Inquest heard that a British tourist drowned at the waterfall in an Australian beauty spot after jumping before his mates.

  • Charlie Williams, 24 years old, died at Behana Gorge, Queensland, Australia, on April 10.
  • After jumping from waterfalls with his friends at a nearby hostel, he drowned.  
  • Mr Williams, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire had always wished to be a musician.
  • Inquest in the UK agreed with the Australian Coroner that his death was ‘a tragic incident’

An inquest was held today to determine the tragic death of a British tourist who fell off a waterfall in Australia during a fun-filled afternoon with his friends.

Charlie Williams, 24, was enjoying sunshine at Behana Gorge swimming spot in Queensland, Australia when a group of friends he had met at an nearby hostel decided to slide down the natural rock formations.

According to the inquest, Mr Williams, a resident of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, was visiting the Sunshine State to pursue his dream of becoming a musician and DJ when the tragedy took place on April 10.

Charlie Williams, 24 (centre), was with a group of friends when he drowned at Behana Gorge swimming hole in Queensland, Australia, on April 10

Charlie Williams (24), was in a group with friends when he drowned at Behana Gorge swimming spot in Queensland, Australia, April 10.

Mr Williams, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, was living in Australia on a working visa to pursue his dreams of being a musician and DJ

Mr Williams was originally from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and was currently living in Australia on a work visa to pursue his dream of becoming a musician and DJ.

During the hearing at Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Court, Beaconsfield Coroner Alison McCormick learned details about Mr Williams jumping off the waterfall at 5pm. Then, three to four others followed him into the cold, dark water.

Nerida Wilson, Australian Coroner, stated in evidence: “The others followed Charlie for a split second and landed on him. Charlie wasn’t there when the others reached the surface.

“Another man dived down to search for him. They couldn’t locate him, and Charlie was discovered by another member of the group in five minutes.

“They removed him from water and started CPR.”

According to the inquest, some of Mr Williams’ friends, whom he had met at Mamas Hostel Cairns, ran three kilometres to the end the gorge to seek help.

Ambulance crews raced to help, but the young man was pronounced dead at 7:15pm.

Dr Paul Botterill performed a post-mortem exam in Australia. He found that the keen rugby player had suffered skull and arm injuries. These injuries were not severe enough to cause Charlie’s death, and the pathologist ruled Charlie’s primary cause was drowning.

A toxicological analysis revealed that he had 72mg alcohol per 100ml. This was just below the UK drink-drive limit. A very low level of cannabis metabolites was also found in Mr Williams’s blood. These had no direct effect on his death, according the Coroner.

Ms McCormick concluded the inquest by stating that Charlie’s death wasn’t suspicious and that he was not intended to cause any harm.

Charlies may have suffered injuries from one or more of his group members by bruising his scalp or inflicting his chin or arms. However, this speculation is only speculation.

Keen rugby player Mr Williams had suffered bruising to his skull and arms but the pathologist ruled that his primary cause of death was drowning

Mr Williams, a Keen rugby player, had suffered bruising to the skull and arms. However, the pathologist determined that drowning was his primary cause of death.

The Bahana Gorge is a popular spot for tourists and wildlife lovers, while locals warn the water current can be 'dangerous' at times

Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts love the Bahana Gorge, but locals warn that the water current can sometimes be dangerous.

“It is not clear how Charlie drowned during a wonderful afternoon of adventure and fun in a beautiful place. Charlie’s death was tragic and more so for Charlie’s family because it took place so far away.

“I agree with the Australian coroner about this being an accident and that that will be my conclusion.”

His family and friends paid tribute to him after his death.

Bicester Rugby Union Football Club wrote: ‘It is very heavy that I tell you yesterday afternoon that Charlie Williams, seen here wearing his Bicester kit between George and Cam, was killed in a tragic accident at the Behana Gorge in Cairns.

‘Charlie played senior rugby at Bicester as well as junior rugby at both Banbury RUFC (and Chinnor RFC) respectively. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends.