Ghislaine Minwell was a “master manipulator” according to the woman who accuse Epstein of sexually assaulting them when she was 22

  • Teresa Helm says Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted her in 2002 when she was 22
  • Ghislaine Maxwell approached her for a job as a massage therapist, she claims.
  • Helm flew to New York where Maxwell is said to have introduced her to Epstein at his ‘fortress-like’ townhouse
  • Helm claims that Helm then sexually assaulted Helm while she was getting foot massages. This caused her to run and not speak with Maxwell nor Epstein again.
  • Maxwell is currently being held in prison for Epstein’s crime and has pleaded not guilty.

Jeffrey Epstein accused Ghislaine maxwell as a master manipulator after she claimed that he lured her to his New York house so he would assault her. 

Teresa Helm said she was approached by the ‘polite’ socialite about a job as a massage therapist in 2002, when she was 22.

At 41, this Ohio woman was able to feel at home around Maxwell immediately and wanted to go to New York City for her job interview.

Unexpectedly, Helm says she was introduced by Maxwell to Epstein, her ‘partner’, during which Epstein sexually assaulted Helm.

Helm claims she was introduced to Maxwell's 'partner' Epstein at his New York townhouse (pictured) in 2002. During a foot massage, she claims he sexually assaulted her

Helm says she was first introduced to Maxwell by Epstein, his ‘partner’ in New York (pictured). He sexually assaulted her, Helm claims during a foot massaging.

Helm is not part of Maxwell’s ongoing New York case, in which she faces six counts that include sextrafficking and conspiracy. She denied the allegations.

Helm said that Maxwell was the first woman she met in New York.

Helm claimed that Maxwell was Maxwell’s intended client in an initial meeting.

Maxwell is said to have ‘fell asleep halfway’, which Helm believes means that ‘it’s really going well.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Teresa Helm (pictured) has called Ghislaine Maxwell a 'master manipulator' over claims she lured her into his New York townhouse so he could assault her

Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser Teresa Helm (pictured), has named Ghislaine Maxiwell a “master manipulator” over her claims that she lured him into her New York home so he could attack her

Ghislaine Maxwell faces six counts in her federal trial relating to accusations she was involved in sex trafficking of girls for her partner Jeffrey Epstein (pictured together in 2005)

Ghislaine Maxill is facing six charges in federal court. These relate to allegations that she participated in the sex trading of girls with Jeffrey Epstein. (pictured together, 2005).

Helm said that Epstein told her later about a second part to the interview, where Epstein would be meeting her at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.

Helm asserts that Maxwell instructed her to give Jeffrey the things he wanted before they met. 

Helm stated, “If she weren’t for me I would not have reached the home of predators.”

“Now, I am certain that this tactic is used by master manipulators.”

Helm is not a part of Maxwell's ongoing trial in New York, where she faces six counts including sex trafficking and conspiracy. She denies the charges. Pictured:  Maxwell's defense attorney gives her opening statement

Helm is not being tried in Maxwell’s New York trial. Maxwell faces six charges, including conspiracy and sex trafficking. She denied the allegations. Pictured:  Maxwell’s defense attorney gives her opening statement

Maxwell is currently in the third day of his ongoing New York trial. Helm claims that Maxwell was wrong.

However, she was one of the five women who participated in this event. In 2019, Epstein’s estate was sued in Federal District Court, Manhattan. This happened months after his death. 

This filing accuses the billionaire pedophile with rape and battery, and seeks unspecified damages.

According to the lawsuit, Teresa had been studying massage at California Healing Arts College. However, her dreams were crushed when she was subjected to sexual assault.

These six charges are against GhislaineMaxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to minor to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts (20 years).

20 years of Conspiracy to Transport Minors With the Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity (20 Years)

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking of Minors 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

These charges stem from testimony that she made in 2016, in an Epstein case against Virginia Giuffre.  


Prosecutors allege that Maxwell groomed 3 girls in 1994 to 1997 for Epstein. 

The indictment does not name them, however, she is alleged to have targeted them in London.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver the girls to Epstein.

Prosecutors say that she undressed herself in front of the girls and asked sexual questions to ‘normalize the abuse’ later. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

The group massages are allegedly sex-abusive. 

Indictment states that Maxwell encouraged the girls to borrow money from Epstein and pay him for education.