A sleazy ex builder was sentenced today after he experienced an ‘adrenalin surge’ while working on construction sites.

Richard Graham, aged 30, from Greater Manchester, exposed him to a string 11-17-year-old schoolgirls over a period of two years. He would then whistle at them on the streets before he dropped his pants.

After admitting indecent exposure and violating terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order on Tuesday, he was sent to Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.

Graham, who used to work at a major building company, was again arrested last August for flashing at a 11-year old girl. This just a month after he was released from jail early for similar offences.

Ex-builder Richard Graham, 30, (pictured) from Bury, Greater Manchester, was jailed for 14 months after he admitted indecent exposure and breaching the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Richard Graham, 30, an ex-builder from Bury, Greater Manchester was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment after he admitted to indecent exposure, and violating the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

According to reports, the incident caused the young girl to become too afraid to visit her grandmother.

Graham of Ramsbottom (Bury) had a history indecent exposure that dates back to 2019, according to experts reports. His offending was ‘adrenalin-fuelled’, according to experts. 

His Facebook page is filled with photos of him playing on a building site. 

Graham was arrested in March 2019, after he targeted two 13 year-old girls as they walked from McDonald’s to the bus station in Rawtenstall in Lancashire.

The serial sex offender exposed himself to a string of schoolgirls aged between 11 and 17 over a two year period, dating back to March 2019, and got an 'adrenalin rush' from wolf whistling at young women

 The serial sex offender exposed himself to a string of schoolgirls aged between 11 and 17 over a two year period, dating back to March 2019, and got an ‘adrenalin rush’ from wolf whistling at young women

Graham, who was driving in a van, started wolf-whistling towards them. After they got on the bus, Graham saw them again about 90 minutes later, and exposed his genitals.

Graham later that year accosted a 12-year-old girl leaving Haslingden’s park to go home for tea. He was walking past her and smirked at her before wolf whistling, exposing himself. 

He was sent to prison for eight months in December 2019. However, he was freed in just four hours after his early release.

In December 2019, Graham was jailed for eight months but after his early release he targeted three girls in the space of just four hours in three different towns

Graham was sentenced to eight months in prison in December 2019. However, he was released early and targeted three girls within four hours.

A 12-year-old girl from Tottington near Bury was pushed down an alleyway by Graham, who exposed himself to her. Graham was seen by a girl in Salford, two hours after he had escaped. Later, in Padiham (Burnley), he pulled over beside two 14-year old girls and was seen engaging in sex.

Graham was sentenced to another exposure in September 2020. He was then given an additional 15-month sentence. He was released on July 2021, and a month later, he targeted his youngest victim.

Lisa Boocock, the Prosecutor, said that she was 11 years of age at the time of the offense and that she came out of her grandmother’s house on August 9 at 5:05pm. She was alone, and the defendant was driving a black car. He parked and followed her as she entered a back street.

“He then got out the car and stood on the pavement, looking at her. The defendant then pulled his pants or pants down. She said she was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. He was whistling like a wolf while he held his penis. She ran back to her grandmothers, and asked them to take her to her parents.

“Her uncle took the defendant’s registration plate and drove off following him to the motorway, where he was lost.”

A series of offences involving ‘indecent exposure’ 

March 2019,Indecent exposure in Rawtenstall, community order

December 2019,Eight months in prison for indecent exposure in Haslington

September 2020 Indecent exposure in Tottington Salford and Padiham – 15 month imprisonment

March 2021Salford, 12 weeks imprisonment for indecent exposure

October 2021Indecent exposure in Bury: 14 months imprisonment

The girl stated that she was afraid to travel anywhere. It could happen again, and I have flashbacks. I am afraid of older men and parked cars. I am afraid that what happened to my might happen to someone else, who will then have to go through the same thing I went through.

The court heard that another 12-year-old girl was walking down the street on the day Graham kissed her.

Graham, who was taken into custody following his arrest, was represented by Rachel Cooper, a defence lawyer. Cooper stated that Graham needs to be able to do offence-focused work and has not been able get it in prison. He will not be able to complete the work required by the law and he may offend again shortly after his release. He said that he would love to have help to stop him doing this again in future.

Judge Angela Nield sentenced Graham. She said: “It would seem that since March 2019, you have a pattern of habitual offending, targeting young girls. Young girls living on the streets are vulnerable because they are young and naive. This 11-year-old girl, who was visiting her grandmother, suffered particular harm.

She now fears older men and men in cars. It has disrupted her young life. These offences are of great concern for the public. They are very dangerous to the youth in the community and their protection is essential.

Graham was also subject to a ten year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Graham is required to sign the Sex Offender Register.