After OTTERS pinned him down in a Singapore park, he said that he thought he was going to be killed.

  • Graham George Spencer was in his 60s when he was attacked by a family of otters as he walked.
  • In November 30, incident, he sustained over 20 injuries to his fingers, legs and buttocks.
  • He was taken to the Singapore Botanic Garden and bit by otters.
  • The animal friend scared them off, and they sought refuge at a nearby visitor’s centre.
  • Spencer, who was being treated for his injuries at the hospital, said that police were looking into it. 

After otters attacked him and tied him to a tree in Singapore, a British man claimed he thought he would die. 

Graham George Spencer in his 60s was bitten 26 times by a family otters while walking along Singapore’s botanic garden. 

After the incident, he was left with over 20 injuries, many of which needed stitches. 

Spencer was a partner in a maid agency and said he was out for a walk at the Taman Serasi entry of the park.  

A pair of otters crossed the path about four meters in front them. It was their first encounter with otters, Spencer stated. He had been walking the same route for five month and had never seen any otters. 

Graham George Spencer, in his 60s, said he 'thought he was going to die' after otters pinned him down and savaged him in a park in Singapore

Graham George Spencer in his 60s said that he believed he was going mad after being nagged by otters in Singapore.

Mr Spencer went to hospital with more than 20 wounds, some of which required stitches, following the ordeal around 6:40am on November 30

After the incident on November 30, Spencer was admitted to hospital with over 20 injuries, many of which needed stitches.

The man who ran ahead of the animals skirted around them, making them go crazy and lunge towards Mr Spencer. He stated, “I really thought I was going mad – they were going after me.” 

The friend was only a few paces away and scared them off. He ran towards them shouting. 

Spencer thanked his friend for their actions and said to local media, ‘If it weren’t for my buddy, I don’t believe I would still be here. I’d have been dead.’   

While the otters were following them, they ran toward a nearby visitor’s center where they found shelter.  

Staff treated some of Mr Spencer’s wounds before sending him to hospital where he was given tetanus shots and oral antibiotics. 

Three additional appointments were needed to heal his wounds. Each cost approximately $1,200. According to Mr Spencer, police are investigating the matter. 

The attack on Mr Spencer was not the first time otters (not pictured, stock image) in the botanic gardens have attacked walkers - in May, a 77-year-old man was bitten while exercising near Kallang River in Singapore

It wasn’t the first attack on Spencer by otters in botanic gardens. A 77-year old man was bit while walking near Kallang River, Singapore, in May.

Animal welfare groups suggest that Mr Spencer felt threatened by the otters (known locally as the “Zouk Family”), and they attacked him. 

It may have been confusing and dark for the otters, considering it was very early in the morning. [Spencer]”Maybe just a victim to circumstance,” Bernard Seah of OtterWatch told the Straits Times.  

It was not the first time otters in the botanic gardens have attacked walkers – in May, a 77-year-old man was bitten while exercising near Kallang River in Singapore.

A five-year old girl from Gardens by the Bay was also bitten by an otter in 2017. 

The residents were warned by the national parks board of the city-state. The otters should not be touched, chased or cornered. You can observe them from far away. You might be frightened if they are too close.

This is the second wildlife attack reported in Singapore within the past week, following Sunday’s pecking of a 3-year-old by a bird.