China has issued a chilling warning to Australians declaring a ‘heavy attack’ would quickly follow if our forces came to the defence of Taiwan.

In explosive comments published in Chinese tabloid The Global Times on Saturday, editor-in-chief Hu Xijin was blunt in his analysis of Australia’s promise to come to Taiwan’s aid should US allied forces get involved in the conflict.

‘If Australian troops come to fight in the Taiwan Straits, it is unimaginable that China won’t carry out a heavy attack on them and the Australian military facilities that support them,’ Mr Xijin tweeted.

“So Australia should be ready to make sacrifices for Taiwan Island and the US.

These ominous words may be related to Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s Friday comments, in which he implied that Aussie troops would help the US if Taiwan is attacked.

Hu Xijin (pictured), the editor-in-chief of The Global Times, has declared China will attack Australia should they come to the defence of Taiwan

Hu Xijin (pictured), editor-in-chief at The Global Times has said that Australia would be attacked if it defends Taiwan.

Mr Xijin also declared Australia 'better be prepared to sacrifice' in an ominous warning via his Twitter page

In an ominous tweet, Mr Xijin warned Australia that Australia ‘better not be ready to sacrifice’

Defence Minister Peter Dutton outlined earlier this week how Australia intends to help defend Taiwan

Peter Dutton (Australian Defence Minister) explained this week, how Australia will help Taiwan.

Dutton believed that Australia would be in a position of strength worldwide if the move was made. 

He stated that China has been clear in their intentions to invade Taiwan. We need to ensure that our country is well prepared and capable of deterring them. That is what I believe will put us in a strong position,’ he said to The Australian. 

“It would not be possible that we wouldn’t support the US for an action, if they chose that action.” 

Daily Mail Australia spoke to Professor Peter Dean who is Chair of Defence Studies and the Director of UWA’s Defence and Security Institute. He said that October war in the region was possible within five- or six years.

“You can’t exclude the possibility of using force.” He said that if the Chinese think they have the ability to take Taiwan forcefully, win, and succeed, then they might be encouraged to do something stupid.

“We have seen them become much more dangerous in the recent years under Xi Jinping because he has become more autoritarian.”

A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is inevitable within the next five or six years, with the US and its allies such as Australia forced to come to its defence, military experts warn

Experts warn that the Chinese will invade Taiwan within five- to six years. This would lead to the US and other allies like Australia being forced to protect Taiwan.

Professor Dean however stated that it was the so-called “grey zone warfare”, in which China signals its stance on Taiwan’s aircraft defence identification zones (ADIZ), and the biggest current security risk, that is most dangerous.

“Chinese are really at high risk for an accidental incident or someone getting trigger-happy,” he stated.

“The biggest risk to the region’s stability is that there are no formal and effective mechanisms for de-escalating this situation.

“The Chinese are very bold, coercive and raising risk levels to levels that they shouldn’t.”

Since 1949 when Taiwan was made the Republic of China, by Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Kuomintang (now the Nationalist Kuomintang), the Chinese Communist Party has claimed Taiwan. They fled mainland China during the civil war.

China regards the Republic of China as an independent country. China considers China a separate province.

Diplomatically speaking, Australia and the US acknowledge that Beijing is the government.

To maintain diplomatic relations between China and the United States, they must insist that Taiwan is not officially recognized.

The US, however, has already sold Taiwan billions of dollars in arms and repeatedly stated that it will help protect Taiwan from any military threats. This is despite an American policy of “strategic uncertainty”.

At Friday’s same address, Dutton also explained the reasons why French submarine deals worth $90 billion had to be rejected. 

“If the Americans had not informed France earlier, they would have made the information public. They wouldn’t have followed our advice. The Americans might have ended the agreement due to the French violent response,” he stated.

Professor Peter Dean, Chair of Defence Studies and Director of UWA's Defence and Security Institute, told Daily Mail Australia in October war was a real possibility in the region within five or six years

Daily Mail Australia spoke to Professor Peter Dean, Head of Defence Studies and Director at UWA’s Defence and Security Institute. He said that October war was possible in the region in five- or six years.

Earlier this month the French ambassador to Australia accused the Australian government of a 'stab in the back' for the way it cancelled a deal to buy 12 French submarines, causing an ongoing diplomatic crisis

The Australian government was accused by the French ambassador in Australia earlier this month of an alleged’stab in their back’ because it cancelled a contract to buy 12 French submarines. It caused a continuing diplomatic crisis


1949:Chiang Kai-shek fled Mao Zedong and his Communist army to Taiwan where the Kuomintang government (KMT) reestablished a new country. China still considered Taiwan a part of its mainland.

1980s:China’s ‘one nation, two systems’ policy was developed for Taiwan. This gave Taiwan some political autonomy and allowed it to accept Chinese reunification. Taiwan refused to accept the offer.

1991:Taiwan declared the end of the war against the People’s Republic of China (on the mainland). Representatives from each side continued to hold informal talks.

2000: Taiwan elects Chen Shuibian to be its president pro-independence, which alarms the mainland.

2004:China has adopted a law allowing it to use non-peaceful methods against Taiwan, if Taiwan attempts to separate from the mainland.

2016:Tsai Ingwen is the current president. Her party, The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), supports official independence from China.

August 2020Taiwan started to see an increase in activity by Chinese military planes over its air defense identification area (ADIZ).

April 20, 2121According to Taiwan’s government, China flew most military planes in its air defense area for one year.

October 1-3 2021China flies a record number of 150 aircraft into the ADIZ, marking its biggest force show to date. This led Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuocheng to declare that relations with the mainland had been at their worst for 40 years.


Australia’s defence minister went on to reject the notion from US President Joe Biden that the cancellation of the contract and announcement of AUKUS were poorly handled, insisting ‘it was was choreographed to the minute’.

The Australian ambassador to France accused Australia of being a stab in the back for cancelling a contract to purchase 12 French submarines earlier this month. This caused a diplomatic crisis.

Jean-Pierre Thebault claimed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had intended to deceive France, before he renounced the contract and instead forged a partnership between the US nuclear submarine fleets with the UK.

‘This decision was deliberately kept secret for months, even years,’ Mr Thebault told the National Press Club in Canberra on November 3.

Thebault stated that Australia didn’t consult France on the possible use of nuclear-powered submarines, and instead turned its back upon its ally to announce an AUKUS partnership.

On the topic of the dumped $90billion French submarine deal, Mr Dutton was adamant its rejection at the eleventh hour was necessary (The French Ambassador to Australia pictured)

Dutton was unimpressed by the French $90billion submarine deal.

Scott Morrison has conceded Mr Macron was not aware of negotiations with the US and the UK

 Scott Morrison has conceded Mr Macron was not aware of negotiations with the US and the UK

‘The way this Australian government decided to turn its back on our solemn and far reaching partnership without ever frankly consulting with France, when there were countless opportunities, without having shared frankly and openly, or having looked for alternatives with France, is just out of this world,’ he said.  

In a press conference on September 16 with Boris Johnson, Mr Biden and Mr Morrison, Mr Morrison declared his intention to cancel the French subcontract. The new alliance between the countries was called AUKUS.

Morrison is calling for the creation of nuclear-powered submarines in US and UK designs by 2040. These submarines will be faster, more stealthy, longer-lasting, and safer than standard submarines.  

Although Mr Macron did not know about negotiations with the US, and the UK at the time of his visit to the UK in June, the Prime Minister admitted that Australia had begun consulting them on possible submarine options.  

He claimed he did not lie to President Macron, but Mr Thebault stated that his leader was “misled” and that this was just a fabrication among the allies. 

Are Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines being built? 

 Why are nuclear submarines so important?

A nuclear reactor powers nuclear submarines. It produces heat which spins turbines to create high-pressured steam that turns them into propellers. 

The maximum time they can stay on the water is 20 years.

These boats also have a quiet exterior, which makes it difficult for enemy agents to find them. They can travel at 40 kmh and longer than diesel-powered subs.

The United States put the first submarines into sea in 1950s. The submarines can be used by Russia and France as well as the United Kingdom, China, India, and China. 

A senior US defence official told reporters in Washington DC: ‘This will give Australia the capability for their submarines to basically deploy for a longer period, they’re quieter, they’re much more capable. 

“They will help us sustain and increase deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.”

Zack Cooper is a senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and stated that nuclear submarines could greatly increase Australia’s military capabilities.

He stated that the Australians would be more capable than ever in dealing with the huge, vast ocean that Australia is facing.  

Australia will have nukes? 

Scott Morrison stated that there will be no nuclear missiles aboard the submarines of nuclear power.

Australia has never produced nuclear weapons and signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 1973 which prevents non-nuclear states which don’t already have them from developing nuclear weapons.

Morrison said that Australia doesn’t have plans to build any nuclear power plants which can be widely used all over the globe. 

He said, “But let’s be very clear. Australia’s goal is not to obtain nuclear weapons, or build a civil nuclear capability.”

“And we will keep meeting our nuclear non-proliferation commitments.”  

They are they secure? 

To protect crew members from radiation, the nuclear reactors are isolated from the rest. 

While the US is known for its excellent safety record when it comes to nuclear-powered subs, 20 US military personnel died from radiation exposure in early Russian subs.

After their twenty-year lifespans are up, the radioactive parts of nuclear reactors must be removed deep underground into special waste storage containers. 

According to anti-nuclear activists, radioactive waste leakage could result in an environmental catastrophe. 

Adam Bandt, Greens leader, called the submarines “floating Chernobyls” in reference to 1986’s Soviet Union nuclear power plant explosion.

Why wait?

Australia must replace six of its Collins-class submarines. 

The company signed a 2016 deal with French Company Naval Group for 12 diesel-electric subs. But the dispute raged between the parties over the building amount that should be completed in Australia.

The deal is now being renegotiated to allow for nuclear-powered subs that are aided in part by the US, UK and Australia.

The West is increasingly worried about China’s assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific. China has made enormous territorial claims in South and East China Seas and clashed repeatedly with Indian troops.

Morrison believes Australia should have a strong defense capability in order to stop China’s encroachment on the Pacific. Long-range nuclear submarines and other long-range weapons are the best options. 

China has significantly increased its military over the years. China now boasts six Shang class nuclear powered attack subs with cruise missiles and torpedoes.