Because he felt bored at lockdown, a homeowner constructed a massive 19ft fence in his backyard. Now he is fighting his neighbours.

Ali lives in Chester Hill, Sydney. He has upset other Sydney residents by blocking their views in July.

Ali calls it “The Great Wall of Chester Hill” because the fence is twice as large as a regular garden fence. He says that Ali created it to provide more privacy, and also lockdown-induced ennui.

Ali told A Current Affair: ‘Well, when you’re sitting at home and you’re not allowed to go nowhere and the neighbours are looking at you, you say “you know what? I am going to make a wall.

“It was an explosion of Covid brains.”  

The wall was built in July and surrounds the backyard of the Chester Hill home in Sydney's west

It was built around Chester Hill’s backyard in Sydney’s west in July.

A frustrated neighbour stares up at the massive fence which now looms over his garden

An angry neighbor stares at his massive garden fence.

Ali constructed the wall during lockdown, describing the 5.65metre structure as a result of a 'Covid brain explosion' and blamed his 'd***head neighbours'

Ali constructed the wall during lockdown, describing the 5.65metre structure as a result of a ‘Covid brain explosion’ and blamed his ‘d***head neighbours’

Ali said the initial plan was to build something pleasant for his neighbours to look at on the reverse side but changed his mind because of their attitude

Ali stated that the original plan was to create something nice for his neighbors to see on the opposite side, but he changed his mind due to their attitudes

Locals were furious that the monstrous structure suddenly appeared in July without Ali’s warning.

The claimants assert that their complaints about the height to Ali and the Cumberland Council haven’t been addressed.

According to Ali who built it, the fence is 18.53 ft high – three times as tall than a 6 ft standard backyard fence 

A local resident stated, “It blocks sun. We don’t actually get sunlight anymore.”

‘I’m stressed. My flowers and view are very nice. It used to be beautiful before, but it’s now very unpleasant.

Ali stated that the original plan was to create something nice for his neighbors to see on the opposite side, but he changed his mind due to their attitudes.

‘I was going to do a nice feature on the other side as well, but when you have d**khead neighbours, then that’s what happens,’ he said. 

Three large, pine-shaped trees were seen by neighbors at the spot where the yard wall used to be. They were then suddenly removed a month later when Sydney locked down.

Ali claimed that the trees had reached their end and were to be removed, however photos from neighbours showed the plants full of foliage. 

A neighbour looks out his back door at the 11-metre wall that is perched over his fence

The neighbour sees the wall of 11 m high perched above his fence from his backdoor.

The wall rises 5.65m into the air, more than three times a normal divider of 1.8metres, casting shadows across the neighbouring yards

This wall is 5.65m high, which is more than 3 times the height of an average divider at 1.8 metres. It casts shadows over the yards around it

Earlier images show the large Christmas trees that were cut down to make way for the wall

The large Christmas trees were removed to make room for the wall in earlier images.

The giant L-shaped wall was then constructed by tradesmen.

“They told us that they were building it. One neighbour stated that when they built the walls, they told us it was too big.

“They cut down the massive trees and put it up within a week.”

Witnesses claimed that tradies worked around the clock to build the wall. They used steel posts and frames made of spotted pine timber.

Ali claimed that looking out at his yard from the view of nearby houses made Ali feel like they were there with him.

He stated, “A man must have privacy.”

Large black boards are then installed to complete the wall which is now casting shadows across a number of backyards in Chester Hill

To complete the wall, large black boards were then put in. They cast shadows over a variety of Chester Hill backyards.

Neighbours watched in horror as a family erected the 19ft fence and cast their backyards into darkness during Sydney's latest lockdown

Neighbors watched with horror as the family built a 19-foot fence, and their back yards were left in darkness.

Bunnings has provided a number of LED artworks to illuminate the steel and wood eyesore.

“It’s like being in an art gallery.” He said, “It’s like seeing art at night.

Cumberland Council stated in a statement that it is taking enforcement action against Ali.

“Council received and has acknowledged complaints concerning an alleged illegal structure at the subject property,” it stated.

Other angles give perspective of the hideous divider blocking the views of homes surrounding it - a development that was not blocked by local council

Another angle shows the ugly divider that blocks the view of surrounding homes. This development was not stopped by the local council.

Ali described the wall as being like an 'art museum' and said he plans to sell it off and 'crane it out' should Cumberland Council reject his application

Ali described the wall like an “art museum” and stated that he would sell it and ‘crane’ it out if Cumberland Council refuses his request.

“These complaints have been investigated. Enforcement action has taken place, within the specified time frames.

“Council provided updated information to complainants in cases where contact details were provided.

“Anybody who wishes to receive an update on the actions taken can contact Council. Further information will also be given.

Ali filed a tardive development application with council. However, he stated that he won’t dismantle the wall if the request is rejected.

It won’t fall. He said, “I’ll sell it and crane it out.”