in the head and killed in Granada, Spain, on Saturday
  • She was “seriously hurt” by her husband, a 57 year-old male, and was quickly taken to hospital.
  • Unnamed couple have been identified as Vietnamese nationals who live in the UK.
  • Reports claim that the van reversed after it had been stopped at the top ramp.

After being run over in Spain by their van, a British woman was killed and her husband seriously hurt.

The horror incident happened at around 9.30am on Saturday morning in the centre of the southern Spanish city of Granada.

The couple were hit by their own van after it rolled backwards down a ramp leading out of an underground car park.

A woman was killed and her partner was seriously injured when their own van (pictured) rolled backwards and ran over them in an underground car park in the Spanish city of Granada

One woman died and the other was severely injured after their van (photo) rolled over them underground in Granada, Spain.

Unconfirmed reports said the couple left the vehicle at the top of a ramp (pictured) leading out of the underground car park when it rolled backward at around 9.30am on Saturday morning

According to unconfirmed reports, the couple left their vehicle on top of a ramp leading out from the underground parking lot. The car rolled backwards at 9.30am Saturday.

Unnamed couple, believed to be holidaying in Spain, were described as Vietnamese nationals living in England.

After being caught under the vehicle as it was rolling down the ramp, the 53-year old woman died.

She was’seriously hurt’ by the accident. Her husband, a 57year old man, was rushed to Virgende las Nieves Hospital in Grenada.

The photos of the white car that was damaged by hitting a parking pillar showed a GB sticker. 

The woman, 53, was killed after being trapped under the vehicle, while her 57-year-old partner was 'seriously injured' and was rushed to Virgen de las Nieves Hospital (pictured)

53 year-old female was found dead under her vehicle. Her 57 year-old companion was’seriously hurt’.

Photos of the damaged white vehicle, which ended up coming to a stop after hitting a car park pillar, showed a GB sticker on the back

Photographs of the vehicle in a damaged state showed a GB sticker.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the couple left their vehicle at the top ramp and drove to the nearby information booth.

One witness stated that the witnesses had tried to stop a van moving by their hands, but it rolled backwards.

According to police, the investigation is focusing on whether the driver did not properly attach the handbrake. 

In a Twitter message, a local police spokesperson confirmed that a traffic accident occurred at Granada’s car park just after 9.30AM.

“A woman died, and a man was seriously injured.

“The incident is being investigated.”