Following stabbing his friend and her boyfriend, the mother of one allegedly cut off their genitals.

Jasmine Everleigh (44) is being accused of killing Samir Esbeck (59) and Sarkis Absboud (61) at Brunswick Apartment in Melbourne on Thursday at 5.20 am.

Everleigh had been in a long-term relationship with Mr Esbeck over the last 10 years, before turning on him in an alleged knife attack.

Before he could die, Mr Esbeck was apparently stabbed with his genitals removed. 

He was being taken to hospital by his friend, Mr Abboud.

A mother (pictured, Jasmine Everleigh) allegedly severed her partner's genitals after stabbing him and his friend to death

After stabbing her friend and killing him, a mother (pictured by Jasmine Everleigh), allegedly cut off her husband’s genitals.

Jasmine Everleigh, 44, is accused of stabbing Samir Esbeck, 59 (pictured), and his friend Sarkis Abboud, 61, at a Brunswick apartment, in Melbourne, at 5.20am on Thursday

Jasmine Everleigh (44), is charged with stabbing Samir Esbeck (pictured), as well as his friend Sarkis Absboud (61), at Brunswick Apartment in Melbourne at 5.20am Thursday.

Everleigh was taken to the hospital and arrested by a tramway. She later faced two murder charges. 

Christine Abboud was the mother of her daughter and wrote a touching tribute to her father.

She wrote that “No one should have this much pain.”

“My father was my hero. He was a loving husband, brother and friend to his family. It hurts to think that I will never see him again. Dad, my heart is broken.

A variety of security cameras captured Everleigh, a man without a shirt, walking along the streets with her shirt around her left shoulder after she was allegedly stabbed.

The shoes she was wearing were said to be covered in blood and she ran along dark streets. 

According to police, Everleigh created a blood trail that spanned 1.5km along roads and near a playground for children.

The 44-year old woman was taken into custody on a tram near Carlton just before her morning commute. 

The minor injuries sustained by the girl were treated at the hospital.

Mr Esbeck's friend Sarkis Abboud (pictured) died while he was being transported by paramedics to hospital

Sarkis Abboud was Mr Esbeck’s friend and he died in the ambulance as he was being transferred to hospital by paramedics.

Mr Abboud's daughter Christine wrote a mournful tribute to her father on Facebook

Christine Abboud was the mother of her son and wrote an emotional tribute to him on Facebook.

Everleigh was filmed wandering the streets allegedly covered in blood and wearing a bra following the incident

Everleigh was seen walking the streets covered in blood, and wearing a bra after the incident.

On Thursday, Mick Frewen, acting assistant commissioner for Mick Frewen announced that she was undergoing treatment at a hospital. 

After the double stabbing, detectives from the Homicide Unit established a cordon around the apartment.

Although blood trails were found on the ground around the scene of the stabbing, police have not yet identified anyone. 

The bodies were also found at a 350m distance from a strip club. 

On Thursday, officers were seen looking for clues in nearby Breese Street.

Mick Frewen (Acting Assistant Police Chief) stated there were many sites that were implicated in the incident. He would investigate.

Police said Everleigh left a 1.5km trail of blood with droplets left on streets and a children's playground

Police say Everleigh made a 1.5km blood trail with drops of blood on roads and in a playground.

Homicide detectives arrived at the apartment complex to investigate the alleged stabbing on Thursday

Detectives from the Homicide Unit arrived at the complex on Thursday to look into the stabbing.

Jordan Cadman, a resident of the area described the stabbing as “shocking”, but claimed he didn’t see or hear any.

Cassandra Lutzko describes the neighborhood as being ‘pretty tranquil and chilled’.

According to her, she moved in the six-years ago. “Everyone is really friendly. It’s an area of great beauty.  

Jill Meagher (ABC employee, Irish immigrant), was walking back home from work in the laneway of Hope Street, where she was killed 10 years ago.

Ms. Meagher was assaulted and then murdered while walking to her Melbourne apartment with Tom in September 2012. 

Jill Meagher (pictured above) was a 29-year-old Irish woman living in Australia who was raped and murdered by Bayley in Melbourne in September 2012

Jill Meagher (pictured below) was 29-years-old from Ireland who lived in Australia and was raped, murdered, by Bayley at Melbourne in September 2012.

In an attempt to find the woman missing, eerie footage from CCTV was shown on Australian television screens. It showed the 29-year old being approached by Adrian Bayley as she made her way home. 

Six days later, her body was discovered in a shallow grave near Melbourne.

Meagher was on her way home from a night out with friends when she was attacked.

It took 700m from her bar to reach Ms Meagher’s house. 

Bayley was currently on parole for another sex crime at the time Bayley was murdered. 

Adrian Ernest Bayley (pictured above)was given a life sentence over the 29-year-old's murder

Adrian Ernest Bayley, (pictured above), was sentenced to life for the murder of the 29-year old.