California mom TACKLES intruder, ‘high on drug’, who broke into her garage where her two daughters, aged 6 and 5, were playing

  • Rancho Cucamonga, California witnessed the incident over the weekend 
  • Mother was with her daughters, ages 5 & 6, in an open garage. Her son, one-year-old, was also there when a stranger ran up to them. 
  • As seen on surveillance video, a woman confronted Rasmus Rasmussen (31), and held him until help arrived.  
  • Police cited Rasmussen for being under the influence of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, and let him go 
  • Rasmussen was described incoherent, unsure of where he was.  

In just seconds, a California mother went to war with an intruder and went from enjoying her three children’s company in a friend’s garage to fighting for her family. 

The shocking incident occurred in Rancho Cucamonga on Saturday, less than 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It was captured on surveillance video. 

The mother, who didn’t want to be identified or show her face, told CBS Los Angeles that she was with her two daughters, ages 5-6, and her one-year old son around an electric fireplace pit when she saw a man from the street charging towards them.

A California mother was sitting in a friend's open garage with her daughters and baby son when an intruder came running at them

California mother, sitting in open garage with her children and baby boy when an intruder ran at them. 

Surveillance video shows the mom jumping into actions to protect her girls, ages 5 and 6, and her one-year-old son from the unhinged stranger

Surveillance video shows the mom taking immediate actions to protect her daughters, ages 5-6, and her 1-year-old son from an unhinged stranger. 

The woman tackles the suspect, 31-year-old Rasmus Rasmussen, and pins him down to allow her children to get away

'Get away from my kids!' she yells at the man

The suspect, Rasmus Rasmussen (31 years old), is tackled by the woman and pins him down so that her children can escape. She yells at the man, “Get away!” She yells at him  

One of the woman’s daughters was standing at the garage’s entrance when the stranger ran at them.  

The mother said, “I’ve seen him come into the driveway and I was able to see my instinct to just block him so my kids could get away.” 

Surveillance video shows the woman jumping to her feet and tackling the unwelcome guest while screaming at him: “Get away from my children!”  

The woman grabbed the man by his neck and held him until her husband, a family friend, and her husband came to her assistance and hurled the man to the ground. 

The man held onto the intruder until her husband and a friend returned

The man held on to the intruder until her husband returned with a friend. 

A family friend hurled Rasmussen to the ground and stopped him form escaping

Rasmussen was stopped by a family friend, who hurled him to his death and prevented him from fleeing.  

The suspect, identified by Rasmus Rasmussen at 31 years old, was taken into police custody on suspicion of being under the control of a controlled substance. 

Investigators claimed that Rasmussen wasn’t able to understand, didn’t know whereabouts and couldn’t answer any questions. 

Rasmussen was cited for misdemeanor drugs count and released. However, police indicated that he could be charged with additional trespassing.  

Rasmussen’s mother said, “I think he should go into jail and stay in prison,”