After warning NYC that a COVID vaccine mandate would mean NYC losing half its firefighters, a teacup-piglet Instagram star has caused controversy.

Penny the teacup piglet – Penny lives at FDNY’s Engine 239, Prospect Park – shared a picture of the flyer in an Instagram story. The Instagram story warned that the Big Apple could lose half of its firefighters to the November 1 edict.

It was written in red letters that grabbed attention. It stated: “Attention NYC Residents: Did You Know that almost half the FDNY staff is about to be laid off due to the mandates?”

“How will this affect you?” It went on to give statistics – including that 600,000 fires are responded to annually by the FDNY, with 606 New Yorkers wounded in blazes each month, as well as that most fires take place in ‘COMMUNITIES OFF COLOR.

Penny’s flyer claims that there will be 3,500 fewer firefighters in the city starting November 1. It also states: ‘If your family member has a heart attack or your home is on fire, the Fire Department WILL NOT BE ABLE to COME. 

It urges anyone upset at the mandate to contact local elected representatives. However, its data appears to have been inaccurate with 70% of the FDNY’s 17,300 employees receiving at least one shot COVID vaccine by October 29. 

Penny the Fire Pig, the unofficial mascot for the FDNY's Engine 239, came out as anti-mandate advocate on her Instagram page on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Penny the Fire Pig (unofficial mascot of the FDNY’s Engine 239), came out on her Instagram account as an anti-mandate advocate 

The pig's account posted a flyer in opposition of Mayor De Blasio's mandate for city workers on November 1

The flyer was posted by the pig’s bank account in opposition to Mayor De Blasio’s mandate on November 1 for city workers

The account has more than 12,000 followers and is believed to be owned by Penny’s owner Harris. He deleted the story and insisted that he was not anti-vaxxer. 

‘I’m vaccinated and understand importance of the shot,’ Harris told Rolling Stone in an Instagram message. ‘I just don’t want any firehouses shut down.’

Harris stated that the post was taken down because a children’s book is being made for Penny.

‘I’d rather talk about [Penny’s]Harris responded to a question regarding the mandate by saying, “Book,” Harris responded to a question about the mandate, “I’m so sorry. 

The Instagram account of the pig celebrity posts lighthearted content. She can be seen enjoying ice cream and finger or’snout’ painting while sharing laughs with others.

The pig became the unofficial mascot for the Brooklyn fire house after she was adopted by firefighter Darren Harris from a Virginia farm

After being adopted by Darren Harris, a Virginia firefighter, the pig became Brooklyn’s official mascot. 

26 New York Firehouses were forced to close because firefighters refused to be vaccinated before Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Monday deadline.

The Uniformed Firefighters Association released a list FDNY stations that have close due to lack of manpower’. It included six stations in Manhattan, nine stations in Brooklyn, three in Queens and four stations in Staten Island.

In protest of the mandate, hundreds of firefighters in New York City took sick leave Friday. They were not complying with De Blasio’s deadline for all city workers being vaccinated or placed on unpaid leaves.  

A total of 26 New York firehouses have been forced to close after firefighters refused to get vaccinated ahead of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Monday deadline

26 New York Firehouses were forced to close because firefighters refused to be vaccinated before Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Monday deadline.

Even after a surge in vaccines before the mandate's deadline on Friday 10,951 firefighters; about 36,000 cops; and 10,000 emergency responders - around 4,300 of whom are employed by the fire department - have yet to get jabbed

Even with a surge of vaccines prior to Friday’s deadline, 10,951 firefighters; 36,000 cops; 10,000 emergency responders – approximately 4,300 of whom are employed in the fire department – have yet to be jabbed

According to Post, firefighters’ vaccination rates rose from 67 per cent Friday morning to 72 per cent by the end of day at the FDNY.

The FDNY’s Emergency Medical Service, which is part of FDNY, saw a spike to 84 per cent – an increase from 77 per cent.

The NYPD’s 55,000-strong force of police officers saw their vaccination rates rise from 80 percent to 84 percent.

According to the Post, the Department of Sanitation saw a rise in vaccination rates, from 67 to 76 percent.  

Firefighters rallied outside Mayor Bill de Blasio's residence Gracie Mansion on Thursday to protest his Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers

Firefighters protested the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate for all city workers, and rallied outside Gracie Mansion.

Unvaccinated city employees who received their first and second doses of vaccines following the mandate’s announcement on October 20 were eligible for a $500 bonus to encourage them to get their shots. Friday, October 29 was the official deadline for vaccine mandate. People who arrive at work Monday and have proof that they received a shot on the weekend will not be given unpaid leave. 

De Blasio still fears a huge staff shortage that could threaten public safety. He took the opportunity to appeal to unvaccinated cops during the NYPD’s annual Medal Day Ceremony to get their long-awaited vaccines.  

Mayor said, “Today, we honored those who made us safer.” By getting vaccinated we’re making the city safer.’

After the ceremony, he spoke to reporters outside of Queens’ Police Academy, according to Daily News: “My message to all city workers who have not yet been vaccinated is that we care about you.” We care about your health and your families’ health.

“We care about the health and well-being of those we serve and are in constant contact with.

De Blasio’s edict is not inspiring people to get their jabs. It has caused furious protests and warned that up to 40% of firehouses could be closed, with 150 fewer ambulances per day.         

A total of 66.7% of Americans have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

A total of 66.7% Americans received at least one dose COVID-19 vaccine.