British student is paralysed in horror bison attack: Teen is gored by 2,000lb beast during second day of her gap year trip to US state park – as her parents fly to be by her side and scramble to raise £140,000 for her treatment

  • Amelia Dean (19) of Brockham (Surrey), was gored at Cluster State Park by a bison 
  • The shocking attack by a South Dakota 2,000-lb animal caused her to rupture an artery in her right thigh.
  • Gap-year student, who was just two days into her US tour when the attack took place, was only second day.
  • Her family are fundraising £140,000 for specialist treatment at another hospital

After a Bison attacked her and wentre her leg, a British student on gap year in America says that she’s lucky to still be alive.

After the devastating attack in South Dakota, Amelia “Mia” Dean (age 19) tore her left femoral artery and paralyzed Mia Dean.

Miss Dean from Brockham (Surrey) lay in pain at Cluster State Park’s 71,000-acre Cluster State Park. The wild beast, one of 1,500, stood right next to Miss Dean before her friend led it away.

The Telegraph reported that Miss Dean was 100 feet from the animal, but she and her friend were’shocked into quietness’ when it charged toward her.

A 2,000lb Bison attacked Amelia Mia Dean (19 years old) in South Dakota. She tore her left leg and caused paralysis.

Miss Dean was on just the second day of her US trip when the attack occurred and she had been accepted on a course at the University of Edinburgh

Miss Dean was only on the second day of her US visit when the attack took place. 

KOTA TV interviewed her from her hospital bed. She said that she felt the pressure in her hips, the pushing back of my hip and the feeling of being lifted off my head.

“It is a miracle that I survived to the moment when an ambulance arrived, and even then my leg was still there.

I can’t walk with crutches and a walking stick. I cannot walk for very long distances. After about 20 meters, I am done.

The day before the attack Miss Dean was out walking in the park along with her friend and their dog. They reached the top of a hill when she encountered the one male bison who was just grazing. 

They decided after much discussion to move around the bison, but not disturb it. After a while, the bison stopped grazing and started charging toward Miss Dean.

Jacqueline, Michael and Jacqueline said that Mia was born into shock. [and]The bison stopped directly in front her. 

“The bison sprinted forward, grabbing her by the left leg with his horn and throwing her over the side about 10 to 15 feet above the ground. 

Mia hit the ground and was stuck. Her bleeding leg could not be moved.

Mis Dean and her friend encountered a lone 2,000Ib bison while walking a trail in Cluster State Park in South Dakota

Mis Dean, her friend and a single 2,000Ib Bison were walking along a Trail in Cluster State Park in South Dakota when they met the bison.

The sun sets behind a herd of bison in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota

A herd of Bison stands behind the sun in South Dakota’s southern Black Hills.

After the attack on her seven-weeks ago, Miss Dean is now paralysed and has nerve damage below her left leg. Rapid City in South Dakota is where she’s currently being treated. Her parents Matthew and Jacqueline flew from Australia to be by her side.

Mr and Mrs Dean are fundraising £140,000 to transfer their daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for specialist treatment.

Miss Dean was only on the second day of her trip to the United States when the attack took place. She had already been accepted onto a University of Edinburgh course.

She added that her parents were English, and although her travel insurance paid for the bypass of the femoral arterial artery, she is refusing to cover the first examination by the nerve specialist. 

Mia was referred by Rapid City Hospital to the Mayo Clinic, which is a top-notch hospital in peripheral nerve fields.

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