Zoom has allowed a transatlantic couple to tie the knot, even though they never met in person.

Ayse (26 years old) and Darrin (24) met online after Ayse joined an international Facebook group that aimed to pair up pen pals.

Kenda, 56 years old, was the first person she spoke to. She said Darrin’s age was comparable to hers, and that she would be happy to have a chat with someone from the UK, even though Kenda is based in Detroit.

Their love story didn’t end because of distance.

They began to chat as friends in July 2020, but soon became ‘virtually inseparable’ and were on the telephone every night, despite the 5-hour difference in time.

Love across the Pond: Student Ayse, 26, video calls American husband Darrin, 24, whom she married over Zoom, pictured at home near Lancaster, Lancs

Love across the Pond: Ayse (26), video chats with Darrin (24), whom she wed over Zoom. pictured at her home in Lancaster, Lancs

Ayse on her wedding day wearing a bridal gown and a bouquet of roses. The student says she now hopes to meet her husband in the flesh for the first time

Ayse was wearing a gown as a bridesmaid and a bouquet with roses to her wedding. She hopes that she will meet her husband for the first-time.

Ayse, who was made an official article, began to plan a trip to America to see her boyfriend in July. However, travel restrictions have prevented this from happening until recent.

Darrin and Ayse continued their video chats, continuing to have weekly date nights. Each week they ordered takeout and treat orders for one another. Ayse then was shocked when Darrin proposed on Ayse’s 21st May 2021.

It was likely that they wouldn’t meet again for a while, so the happy couple decided to wed via Zoom. This legal ceremony took place in Utah.

Ayse, Darrin, and a handful of their friends, were able to support them via video conference on 19 August.

Darrin on his wedding day: the couple say they're best friends and can wait to consummate their relationship

Darrin and his bride: The couple declare they are best friends, and cannot wait to end their relationship.

Although they have yet to meet face to face, they speak several times per day. They eagerly await Ayse to submit her visa application so that they can enjoy their married life.

Ayse, who is a cleaner from Lancaster in Lancs said, “I never dreamed this would happen to us in a million.

“I doubt anyone could have predicted this after we started to talk last year.

“But, we are married. It’s legal. I can’t believe that.”

Ayse and Darrin show off their wedding rings over zoom, the pair fell in love after becoming pen pals when Darrin's mum suggested they'd get on

Ayse & Darrin display their wedding rings with zoom

“It has been hard to not be able meet properly, but we will grow stronger because it was necessary to do all that to be together.

“We simply love each other.”

Ayse joined Facebook with the intention of meeting a penpal to relieve her boredom when the UK entered lockdown.

We haven’t yet met face-to-face, so we are unable to establish a physical relationship. This means our marriage will be based on more than just that…

She began speaking to Kenda, a carer, who mentioned her son was a similar age and was also looking for people to talk to.

Ayse jokes, “It’s funny I met my mom-in-law before my husband,” 

“We were so good friends, and she suggested that we speak to her son. Although I was nervous because I had seen pictures of him, which I liked, it turned out to be a wonderful idea.

Kenda gave Ayse the number of her son Darrin, and she sent an email to introduce herself.

Ayse replied, “I told them about my hobbies and how old I am, where I’m from, etc.”

“I knew that he was American so expected nothing from it, but I thought it would be an interesting conversation to somebody from elsewhere.”

The two began chatting as friends in July 2020 but were soon inseparable and on the phone to each other every night, even with the five-hour time difference

They began to chat as friends in July 2020, but soon became inseparable. Even with a five-hour difference in time, they were still on the phone every night.

Ayse reaction to her marriage proposal. They are still yet to meet face-to-face but speak multiple times a day and are eagerly waiting for Ayse's visa application to be accepted so they can fully enjoy life together as a married couple

Ayse reactions to Ayse’s proposal for marriage. Although they have yet to meet face to face, Ayse and Ayse speak several times per day. They eagerly await Ayse to submit her visa application so that they can enjoy married life.

Darrin agreed and began to chat with Darrin, eventually suggesting they talk on the telephone.

Ayse installed a mobile phone app that allowed her to free call the US, and then she made the first contact with her pen pal.

Ayse stated, “I was worried that it would be awkward. But we spoke for hours.”

“We have so many things in common. Both are terrified of thunder, lightning, and both have owl tattoos featuring blue eyes.

Knowing it would be a long time before they'd get to meet for the first time, the couple made the brave decision to get married via Zoom, in a legal ceremony officiated in Utah

They knew that it would take a while before they could meet up for the first-time. The brave couple decided to marry via Zoom. It was an official ceremony in Utah.

“I am not flirty, but it was so natural to me when Darrin spoke to me – I felt so comfortable with him.

To feel more connected, the pair started chatting daily via video chat, text and phone. They would then fall asleep on the phone each night to keep in touch.

Ayse started to fall asleep around 2am because of the time difference by five hours. This was something she said was completely worth it.

She said, “It happened during the pandemic and so I wasn’t working, as I’d been furloughed. I just changed my sleep pattern, so Darrin was also sleeping.”

Ayse says that although she's not a flirty person, Darrin brings out a fun and flirty side of her she hasn't seen before

Ayse said that Darrin is a playful and flirty woman, even though she doesn’t like to be flirty.

“We could be in video chat and talk when we fell asleep. Then, when I get up, it’s usually that he’s still sleeping.

“It’s as close as we can get to the truth and may sound odd, but it is a great comfort.”

After a couple of months of talking, Darrin proposed to Ayse in November 2020. The two began to plan for Ayse’s first trip to the USA.

Ayse, her mother Elaine (67) and father Nigel (74), booked Detroit flights for July 23rd 2021 in the hope that the Covid19 travel restrictions would be removed by summer.

Student Ayse, 26, video calls Darrin, 24, from her bedroom at her home near Lancaster

Darrin calls Student Ayse (26 years old) from her bedroom in Lancaster, near her home

Ayse, her family and friends couldn’t travel directly from the UK because of US restrictions.

Ayse flew from the UK to Mexico in order to escape the UK’s ban, and she was determined to see her boyfriend face-to-face.

Ayse was also turned away by US immigration because she didn’t have enough money to sustain herself while in the country.

Ayse stated, “I believe they believed that if I was allowed into the US they would never let me leave.”

They listed his address as my place of residence on my tourist visa. When I answered, they wanted to know my relationship. They thought that I would try to overstay my visa.

“I wouldn’t do that,” he said. It was so hard to be in such close proximity to him, yet not allowed to cross the border.

“I was placed on the next flight back and wept the entire way.

Darrin proposed a special date night for Darrin just days after her return to Lancaster. Darrin and she dressed up together to have some virtual time.

Darrin proposed to Ayse after she flew out to Detroit but got sent back to the UK by border patrol

Darrin proposed Ayse to him after Ayse flew to Detroit, but was sent back by the border patrol to the UK.

“When he answered his call, he looked so nervous. I quickly understood why when he got on one knee to ask me to marry him,” Ayse stated.

“I could not believe it. He stated that he was planning to propose to me in Detroit when I first arrived, but couldn’t wait to ask.

“I had never met Darrin, but I was certain that my heart desired to marry him.

Their families supported their engagement fully.

Ayse explained that she didn’t immediately tell her parents when they first began talking. However, they noticed something was going on because I was always on the phone.

“They were hesitant to do it at first. But, I suggested that they talk to Darrin via Skype. They instantly realized how crazy they are about one another.

“When Darrin proposed, he talked to my father to get his consent. I found that very sweet.

Ayse and Darrin tied the knot on 19th August, in an online ceremony officiated by the state of Utah, and are now officially husband and wife

Ayse & Darrin were married on the 19th of August in an online ceremony, officiated and conducted by the State of Utah.

“In our head, as long our family members and friends support us, that’s all that we need.”

They had originally planned to marry when they met for the first-time, but they changed their minds after learning about the new Utah law that allowed international virtual marriage ceremonies.

Ayse & Darrin were married on the 19th of August in an online ceremony, officiated and conducted by Utah.

Ayse, who was not dressed in a traditional wedding dress, was accompanied by her parents and Darrin by his mother. Darrin wore smart burgundy suits to give his vows.

Ayse added, “We’ll celebrate together when possible – but right now, it was perfect.”

“I’m still shocked at it. I didn’t expect this. But you just have to accept what comes your way.

The couple are waiting until travel restrictions are lifted to finally meet each other in person for the first time

To finally get to know each other, the couple is waiting for restrictions on travel.

“I miss Darrin every single day, but I know we’ll still be together one-day and that it will all be well worth it.

Ayse will need to apply for a visa before she is able to book flights to the US, even though travel restrictions have been lifted this week from the UK.

Ayse stated, “We don’t know when it will be possible but we are trying to remain positive while we wait.”

Darrin stated that it seemed so far ago that we began as pen pals, and are now fighting against the world together.

“As we don’t know each other in person yet, it means we can’t have a physical relationship. That’s why our marriage is made up of more than just that.

This hasn’t adversely affected our relationship as others might think. We don’t consider communication the most important thing in our relationships.

“It’s rare that you can find your best friend in the same person, and I was determined to make sure she didn’t get away just because we are from different parts of the world.