You don’t even need a litter box! Lola the cat goes downstairs to use the loo just like humans. But will she be able to flush afterward?

  • Lola is a Brit cat that uses the toilet as a human.
  • Ali Collison claimed that her cat was able to learn how to use the bathroom by itself.
  • Lola also said that she meows whenever the bathroom doors are opened. 

It is this moment when a smart cat shows its owner that it can go to the bathroom like a human, but does not flush it.

Ali Collison uploaded a Facebook video that shows Lola opening her front door and asking Ali if she would like to let it ‘go wee-wee.

After a few minutes, the cat enters the bathroom. He then climbs up on the toilet seat and starts to pee.

Lola, a cat in Britain, can be seen climbing onto the toilet before using it just like a human does

Lola the cat from Britain can be seen getting on top of the toilet and using it as an adult.

Ali Collison, Lola's owner, says she now meows when she needs to use the facilities at home

Lola’s owner Ali Collison claims that Lola meows now when she uses the bathroom at home

It seems that the cat tried to flush his toilet, but it was not successful.

Ms Collison captioned her video by saying: “When you realize you have been incorrectly accusing boys of not flushing.”

‘Clever little kitty.’

Speaking after the video was posted, Ms Collison added: ‘Now she meows to tell us if the door’s shut or the lid’s down so she can pee!’

Ms Collison stated to commenters, that Lola has learned how to go to the loo. She now knows when to open the door or close the lid to get to the bathroom.

She also confirmed the fact that her cat used the bathroom sink to urinate. 

Lola can be seen perched on the toilet seat in the video and Ms Collison also confirmed that she does not even pee on the seat

Lola can also be seen on the toilet chair in the video. 

Video commenters found it hilarious.

One siad said: “That’s incredible. You wonder what my dog would do if that was possible?

Another quipped: ‘I noticed that Lola didn’t put the lid down and also didn’t wash her paws.’

It has received over 1 million views both on YouTube and Facebook.