British holidaymakers will have to travel with new restrictions unless they’re TRIPLE-jabbed. Austria and Israel are leading the way in tightening Covid Entry rules

  • Both countries have now set time limits for the validity of Covid vaccines 
  • Expert says others will follow your lead to protect against waning immunity 
  • As medics claim that the UK booster drive will keep Covid under Control this Winter, 

British holidaymakers may face new travel restrictions unless they’re triple-jabbed. Austria, Israel and other countries are leading the way in tightening Covid entry requirements.

To prevent waning immunity, both countries have placed time limits on vaccinations.

Austria will declare travellers unvaccinated if they have not received a booster or dose in the last 360 days. This means that they must pay for a PCR testing to be allowed to enter.

Israel has even stricter rules. Foreigners are prohibited from leaving the country if they leave within 180 days of receiving their second dose.

A graph showing the number of Covid boost tabs delivered in the UK, as Austria and Israel tightened their entry rules to guard against waning immunity

A graph showing how many Covid boost tabs were delivered in the UK. Austria and Israel tightened entry rules to protect against waning immunity. 

This could lead to triple-jabbed Britons being exempted. However, anyone who has recovered from Covid in the last six months and can produce an antibody certificate will be eligible.

Paul Charles, a travel consultant from The PC Agency, believes that more countries will follow Israel and Austria’s lead.

He told the Telegraph that it was likely that other countries would continue to ensure that we are fully jabbed.

“By fully jabbed, that means being up-to-date. We are beginning to see countries align.

Today saw a boost to Britain’s Covid booster shot drive. Experts claim it is moving fast enough to control winter cases.

Labour has again urged the Government to ‘turbo charge’ the NHS programme to 500,000 doses a day — nearly double the current average rate — to avoid hospitals becoming overrun this winter.

Doctor Abhi Mantgani administers a Covid-19 vaccine booster to Joanne Coombs in Birkenhead

Joanne Coombs receives a Covid-19 booster from Doctor Abhi Manntgani in Birkenhead 

And Health Secretary Sajid Javid — who has already warned Christmas curbs may be on the cards if uptake does not pick up — has repeatedly urged all eligible adults to come forward for their third jab.

But despite a slow start to the rollout beset by bureaucratic hurdles and slow uptake, NHS medics and volunteers are now dishing out an average of 1.9million booster doses every week in the UK — up from around 1.2million in the first week of October.

SAGE advisers made unusually optimistic predictions that hospitalisations and cases would fall naturally this winter, even if the Government’s Plan B’ is implemented. If 1.3million boosters are distributed every week, it will be possible to disperse 1.3million boosters.

MailOnline today heard from independent experts that the current pace of rollout should be sufficient to stop the virus.

MailOnline was informed by Professor David Livermore, a microbiologist from the University of East Anglia that the rollout will reach the majority of the country’s most vulnerable adults at the current pace.

He stated that any suggestion that Plan B should be implemented because of the slow rollout of the system should be strongly rejected.

At the current rate of 1.9million boosters a week, 23million people will have had their booster shot by Christmas Day — nearly three quarters of all 32million eligible adults.

Officials warn against complacency and urge Brits to book booster jabs as soon possible to ensure that the rollout continues on track. 

MailOnline was informed by Professor Livermore that there were approximately seven to eight million of the 12 to 13 million. [currently]They have been given boosters to those who are eligible in the UK. I don’t see any reason to be concerned.

“Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom are in Plan B with continuing mask mandates and Covid passports for nightclubs. These rates are comparable to those in England, however, their Covid rates do not differ from England.

He stated, “This strongly suggests that Plan B amounts inconveniencing people to no useful effect.”

Booster jabs can be obtained for anyone over 50, vulnerable adults, and NHS workers who have had their second dose within the last six months.

The UK has already seen an increase in the number of cases, with older age groups seeing a decrease. Experts predict that hospitalisations will rise and deaths will follow if the trend continues.