Campaign to boycott nightclubs due to drink spiking changes its name to Girls Night after critics called it ‘inclusive’

  • Organisers of Girls Night In accused of a ‘cowardly capitulation’ to woke warriors
  • Following a string of reports that women were being spiked, a group was created last week. 
  • Statement released by the group has been attacked by women’s rights activists 

A campaign to boycott nightclubs to raise awareness of how women’s drinks are being spiked by men has changed its name and apologised for not being ‘inclusive enough’.

Organisers of Girls Night In have been accused of a ‘cowardly capitulation’ to woke warriors, with activists saying the removal of the word ‘girls’ will undermine its focus.

After a series of reports about women drinking in clubs and believing that their drinks had been tampered with, the group was formed last week.

Girls Night In was started by students Martha Williams and Milly Seaford, with plans for boycotts in 43 university towns over the next fortnight

Students Milly Seaford & Martha Williams founded Girls Night In. Plans were made to boycott 43 universities over the next fortnight.

Some people found puncture marks, triggering fears that they were injected.

Students Milly SeafordGirls and Martha Williams started Girls Night In. They also planned to boycott 43 universities towns over the next two weeks. 

However, the boycotts will now be named after the places involved, such Durham Night In or Southampton Night In. 

A statement released by the group has been attacked by women’s rights activists and likened to a ‘parody’ by critics.

In unashamedly woke language, it refers to ‘intersectionality’ – the overlap of a person’s prejudices towards such things as race, disability, nationality and gender, and to being ‘anti-carceral’, stating: ‘We want to assure you that the Night In campaign is working towards achieving intersectionality, and we accept we have not been explicitly intersectional so far.

Some women reported puncture marks, sparking fears they had been injected following reports of women possibly being injected while clubbing

Some women reported puncture marks. This is in response to reports that some women were injected while clubbing.

‘We are anti-racist, anti-misogyny, gender inclusive, pro-LGBT+, pro-trans people, pro-disabled people, pro-sex worker, anti-carceral and pro-community support movement. These are not empty words. We will change our approach. We are sorry for the harm that our campaign caused. We are working to do better.’

One critic tweeted: ‘Women & girls are overwhelmingly victims of these crimes, men perpetrators.’

Feminist author Julie Bindel said: ‘It is a cowardly capitulation to bullies which the feminist movement should be campaigning against.’