After scoring 162 points on Mensa’s IQ test, the 12-year-old is named the smartest child in the world.

  • Barnaby Swinburn, 12, from Bristol, has now been accepted into Mensa
  • The highest mark possible for a boy his age, 162, was achieved by the schoolboy
  • Barnaby was better than Albert Einstein’s 160-IQ score.

After scoring the highest score on a Mensa exam, a British schoolboy has been officially named one of the most intelligent children in the entire world. This is even more than Albert Einstein.

Barnaby Swinburn (12 years old) from Bristol has been admitted to the high-IQ club. He scored the highest mark possible for a boy his age – 162. Einstein had an IQ of 160.   

In one of the tests, he scored among the top 1% and in the second at the highest rate.

Ghislaine Swinburn of Proud Parents said Christopher Swinburn has chosen his college course in computer programming.

Barnaby Swinburn (pictured), 12, from Bristol, has now been accepted into the high-IQ club after scoring the highest possible score for a boy of his age - 162. Einstein had an IQ of 160

Barnaby (pictured), 12, a Bristol boy, was accepted to high-IQ after achieving the highest possible score of 162. Einstein’s IQ was 160

Barnaby (pictured) scored in the top one per cent of people in one test, and the highest four per cent on the second

Barnaby (pictured), was among the top one percent of respondents to one and four percent respectively on the second tests.

Ghislaine, fifty, stated that maths has been a favorite subject of Barnaby because he loves it. He even created the Mensa Test. He made his own decisions and we don’t pressure him.

He does maths because it is fun so it doesn’t matter if we ask. We were thrilled to learn his test scores. He has also been excited about the results.

Barnaby has a passion for mathematics since he was four years old. His mum Ghislaine recalls a time when Barnaby couldn’t fall asleep because he had to “calculate how many minutes are in an hour”.

His parents told him he was going to take the Mensa exam to better understand himself. He completed the test on December 11.

Mensa, also called the High IQ Society welcomes all people with IQs in the top two percent.

Ghislaine, mother-of-two said that Ghislaine was telling her dad that it might not go his way and cause him to be upset. Or he could get in and be miserable because of how intelligent he is.

Proud parents Ghislaine and Christopher Swinburn said their son (pictured) has already picked his university course in computer programming

Ghislaine Swinburn (pictured), proud parents, revealed that their son has selected his college course in computer programming.

With 162 points on the Cattell III B exam, his top score placed him among the top 1 percent of individuals. His Culture Fair test score of 128 pushed him into the top 4 per cent.

Barnaby dreams of studying at Oxford University and wants to become a computer programmer and has already ‘nagged’ to be enrolled in programming classes for his birthday in January. 

Mensa is what? Mensa is a high-IQ society that has 145,000 members around the world 

British Mensa is home to more than 22,000 members, all from different walks of life and with an IQ in the top 2 percent.

Average adults have an IQ score of 100. Scores above 140 are considered genius scores.

Mensa International has over 145,000 members.

Cattell III B contains 150 questions that assess comprehension of passages from texts.

Maximum score for adults is 161 and for children under 18s 162.

You must prove your intelligence to be eligible to join.

Mensa members can use the society as a way to exchange knowledge and interest with others.

It was created in Oxford in 1946 by Lancelot L. Ware, a scientist/lawyer, and Roland Berrill. Roland Berrill is an Australian barrister.

Ghislaine stated that her son enjoys sports and practical jokes.

Ghislaine shared that the Pandemic had been overwhelming and stressful to her work in the NHS. Barnaby’s recovery has been so pleasant.

“We don’t push Barnaby, all he’s done was his idea. He has been on a journey of self-discovery and this is only the beginning.

IQ stands to indicate Intelligence Quotient. This is used for measuring mental ability.

William Stern, a psychologist, first used the abbreviation IQ to refer to the German term Intelligenzquotient.

IQ was once a measurement of a person’s intelligence. It is calculated by dividing their mental age (as determined by an intelligence test) by their age.

This fraction can then be multiplied with 100 to get an IQ score.

A 100 IQ has been the standard for determining the median score.

A person who has an IQ 60 does not have the same intelligence as someone with an IQ 120. This is because the results of the tests are scaled.

The arrangement of IQ scores indicates that results can be ‘normally distributed’. This means that people with different scores will get the same result. 

As an example, 70 percent of those who are scored 130 have the same score as 70 percent.

Although some doubts remain about the validity of intelligence tests, they are widely used.

Mensa requires that members be in the top 2 percent of the population to receive the accepted score.

Depending on which IQ test you take, the score required for this exam can be as high as 130.