It’s wild and it’s wet! Cow escapes the slaughterhouse and enjoys a WATERSLIDE ride to her freedom in the water park next door

  • An escapee of a ranch cattle ranch located 500 miles west from Rio de Janiero weighed 700 pounds.
  • This animal was intended for slaughter. However, the animal made it to an outdoor swimming pool. 
  • A bovine was captured sliding down a water slide, which held under weight.
  • It has been renamed Tobogã which means ‘slide’ in Portugese and kept as a pet

Brazil’s cow broke free after it was filmed running down a waterslide and shared its video online.

A 700-pound bovine was to be killed on a ranch cattle 500 miles west from Rio de Janeiro. However, the animal managed to flee to an open pool nearby.

According to The New York Post, after being brought there by a water slide, the cow slowly made her way down the path towards the pool. 

Amazingly, even though the slide was designed to support only 450 pounds it did not collapse under the enormous animal weight.

The cow has since been named Tobogã, which means ‘slide’ in Portuguese.

According to IHeartRadio, the owner of the pool gave it a break and took him in as a pet. 

Cattle have been known to make headlines in the past for staging outrageous escapades. Three dozen cattle bolted from the slaughterhouse in June and ran through Pico Rivera, California.

In another recorded incident, these cows decide to turn into somebody's backyard after they bolted from a slaughterhouse and stampeded through Pico Rivera in California

After running out of a California slaughterhouse, the cows stampede through Pico Rivera to California in another incident.

 A video posted on social media showed the cows appearing to follow traffic laws and trotting on the right side of the street, before ducking into someone’s backyard. 

A few residents also tried to raise one cow, but it started to buck and knocked one person to the ground.

The group eventually gave up on their efforts and started grazing in the yards of people. There, local police tried to get them under control before they fled.

The majority of cattle were transferred to the trailers at 10 o’clock that evening. However, some of them remained free. 

'I am not a vegetarian, but fortitude and the will to fight for this cow's life is invaluable': Local politician Pawel Kukiz praised the 'fortitude' of a runaway cow (pictured) in Poland in 2018 with this image on Facebook

“I don’t eat meat, but my fortitude is unmatched and I will fight to save this cow’s existence”: Pawel Kukiz (local politician) praised the courage of the runaway cow. This image was posted on Facebook in 2018.

In 2018, the red limousin beef cattle cow became a celebrity in Poland. She escaped from a ranch and ran away to slaughterhouse, charging at a fence made of metal and breaking an arm. 

She swam to a deserted island on Lake Nysa in southern Poland and repeatedly evaded searchers by swimming between islands, keeping 70 metres ahead of her pursuers. 

After being finally captured, the brave bid of freedom by the cow came to an abrupt halt. She was captured. died while being transported back to her farm in a lorry.