British-born woman named Emmy was identified participating in sexualized massages involving girls under 18 at Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida home. 

Emmy was named in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial by a witness testifying under the pseudonym Jane.

Jane says she was sexually abused at 14 by Maxwell & Epstein and that she was made to do’sexualised massages.’ Emmy, a participant, also participated. 

Laura Menninger (Maxwell’s lawyer) asked Jane to explain Emmy. Did she participate in group massages together with you? Was she involved in the sexual contact?

The witness answered, “Yes,”  

She went on to describe at least four other women who participated in the massages as ‘tall’, ‘thin’ and said she believed they were models. 

Defense lawyer Laura Menninger questions witness "Jane" during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell

Laura Menninger, defense lawyer, questions Jane Maxwell during Ghislaine’s trial 

Jane, who says that she was abused by Maxwell and Epstein from the age of 14 and forced to take part in a series of 'sexualised massages' involving adults at Epstein's Florida mansion, named British woman Emmy as one of the participants

Jane claims that Maxwell and Epstein abused her at the tender age of 14. She was forced to participate in sexualized massages involving adults at Epstein’s Florida home. Emmy, a British woman, was one of those who participated.

Jane is the first of four accusers to give evidence at the trial of Maxwell, who is accused of being Epstein's 'madam' and aiding in his abuse of minors between 1994 and 2004

 Jane is the first of four accusers to give evidence at the trial of Maxwell, who is accused of being Epstein’s ‘madam’ and aiding in his abuse of minors between 1994 and 2004

Jane admitted that Sophie was one of the women who took part in the affair. She also said that she knew the rules and would have sex with other girls while performing the act.

Jane inquired if Eva, another participant in the orgies, knew the same routine and Jane answered: ‘Yes.

One woman was named ‘Michelle’ and Jane confirmed that she was also ‘involved in the sexualized contact’, while a fifth was older and named Kelly with Jane saying she ‘thought she was a model.’ 

Jane is the first accuser to present evidence in Maxwell’s case. Maxwell is being accused of Epstein’s madam and of aiding him in the abuse of minors. Jane was the first. She has pleaded guilty.

Menninger stated that Jane kept calling Epstein, even though she had moved to Los Angeles. Jane sent Epstein a picture when she turned 19, and it said: “You rocked my world!”

Jane claimed that Jane had been forced by her mother to send it.

Also, the defense lawyer asked: “You traveled on Mr. Epstein’s dime even after you ‘escaped’ from him in 1999. That’s correct?”

Jane responded, “That’s false.” 

Jane was incredibly emotional at one point and she had to stop her testimony when the prosecution asked some questions. 

Alison Moe, the prosecutor of the Jeffrey Epstein victims compensation funds asked Jane about her money. Then she said, “Would it be okay if that money was used to protect you as a child?”

Jane refused to answer the defense’s objections and started to cry. 

She finally said, “I wish that I never had received that much money because of what has happened.”

At one point Wednesday, Jane became extremely emotional and had to pause her testimony after being asked questions by the prosecution

Jane was emotional Wednesday and had to stop her testimony when she was being asked by the prosecution questions.

Maxwell's lawyer Laura Menninger said that Jane continued to call Epstein after she moved to Los Angeles

Laura Menninger Maxwell’s lawyer, said Jane kept calling Epstein when she moved to Los Angeles.

She stated that the money would allow her to bring closure to the episode and she wanted to fix herself and move on in her life.

Maxwell’s brother Kevin attended court as well. He sat beside a family lawyer and Isabel Maxwell was on the opposite side. 

Kevin spoke outside the courthouse after the end of the trial.

“It was a tremendous relief to get to know her, and to see her face to face. It also allowed me to have a conversation with her. This was my first contact with her in more 500 days.

Ian Maxwell said that his sister looked ‘pretty good notwithstanding detention conditions’, which was something his family filed a formal complaint about to the UN.

The judge stated that he wouldn’t comment on this case in order to respect the justice system.

Earlier in the day, Maxwell’s lawyer asked if Epstein introduced her to Donald Trump. Jane replied that it was correct.

Menninger asked “He took me to Mar-a-Lago right?” You were fourteen years old? 

Jane stated: “Yes.”

Menninger asked Jane: “He took you in dark green car?” Jane answered yes. It would have happened in 1994, well before Trump became president. 

Menninger asked Jane if she remembered going on Epstein’s flights with a “number of people” and she replied that yes. One of those was Prince Andrew.

Jane said that Epstein never asked her to have sex, and she didn’t ask to recruit any other girls.