“Got some for the little man!” It’s a touching moment that a four-year old garbage collector offers his greatest fan his toy truck.

  • Jaycob, four, from Oakhurst, California got a toy truck from a garbage collector
  • He eagerly waits to see the truck hauling waste away and greets him. 
  • Jaycob, according to the collector, was given the truck by him because he always “waits for” him. 

To thank the man who always welcomed him to his home before school, a garbageman gave his fan, aged four years old, a truck.

Jaycob of Oakhurst, California waves at the waste collector in this heartwarming video. After that the man surprises Jaycob by surprising him with something.

Dale Perry uploaded the clip on December 21 and has received over 9,000 YouTube views.

Jaycob from Oakhurts, California gets a gift from the garbage man whose truck he eagerly awaits every week

Jaycob, Oakhurts (California) receives a gift from the trash man, whose truck he eagerly anticipates each week

Jaycob shyly thanks the garbage man, who honked goodbye as he drove away

Jaycob modestly thanks the garbageman, who honked good-bye as he drove on

Jaycob is seen waiting eagerly for the garbage truck to pass, shouting: “Hi garbage man!”

The bins had been empty when he shouted “Thank you!”

It was then that the driver stepped out of the truck holding a box in his hands and said: ‘Got something for the little man.

“He is the only person who waits for me, so I thought I would give you something special little man.”

The young boy shyly accepts the toy truck from the waste collector, who got him a gift just in time for Christmas

The toy truck was given by the collector to the boy, who gave it to him just in time for Christmas.

Jaycob, who used to have a fear of garbage trucks, now loves them as he looks at his own new toy

Jaycob used to be afraid of the garbage trucks but now he loves them just as much as his new toy.

Jaycob, speechless from his gift, timidly thanked the collector, who waved goodbye as he drove out.

Jaycob is now a two year old and used to be afraid of garbage trucks. Jaycob eagerly anticipates their arrival every week, jumping up excitedly.

He is now very interested in recycling, and he watches online videos about waste trucks.

This video made commenters smile and was just in the right time for Christmas. 

The garbage collector steps out of the truck and says he's 'got something for the little man'

He steps out of his truck to say that he has a gift for the garbage collector

Jaycob eagerly waits for the waste truck to come by as he shouts: 'Hi garbage man'

Jaycob is eager for Jaycob’s waste truck to arrive and he shouts, “Hi garbageman!”

One person commented: “That brought me to tears, the man loved that little boy every single day! This man has made the kids year!! Woooooo! You can go HUMAN KINDNESS !!!’

Abdiel Castillo said, “This is why we still believe in the world.”

‘So awesome!!! It’s amazing to witness these acts of kindness. Franciso Davila added the following: 

Jaycob’s mother, who also loved the gift, said that her daughter couldn’t believe that Jaycob had spent so much of her own time and money on Jaycob. ABC30 reported.