British families who want to take a French ski holiday are in trouble due to new regulations that require all children over 12 to have their eyes double-jabbled before they can hit the slopes.

If France has 200 vaccine-deficient people per 100,000, teenagers and adults could have to be excluded from ski lifts.

It is at 189 right now, although it was just 129 a week earlier. 

Austria, another well-known ski resort, already has a tight lockdown. However strict rules are in place across the continent.

While the French Government stated new Covid mitigation measures would be released on Thursday, they ruled out complete lockdown.

Many British families are already dissatisfied by the new tough rules.

Katja Gaskell, who regularly skis with her partner and three children - aged 14, 11 and six - spoke of her frustration at the prospect of tough new rules

Katja Gaskell skis regularly with her partner, and her three children (aged 14, 11 and 6 years), and she expressed frustration over the possibility of having to follow tougher rules.

France’s Covid Rules 

Current Covid rules in France dictate that face masks are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces, though it is no longer a requirement to do so in all outdoor public spaces.

However, there are exceptions. Face coverings may still be required in crowds, markets and stadiums. 

All users over 11 years old must wear masks in public transport. Those who don’t comply will be subject to a fine. 

In taxis or private hire cars, masks must be worn. 

To access certain services or venues, anyone aged 12 years and older will have to show their Covid-19 status via the ‘health card’.

These include leisure venues (bars. restaurants. museums. cinemas.), retirement homes, hospitals and other modes of transportation such as planes, long-distance train, bus and shuttle journeys.

Ski lifts could be affected if the rate of cases rises to 200/100,000. This is what many expect. 

Katja Gaskell, who regularly skis with her partner and three children – aged 14, 11 and six – told the Telegraph: ‘Our eldest has been vaccinated but as per UK rules, he has only received one shot. He is now in France in vaccine limbo.

“We hope that, if necessary for testing to be done locally at a resort cost-effectively and quickly. Do you think it will add more stress to your life? Definitely.’ 

Meanwhile, Rebecca Miles, is concerned not only over the possibility of increased testing for her five-year-old daughter, but also whether they’ll be able to set off for their multi-generational trip to Champagny en Vanoise at all.

“There’s an incontinence in my heart that this will be cancelled because France’s rates are going to rocket and they’ll close our border again. We’ll be disappointed,” she stated.   

Gabriel Attal, spokesperson for the French government, insisted Wednesday that ministers do not want major restrictions on public life. He preferred stricter social distancing and accelerating its vaccine booster campaign, as well tightening regulations on health passes.

“We have to protect France by building upon what we already have in order to keep the festivities going and the winter from getting worse,” he said at a press conference.

Attal explained that France’s health card – which grants access to cafés, restaurants museums, cafes and other public spaces for anyone who has been vaccinated or had a recent negative Covid testing – is the main reason France’s infection rates are lower than those in neighbouring countries.

The pass was introduced this summer and led to an increase in the number of new vaccines. However, it is possible that the government can improve its effectiveness by tightening control.

Attal refused to give details about the measures that might be announced Thursday. However, the government will likely follow HAS (the health regulator) advice and extend the third dose to all people over 40 years of age.

The third shot was only made available to people older than 65 or those who are vulnerable. However, it will be offered starting December 1, for anyone over 50. It could even encourage home work.

Rebecca Miles, is concerned not only over the possibility of increased testing for her five-year-old daughter, but also whether they'll be able to set off for their multi-generational trip to Champagny en Vanoise at all

Rebecca Miles is worried about increased testing and whether her daughter of five years, Rebecca, will be able go on their multi-generational trip in Champagny en Vanoise.

Attal indicated that, even with new strategies being implemented, Attal believed the fifth round of the epidemic would get worse.

The government anticipates a rise in hospital pressures in the coming weeks but does not believe they will become overwhelmed by an influx patients. Vaccination drastically decreases the chance of developing serious illnesses.

He said, “We don’t see the same link as in the initial three waves between the number hospitalisations and the number infections.”

Tuesday’s seven-day average number of cases rose over 20,000, and Covid patients were placed in intensive care for the first times since Aug. 24, 2008.

The number of ICU patients was 2,200 for a similar amount of cases that August. 

The number of Covid patients grew to 5,500 in the third wave. This was when the average number of new cases exceeded 20,000 by May’s early May.