New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Swell were criticized for trying to claim credit for Frank James’ arrest on Wednesday. It was actually a 21 year old security guard who saw him and called police after James said: “I heard that you were searching for me.” 

James was arrested on Wednesday at 1st Avenue, between 7th Street and 8th Streets. A bystander saw him and called the police.  His arrest on Wednesday brings an end to an embarrassing and fruitless day-long manhunt by the FBI and NYPD. 

Shortly before 5pm, he was led out of the 9th Precinct. He smiled but didn’t respond to reporters who asked him why he had carried out the attack. 

James has been charged with the crime of terrorist act against a mass transit system. He will appear before federal courts on Thursday.

Breon S. peace, U.S. Attorney for New York’s Eastern District brought the charges. James may face life imprisonment if convicted. 

James was allegedly accused of shooting 33 shots at the N Northbound N Train at 8.24am with his 9mm gun. He then ran to the station along terrified commuters, and got on a northbound R Train. At 25th Street in Brooklyn, he got off the R train. 

He boarded the F train at Park Slope again on Wednesday morning and made it into Manhattan right under the radar of double the number of police officers.  

Zach Tahhan from New Jersey, who was working on a East Village store security camera, saw James and called for help.  

Mayor Adams, who was in quarantine for COVID on Wednesday morning, said during a conference: “We have him!” 

The New York Post cites sources who say James also called 911 himself, telling them where he would be, and saying: ‘You know, I think you’re looking for me. My picture is everywhere in the media and I will be at this McDonald’s. 

When police arrived, he was already gone. The police arrested him down the street.  

Commissioner Keechant, Sewell expressed gratitude to the NYPD detectives. He claimed that James had ‘nowhere left’ and was able to escape by “shrinking” his world. 

Both were eventually killed by New Yorkers. James rode from Park Slope to Manhattan on the subway at 9.15am, and was able evade police officers.    

Frank James, the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting, walks outside a police precinct in New York City on Wednesday

Frank James, suspect in the Brooklyn subway attack, is seen stepping outside of a New York City police station on Wednesday

Frank James is walked out of the 9th Precinct in the East Village of Manhattan

Frank James walks out of East Village’s 9th Precinct.

James is transported into a police vehicle to be taken to a federal courthouse on Wednesday. He has been charged with carrying out a terror attack on mass transit

James is taken in a police car to be transported to federal courthouses on Wednesday. The terror attack against mass transit has been brought up against him.

James was wearing Ugg-style slippers, black pants and a blue t-shirt when he was arrested on Wednesday

James, who was wearing Ugg slippers and black pants with a blue shirt when he was detained on Wednesday 

THE REAL HERO: Zach Tahhan, 21, was fixing a camera outside an East Village store when he spotted James in the street. The 62-year-old had just exited a McDonald's and was walking around casually, a day after shooting ten people on a northbound N train

The REAL Hero: Zach Tahhan (21), was setting up a camera in front of an East Village shop when he saw James walking down the street. After shooting 10 people in a N train northbound, the 62-year old had just left a McDonald’s. He was now walking casually around.

Both the Mayor and the Commissioner tried to take credit for the arrest on Wednesday. Commissioner Sewell claimed he had 'nowhere else to hide'

Both the Mayor and the Commissioner tried to take credit for the arrest on Wednesday. Commissioner Sewell claimed he had 'nowhere else to hide'

The Mayor and Commissioner both tried to claim credit for Wednesday’s arrest. Commissioner Sewell said he could not find any place else. 

Nice try, Eric: New Yorkers slammed the pair for trying to take credit for the arrest when a citizen phoned it in

Nice try, Eric: New Yorkers slammed the pair for trying to take credit for the arrest when a citizen phoned it in

Eric, nice try. New Yorkers lambasted the pair for trying take credit for arresting a citizen who called it in.

Once he’s in police custody, we will be looking at why it took them so long for him to be found in a place that was covered with surveillance cameras. And why it took someone from the public to get him down. 

James faces a string of charges including burglary tools possession, criminal sexual acts, criminal theft, trespassing and disorderly conduct. This all dates back to 1990s in New York. 

The gun used for the shooting was legally purchased in Ohio in 2011. He tried to remove the serial number. 

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York said at a Wednesday press conference: “My fellow New Yorkers. He was found. Thank you to all the New Yorkers that called and responded with tips.  Threety-three shots later, and less than thirty hours later, we were able to confirm that he was found. 

Tahhan (a Brooklyn-based security officer who is also employed in the East Village) spotted him, and alerted police. 

“Everyone believed I was crazy!” He told that he was convinced he was crazy, and described how he leapt up and down screaming for help from police before he killed anyone.  

Deira Figueroa another witness said Zach pursued the gunman and took him by the hand.

It all started while she was on her bicycle. She only noticed when someone shouted at her. 

It was “a team effort”, she said, however, the man was mental ill and a strange, odd man.

Frank James in police custody at the 9th Precinct in New York's East Village on Wednesday

Frank James was taken into police custody by the 9th Precinct, New York’s East Village.

Frank James is shown being taken into custody in the East Village on Wednesday, 30 hours after unleashing terror on the NYC subway

Frank James was taken into custody in East Village after he terrorized New York City’s subways. 

James is shown being taken into custody on First Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets in Manhattan's East Village on Wednesday, nearly 30 hours after shooting ten people on the subway

James was taken into custody in Manhattan’s East Village, on First Avenue. It is located between 7th Streets and 8th Streets. This happened nearly 30 hours after he shot ten subway riders.

According to her, he attempted to flee but Tahhan pursued him and caught him.

She stated that the tackle was extraordinary. 

“In New York City we protect ourselves, nobody is really safe here. It felt like a tackle. It took the cops a while, perhaps a few minutes. 

When he fired on the N train northbound at 8.24 am, cameras in the 36th Street Station station did not work. 

He was able to flee as bloodied passengers poured onto the platform.  

James, aged 62, posted videos of ranting on YouTube about violence and race in New York City. 

On March 20, he left Wisconsin alone and drove in a van rented to him through Illinois, Indiana. Pennsylvania, then on to New Jersey. 

Subway shooter Frank James has been arrested a day after shooting ten people on a packed Brooklyn train

Frank James was the subway gunman who shot 10 people in a Brooklyn packed train.

He is understood to have rented a U-Haul in Philadelphia on Monday and driven it to Brooklyn, crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge into the borough at 4:11am on Tuesday and dumping it on the Kings Highway, five miles from the 36th Street station. 

He was then filmed shortly after 6 AM getting on to the Kings Highway metro. 

The next two and a half hours were unclear. He then set off a smoke-bomb on the train, firing his pistol at the station.

FOX News’ Wednesday Morning Special featured Mayor Eric Adams making a poor appearance. He couldn’t understand why the cameras in the 36th Street underground station weren’t working during the attack. 

He stated that his goal was to determine if any other stations have problems with their cameras. After referring to the MTA, he then said he was in “communications” with them. Then he coughed and sipped water out of a wineglass in an attempt to remind himself that he had just been positive for COVID. 

New Yorkers have been terrified by a growing crime problem for two years. The attacks are the culmination. 

Even though the Mayor Adams pledged to have more police on subways and stations, violent crime in this area has risen by over 60%. 

Yet, nobody knows exactly how James was able escape the N-train northbound shooting of ten persons. 

In the weeks leading up to his attack, he posted unhinged, worrying YouTube videos about race and why he wouldn’t return home to Wisconsin, where he was living, alive.  

This is the gun used in the shooting that was purchased by James in 2011 in Ohio. He dumped it at the scene of the crime

James purchased this gun in Ohio in 2011, and used it in the shooting. It was left at the scene. 

This bag of fireworks, firecrackers and smoke canisters was found at the 36th Street subway on Tuesday

The 36th Street subway found this bag of fireworks and firecrackers on Tuesday. 

James is shown wheeling a bag filled with explosives towards the subway at Kings Highway in Brooklyn on Tuesday at 6am

James drives a bag filled full of explosives toward the Kings Highway subway in Brooklyn, Tuesday 6am

At 4.11am on Tuesday, James was filmed driving his U-Haul over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. He drove from Pennsylvania then through New Jersey before entering New York

At 4.11am on Tuesday, James was filmed driving his U-Haul over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. He traveled from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, before arriving in New York.

The footage was obtained on Wednesday morning as James, 62, remained at-large. It shows him walking slowly down a street in Brooklyn, wheeling a bag behind him and carrying a backpack in the other hand. He is wearing an orange construction vest

The footage was obtained on Wednesday morning as James, 62, remained at-large. It shows him walking slowly down a street in Brooklyn, wheeling a bag behind him and carrying a backpack in the other hand. He is wearing an orange construction vest

James (62), was still at large when the footage was taken on Wednesday morning. The footage shows him slowly walking along a Brooklyn street, while he carries a backpack and wheeled a bag. Orange construction vest is worn by him

At 8.40am yesterday, 15 minutes after carrying out the attack, James (left) is shown getting off a different train at the 25th Street Station in Brooklyn. He transferred onto the northbound R train after the shooting, along with terrified commuters, and hid amongst them then got off the train

James is seen getting off another train at 25th Street Station, Brooklyn, just 15 minutes after the attack. Following the shooting, James was seen getting on the northbound R-train with several terrified commuters. He then ran for cover and got off the train.

James posted dozens of ranting videos on YouTube where he spoke about race wars, prison, violence and moving from Wisconsin

James posted dozens of ranting videos on YouTube where he spoke about race wars, prison, violence and moving from Wisconsin

James shared countless YouTube videos in which his rantings focused on race wars and prison violence. 

As the NYC subway shooting suspect is still at large, authorities have many questions to answer.

What is the secret to his escape?  

The attacker is still at large, despite the deployment of hundreds of cops in the manhunt.

The Mayor said a ‘malfunction’ was the reason for the failing to capture any footage of the suspect across three subways.

Last fall, the MTA stated that it had placed security cameras in every 472 subway station across New York. It claimed they would bring criminals to justice.  

Is it possible that the FBI cleared the suspect but did not take any action regarding the videos and admissions to psych units he had shared hateful content?

After it was revealed that the Brooklyn shooter had been on the FBI’s terrorist radar, the FBI is facing major questions. According to reports, the FBI knew this man before releasing him after multiple interviews.

According to a source, the explosive update was revealed by Newsweek’s sources last night. It stated that the suspect had been entered in the Guardian Lead terrorist monitoring system in New Mexico. 

YouTube didn’t react to the videos of suspects with unhinged content.

YouTube deletes many videos that it finds inappropriate. YouTube is especially strict with children who post music or other copyrighted content.

Google owns Google tech giant but appears to not have responded to Brooklyn’s far worse case.

James had posted a raft of unhinged videos on the social media website, ranting about race and how he would ‘never be back again alive’ just three weeks ago.

He uploaded hate-speech-laden clips about black oppression online, and why black and white should not have any contact.

Police did not pick up any of his worrying Facebook memes about bullets, guns and 9/11. 

Why are subway doors kept closed so that passengers can’t get out?

Yesterday’s horrifying footage showed desperate victims trying to escape the gunman through other carriages.

The shooter captured one video of them smashing into the doors of the subway while they were covered in smoke.

Other people recorded their hands yanking at the handgrip multiple times, proving that it was securely closed, while the shooter stood nearby.

MTA was warned previously about dangers of keeping them locked.  

Now it has been revealed that he is a known FBI agent and was interrogated in New Mexico in 2019. However, the reason for this question remains elusive. 

After being cleared, he was accepted into the state’s “Guardian Lead” system. 

The Guardian Program tracks suspicious incident and terrorist threat incidents for the bureau. 

James, despite his being on this list, continued to upload hate-speech-filled YouTube clips about the oppression of black people and how whites should not have contact with them for several weeks prior Tuesday’s attack. 

Also, he posted disturbing memes on Facebook about bullets, guns and 9/11. However police did not take any of them. 

He gave an alarming warning in the video titled “STOP ONE COMPLETE” on March 20, which he posted online. He spoke from the van’s driver seat, saying: “As I leave Wisconsin, I am about to return in Illinois. All I can do is good riddance. I will never be back again alive to that m*********r.’ 

The video begins with him describing his plans for driving to Philadelphia. 

“I’m on my way to Philadelphia. I took my bag. Even though it was raining, I got up to go to the storage unit and loaded my stuff. Then, I finished my apartment.

“I am currently on my journey to Philadelphia. It’s my duty to be there… But I will take it slow. 

“This is my first leg, I haven’t driven this far in a while. However, we will find out. 

“All my Instacart driving has paid off. We are definitely going to find the f*** out.’ 

He posted another video two days prior to the shooting in which he claimed that blacks were being forced into violence because of racism. 

‘This is what white b*****s and white m*********ers’ expect you to be… when you blow one of their f*****g brains out – this is what you asked for. He said, “This is what you expected me to be.” 

He was still drinking white Rum and had almost finished his glass. 

At the end of his final video, he said: ‘Why should a n****r be on this planet besides to pick tobacco or sugar plant. 

“There is no natural basis for an American Negro, African American to exist. Only you can be a slave. This is where you belong, and will continue to be. 

You won’t be able to build an Israeli state that is black until you have. You want to send your a** in the ghetto and play n****r.

‘This is what this s**t in Ukraine is a build up to. It’s to get rid of your a**. 

“Nuclear devices will be destroyed.” The president of Ukraine is calling for nuclear war. And so, I talk about my condition but, what the f*** can you do? 

“That’s the life of a ghetto.” In this video, I have said all that I could. This 100-proof proof is mine. I’m going to finish this s**t. This has got me knocked the f*** out. It’s hard to talk. 

‘Leave the rest of that s**t for tomorrow. I’m going to take my a** to bed. Talk to me guys soon, have fun. Keep it positive. 

He also said in another video that violence was the foundation of this nation and is kept alive through violence. It’s about to go down violently. 

James declared, “There’s no stopping that”, in yet another YouTube video under the pseudonym of “Prophetof Truth88”. 

James’s YouTube videos are filled with profanity and ramblings, often against black people. 

Also, he is featured sharing conspiracies, such as the claim that planes couldn’t have brought down the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

One April 11th video criticizes black crime and urges for more drastic action

 ‘You got kids going in here now taking machine guns and mowing down innocent people,’ James says. 

“It won’t get better until it gets better,” he stated, noting that certain people would be’stomped on, kicked and torturized’ to break out of their comfort zones.

“I’m now in Fort Wayne Indiana at Comfort Inn Suites for a night. 

“My next leg will… It is taking me time. I’m certain to make it to Philly on Tuesday.