Do not panic! Fearless buffalo confronts a bull rhino head-to-head and force it to withdraw

  • Even after multiple headbutts, the buffalo stands strong against bull rhinomia despite several charges
  • While the herd observes them fighting, the rhino helps the buffalo lift their feet from the ground.
  • Footage captured at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa on September 23

This is the incredible moment a ‘fearless’ buffalo stood up to a huge bull rhino in a bid to protect its herd – despite multiple headbutts and charges from its opponent.   

Wayne Howarth, 31, was leading a tour group through Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa when he came across the two highly-charged giants going head-to-head on September 23.

Footage shows that the cape buffalo charges 700kg The white rhino weighs in at almost 2.5 tonnes before its feet are raised off the ground.

As the rhino presses on the buffalo, the sand rises into the air. A member of the tour company says: “T.”He buffalo will not give up. 

The buffalo and bull rhino charge at each other at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa on September 23

On September 23, bull rhino and buffalo fought it out at Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa.

The buffalo stands its ground as the rhino continues to headbutt it in front of the herd

While the rhino continue to headbutt the buffalo, the buffalo continues to stand firm.

As the buffalo herd slowly approaches, the animals continue their fight against each other.

After several minutes of intense fighting, the rhino seems to recognize that the buffalo is not going away.

The rhino then withdraws as one of the members of the tour comments: “The rhino is seeing all these buffaloes coming, and not thinking twice about it.” Now he’s retreating. 

“It was 100 percent who had the advantage. The buffalo flew high in the sky. 

‘The It’s clear that rhino is backing off. He might be looking for someone smaller.

According to Mr Howarth: “We believe the battle started over a rhino female leading the rhino bull past the buffalo herd. 

The battle began when one of the buffalo bulls ran too close the the female rhino with her baby. 

“The rhino bull would have weighed about 2.5 tonnes and this buffalo around 700kg. So it was quite a mismatch. 

The huge rhino lifts the front feet of the buffalo clear off the ground but the creature refuses to five in

However, although the huge rhino raises the front feet of buffalo off the ground with its massive trunk, the beast refuses five.

Sand swirls around the two animals as they go head-to-head and the surrounding herd watch

As they head-to-head, sand swirls about the animals and their surrounding herd. 

The bull rhino eventually recognises the buffalo will not retreat and leaves the scene

The bull rhino recognizes that the buffalo won’t retreat, and eventually leaves the scene 

Wayne Howarth (pictured) said that that he had ''never seen this happen before' in his 11 years of being a tour guide

Wayne Howarth (pictured), stated that this was the first time he’d seen it happen in 11 years as a tour guide.

‘In 11 years I have been a Kariega Guide, this is the first time that I’ve ever seen it happen. This was a remarkable sight to witness two of Africa’s biggest five show their strength and fight for it. 

“My guests were totally blown away. Although the fight lasted almost four minutes, neither one of them was seriously injured. “I don’t know why the rhino stopped fighting, particularly considering its advantage in size. 

The sheer amount of buffalo visible behind it could have been frightening. 

“I thought of how the rest of the herd might have gotten involved to assist and help the male during the fight.

The footage was later shared by Mr Howarth on social media, where it has been viewed more than 15,000 times.  

One user said, “Fair play to Buffalo.”

Another view stated that they were trying to settle an old score. 

One social media user said it looked like the two animals were 'trying to settle an old score' while another said it was like a 'school playground'

According to one social media user, it seemed like they were trying to settle an old score. Another said that it looked more like a school playground.

One person said, “Like in a playground.” One person shouts “Fight!” and the buffalooes (buffaloes), all rush in to see.

The scenes come just months after safari tour guide Braden Colling, 24, who also works at the Kariega Game Reserve, witnessed an epic battle between a rhino and  buffalo. 

Amazing footage captured the buffalo running away from the herd and confronting the larger animal as it was being thrown into the air.

The buffalo was defeated and ran to safety.

The rhino sends the buffalo flying after the pair squared off in Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa, in September

The buffalo is sent flying by the rhino after they have fought in Kariega Game Reserve South Africa in September