Paw licking good! Man discovers bear in his California home and has to eat his bucket of KFC

  • Video footage captured the moment a bear ate a bucket KFC inside a Sierra Madre, California home
  • John Holden, the homeowner, was returning to his home when he saw the creature sitting on his kitchen counter.
  • Holden also stated that he saw at least one bear from his home and another outside of it. 
  • He made loud noises that caused the bears to flee his home. 

A shocking video shows the moment that a California man discovered a bear in his home and let it eat his bucket of KFC.

John Holden, a Sierra Madre resident recently returned home to find his front door open. He went in to find the bear munching on a bucket full of fried chicken at his kitchen counter. 

Holden also saw a bear outside the house. He said at most one more was inside.

Video footage captured a bear on the kitchen counter of a Southern California home

Video footage shows a bear sitting on the counter of a Southern California kitchen.

The bear was seen scarfing down a bucket of KFC chicken

The bear was seen downing a bucket full of KFC chicken.

Sierra Madre homeowner John Holden said he also saw another bear outside his home and at least one more inside

John Holden, a Sierra Madre homeowner, said that he saw another bear outside of his home as well as at least one inside.

He finally got the uninvited guests out by making loud sounds. 

Holden said that he has had many other encounters with them. “I’ve had them bump into my back a few times, but never in my house like that,” Holden said. 

“That was something else, and they sure made a mess out of the place.”

Holden stated that the bears were known to hang out in Holden’s backyard after taking his food. 

Sierra Madre is located in Los Angeles County, at the foothills the San Gabriel Valley, below the southern edge the Angeles National Forest.

As other residents have seen them in residential areas, bear sightings in Southern California are not uncommon.

Last Wednesday, a bear wandered around the grounds of an elementary school in San Dimas, a suburb of Los Angeles, before making itself at home in a tree at a nearby house.

Another sighting was reported in a Los Angeles neighborhood last Wednesday as a mama bear was seen roaming around in search of her missing cub

A second sighting was reported in Los Angeles last Wednesday, when a mama bear was seen wandering around looking for her missing cub.

Later, the animal was removed from the tree and tranquilized. The animal was then released back into the wild. Officials believed it to be a female searching for her missing cub.

Bears have been known as to hunt for food in residential areas close to their habitats. They will dig through trash cans to find anything edible. 

During the forest fires of early September, black bears also roamed South Lake Tahoe, Northern California neighborhoods. The evacuated neighborhood and homes gave  bears the opportunity to scavenge for food.