Shannon O'Connor, 47, is facing dozens of charges for allegedly hosting alcohol-fueled sex parties for her 15-year-old son and friends

Shannon O’Connor, 47 is facing numerous charges for hosting sex parties that were alcohol-fueled for her 15-year old son and his friends.

A California mom is accused of hosting wild, alcohol-fueled sex parties with her 15-year old son and his teen buddies. According to a new report she went by “the Nun” on Social Media and lured girls with Tiffany jewelry and gifts.

Shannon O’Connor, 47-year-old, is accused of seducing 14- and 15 year-olds to her Los Gatos home, which is worth $4.7 million. Parents claim that she is a tech-savvy ‘predator’ who taught them how to lie and used gifts to bait them.

Sunday’s Denver Post article details O’Connor’s alleged tactics to win teens’ trust.

“She’s very good with the phone. One mom said that her daughter is a pro at social media. She tries to create a divide between parents and their children. She is a predator.

O’Connor was expelled from Boise in Idaho to Santa Clara County, California on October 19, and later arraigned for 39 charges including felony child molestation, child abuse, and contributing to the delinquency or minor. 

Last week, she was denied bail and issued 15 protective orders preventing her from contacting victims, including her child.

O'Connor reportedly harassed one teen with dozens of phone calls after the girl broke up with her son, and made 37 phone calls to the teen within a three-hour time span

O’Connor allegedly harassed one teenager with dozens upon phone calls after the girl broke off with her son. O’Connor made 37 phone calls within three hours to the teen.

The mother of two is accused of hosting the parties at her $4.7 million, 5,122-square foot Northern California estate in Los Gatos that has a pool, sports court and more

The mother of two is accused of hosting the parties at her $4.7 million, 5,122-square foot Northern California estate in Los Gatos that has a pool, sports court and more

O’Connor, a mother to two, is accused of organizing at least half-dozen large parties as well as a few smaller gatherings at her Los Gatos home. She also held events in Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe where she allegedly would serve vodka to 14- and 15 year-olds, hand out condoms, encourage minors and watch while they engaged in sex acts that were non-consensual.

O'Connor allegedly groomed her son's underage girlfriend by buying her a $200 Tiffany necklace and flowers, and ordering Uber Eats meals to her home

O’Connor is accused of grooming her son’s girlfriend underage by buying her a $200 Tiffany necklace, flowers, and ordering Uber Eats to her home.

Boise, Idaho mother told the Post that she met O’Connor when she learned she was planning to move to the state.

The mom, whose identity has not been disclosed, stated that O’Connor pampered her teenage daughter with a dozen roses as well as a $200 Tiffany Necklace when her daughter started dating him.

According to her mother, she ordered Uber Eats to the girl when she was hungry.

The mom later received a tip about a California parent, and began poring over her daughter’s text messages looking for clues.

O’Connor was allegedly helping her daughter escape the house after her parents had gone to bed.

According to the Post interview, it said: “Are You Alone?” ‘Are you asleep with your parents? Did he get in OK?’

O'Connor allegedly communicated with underage teens on Snapchat under the alias 'the Nun'

O’Connor is alleged to have communicated with teens underage on Snapchat under the alias “the Nun”.

O’Connor, however, was not ready for the breakup.

She tried to contact the girl through Snapchat accounts, but the teen received numerous blocked calls, including 27 within a short time span.

According to the Denver Post, when the girl accepted the call, all she heard was heavy breathing.

According to the girl’s mom, phone records showed that the calls were traced back to O’Connor.

She said, “We were all fooled by this “cool mom” thing.” ‘Looking back … the red flags were there.’

Officials from Idaho, where O’Connor recently moved with her kids, reported that deputies arrived earlier this month to arrest her on an fugitive warrant. They found a dozen teenagers at her residence.

Another mother whose daughter dated O’Connor’s son shared with the Post her own  ‘insane’ experience.

Soon after her daughter began a relationship with Connor’s son, she started exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior such as lying and drinking – even passing out at the table, her mom said.

The teen later disclosed that she was victimized at O’Connor’s parties.

‘Shannon was telling her what to do and when and how to lie to me and her dad,’ the girl’s mom told the outlet.

‘It was just completely insane.’

Another set of parents told the Post that they became suspicious of their son’s childhood friendship after picking him up from a Halloween party O’Connor hosted last year.

The 14-year-old was standing barefoot near the street ‘wet and cold,’ the outlet reported, adding the teen threw up and smelled like alcohol.

The parents claimed that the boy was asleep when they started reading his Snapchat messages.

O'Connor allegedly taught the teens to lie to their parents about the parties she hosted

O’Connor allegedly taught her teens to lie to their parents about the parties that she hosted

That’s when they learned O’Connor – under the moniker ‘the Nun’ – was using the platform to discuss the party, which happened while she and her husband weren’t home.

Nun reportedly said in the thread: ‘How did it all go’.

A boy replied: ‘Thank you Shannon!’

She then pivoted toward damage control, saying: ‘do ur parents knkw [sic],’ and ‘Did anyone know I wasn’t there.’ 

Judge Johnny Gogo denied O’Connor bail after prosecutors said they had ‘clear evidence that if defendant were to be released, there is likely to be great bodily injury to the victims of this case and members of the public.’ The East Bay Times reported.

Rebekah Wise, Deputy District Attorney, also claimed that O’Connor, who moved with her sons to Star in Idaho, where she continued throwing boozy parties, was a flight risk.

O’Connor hosted parties inside her 5,122-square-foot Los Gatos home, which was recently listed for sale at $4.7 million.

The two-acre property includes a swimming pool, spa, sports court and nanny quarters. There are also five ensuite bedrooms.

If she is convicted of all charges, she could spend more than 20 years behind bars. 

O’Connor is also facing unrelated fraud charges in excess of $120,000 for unauthorized charges on company cards. This was while O’Connor was working as an administrative assistant at Aruba Networks.

Prosecutors claim O’Connor used her cards to pay for limousine rides, clothing and alcohol deliveries to her house.