Players are challenged to identify the Santa hat or stocking by solving a tricky search-and-find puzzle.

This puzzle is so complex that even the most skilled puzzlers can’t figure it out. 

TThe brainteaser’s vibrant humor is Gergely Ddas, a Hungarian viral cartoonist better known by DudolfHe has a loyal online audience. 

Are you confident that you can spot only the two things you are looking for? This will test your observation abilities!

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The tricky puzzle requires players to find the Santa hat and stocking in an festive scene. Are you able to spot missing items in this festive scene? 

For a hint, look for a green cap at the right side and above the head of one penguin. 

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These are the ones you spotted. Look for the hat in the lower right corner of the image and the stocking towards the middle.

A new seek-and-find challenge has been launched that challenges players to find the stockings and Santa hats hidden in this holiday scene. 

This autumnal brainteaser was created by, an online gaming website.

A hedgehog can be seen peering out among the brown, red, and orange leaves in this picturesque scene. 

You think that you are able to spot the cute little creature hiding somewhere?

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British Online gaming site, have put together this autumnal brainteaser. Do you think you can spot the hedgehog hiding among the autumn leaves?

This autumnal brainteaser was created by, a British Online Gaming site. Is it possible to identify the hedgehog among the autumn foliage?

This vibrant autumn scene will require you to be focused in order for the animal to be spotted.

Struggling? You might be having trouble spotting the hedgehog if you focus your attention to the right.

Are you still having trouble?  You are still not having luck? 

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Gotcha! The animal was hiding under the leaves in the bottom right corner of the picture, in the circled area

Gotcha! You’re right!

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A recent puzzle asked for puzzlers’ help in finding a Jack O’Latern hidden within a Jack O’Latern patch. 

Feel Good Contacts in Britain created the puzzle for Halloween. 

The image shows two Jack O’Lanterns, one orange and one black. There are many people who have one or more teeth. But only two have no teeth.

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British contact lenses provider Feel Good Contacts are created the seek-and-find puzzle, right in time for Halloween.

British contacts company Feel Good Contacts created the Halloween puzzle by solving the search-and-find problem.

These pumpkins cannot be found together so you will have to search for each one individually. 

Struggling? You might have trouble spotting both pumpkins if you focus on the bottom portion of the image. 

Is it still not working? You can see the left and right sides of this picture. 

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One pumpkin was on the bottom left side of the picture, while the other was in the bottom right corner

One pumpkin was located on the left-hand side, the other in the corner. 

Do you want to learn more about spooky brainteasers and other scary ideas? You have come to the right place!  

Another graphic is the work of Hungarian viral cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, who is known for delighting fans around the world with his playful puzzles.

His latest creation was a puzzle that asked for cluers to find the animal between spirits. But with all the ghosts and spooky creatures, it’s nearly impossible to identify the missing panda. 

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A new tricky seek-and-find brainteaser (pictured) is challenging puzzlers to find an adorable panda hidden among spooky ghosts

The new seek-and find brainteaser is a tricky one that challenges puzzlers to locate an adorable panda amongst spooky ghosts.

Dudolf is known for his quirky and charming personal touches. The ghosts, pandas and ghosts were brought to life using adorable expressions. 

You can distract from the task by looking at these little details.

Focus your attention in the upper right corner to get a hint. This will give you more chances of finding a solution. Still struggling? For the right answer, scroll down

The panda was hidden towards the bottom right-hand section of the seek-and-find puzzle

In the right-hand corner of the puzzle, the panda was found.

This autumnal find-and-find game will challenge you to discover the hidden hedgehog. Will you rise to the occasion? 

British blinds company 247 Blinds created this mind-teasing brainteaser. It features a seasonal theme that will test your attention. 

This tricky game involves a hedgehog who hides in a lush scene filled with pine cones, acorns and leaves of different colours.

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Can you find the tiny hedgehog hiding in this leafy scene for a brainteaser created by British blinds retailer 247 Blinds?

Is this the hedgehog that is hiding amongst the leafy foliage? This brainteaser was created by 247 Blinds in Britain.

It’s even more difficult because the hedgehog has been shaped like his surroundings. To locate him you will need to take a good look at the photo.  

Are you having trouble finding the tiny critter? Concentrate your attention to the bottom of the image. 

Are you giving up? You can scroll to the bottom for more information.

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The small hedgehog was hiding at the very bottom of the picture. It was hard to locate, because it was shaped like a pine cone

It was hidden at the bottom of the photo. The shape of the pine cone made it difficult to spot. 

Are you a good observer and able to spot mistakes quickly? You can test your knowledge with this brainteaser for the beat the tub.

Nuie Bathrooms from the UK has created a busy graphic showing a hidden rubber Duck amongst all of the soap suds.

But with the average person taking 28 seconds to spot the classic bathtub accessory – how long will it take you?  

The average person take 28 seconds to spot the hidden duck - but how long did it take you?

It takes an average of 28 seconds for a person to find the hidden duck. But how long did you take?

The duck’s usual yellow hue is not used, making it even more difficult. 

Is it hard to understand? Concentrate your attention to the bottom of the image. 

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Do you want to take on more difficult search-and-finds tasks? Femail shares his selection of the hardest. 

The little bath toy can be seen hiding in a left hand bubble at the bottom of the bath (pictured)

As you can see, the toy bath is hidden in a left hand bubble near the bottom of your bath (pictured).

You will be challenged to search for a ghost amongst the spooky objects in another seek-and find puzzle. 

The UK’s Online Mortgage Advisor has created this brainteaser in advance of Halloween.

You must locate a tiny ghost hidden among the broken mirrors, candles, and pumpkin. 

You think that you are able to find spirit, and ghostbuster.  

Can you find the ghost hiding in this seek-and-find puzzle provided by UK's Online Mortgage Advisor?

Can you find the ghost hiding in this seek-and-find puzzle provided by UK’s Online Mortgage Advisor? 

You’ll have to be more careful to spot the ghost because all of the scary objects are placed on a dark purple background. 

It is difficult to resolve? The bottom half of your picture is the most important. 

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Boo! The small spirit was hiding in the bottom half of the picture behind a lamp! Did you find it yourself?

Boo! Boo! You found it?

Players will be challenged to discover the unique mushroom pair by using this vibrant seek-and find puzzle. 

TThe brainteaser’s vibrant humor is Gergely Ddas, a Hungarian viral cartoonist better known by DudolfHe has a loyal online audience.

This puzzle requires players to look closely at mushrooms in order to identify which one is missing. 

A vibrant seek-and-find puzzle challenges players to find the only mushroom without a matching pair. T he vibrant brainteaser is the work of Hungarian viral cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, who has built up a devoted online following

Players are challenged to locate the mushroom that has no matching pairs in a lively seek-and-find game. The brainteaser’s vibrant design is Gergely Dudas (Hungarian viral cartoonist, also known as Dudolf), who has a dedicated online audience.

Dudolf only made slight changes to the markings of the mushrooms, making it more complicated. 

It is easy to get distracted by the subtle changes in colour patterns or shapes.     

Are you having trouble finding the perfect mushroom? You might try looking at the lower portion of the picture. 

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The odd mushroom out has a blue cap with red spots and is situated in the lower half of the image

One odd mushroom is located in the lower part of the image. The blue cap has red spots. 

This comes just after another puzzle challenge players were challenged to identify the two safety pins concealed among vibrant sewing gear.

The brainteaser has been created by Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller, with puzzlers asked to spot the two tiny items in the sea of tools.

It is nearly impossible to see the safety pins missing due to all the brightly colored products that clutter the graphic.

According to the creators the puzzle takes an average of one minute and 23 seconds to solve, but with the mesmerizing colours, how quick can you spot the hidden items?

This new seek-and-find puzzle challenges you to pick out the two safety pins hidden among vibrant sewing equipment (pictured)

You will be challenged to locate the safety pins in this new puzzle.

It’s easy to lose your eyes in so many details that it is no surprise puzzlers have difficulty finding the right pins. 

Try focusing your attention on the center of the image if you are looking for clues. You might be more successful. 

Still struggling? You don’t have to be discouraged.     

The answer: The two safety pins (circled) can be found near the centre of the picture

Answer: You can find the two safety pins (circled), near the center of the image.

Many of us have turned to gardening as a way to get outside this summer. A new puzzle can help you be more mindful about where your tools are going.

SGS Engineering from the UK, challenged nation to find the shears amongst the flowers. This brainteaser was designed to test observation skills.    

It takes on average 51 seconds to solve the puzzle, according to its creators. But with beautiful patterns and similar colors, can you see the shears in the blossoms quickly?  

UK-based company SGS Engineering, have challenged puzzlers to spot the shears hidden among the flowers in a busy garden

SGS Engineering is a UK company that challenged puzzlers with the challenge of finding the shears amongst the busy flowers in their garden. 

Even the most skilled puzzlers can’t find the shears. If you need a hint, look at the third lower part of the graphic.   

Dave Gordon (General Manager, SGS Engineering) shared his best tips and tricks for garden success with the Brainteaser. 

Dave explained that the key to gardening success is taking it step by step and knowing your goal. 

“Make sure that you are equipped with the proper tools and be willing to help others if they need it.” Although gardening can be therapeutic and fun, it is not for everyone. 

Scroll down to see the clue to this brainteaser. This is only one in a series that puzzles the internet.  

The shears can be spotted in the lower third of the graphic surrounded by pink flowers

You can spot the shears in the bottom third of this graphic, surrounded with pink flowers 

Take a moment to test your observational skills as you enjoy the final weeks of summer vacations with family adventures. 

FootActive in Somerset has created a brainteaser that challenges people to identify the shoes hidden amongst a beach crowd. 

The creators claim that it takes 7/10 people less than one minute to locate one shoe. So, with a  one minute 20 seconds record to beat – can you detect them any quicker?

A busy brainteaser (pictured) designed by Foot Active challenges puzzlers to spot two shoes hidden among beach items

Foot Active presents a busy brainteaser, which challenges the puzzlers (pictured) to identify two shoes that are hidden in beach supplies. 

Designed to baffle even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers, the brainteaser, designed to remind everyone to pack comfortable shoes during their trip to the seaside, is jam-packed with a range of colourful items and patterns that make it difficult to solve.

Try looking at the objects surrounding the towels on the upper third of the graphic if you are having trouble solving the puzzle. 

Don’t give up! Scroll down for the red answer.

Puzzlers are challenged to a new search-and-find puzzler  

The shoes can be spotted in the top third of the image next to towels and other beach items

You can spot the shoes in the upper third of this image, next to other items such as towels. 

With British summer officially in full swing and lockdown measures lifted, August is looking to be the best month of the year so far.

We all know that parasols are an essential item in hot summer months. Our furry companions need shade just as much as we humans.

Hayes Garden World has created another tricky summer-themed brainteaser challenging puzzlers to spot the cat having a nap underneath the parasol. 

The current record stands at one minute, according to the creators. Do you believe you could find it faster than that? 

Hayes Garden World has created a tricky summer-themed brainteaser challenging puzzlers to spot the cat having a nap underneath the parasol (pictured)

Hayes Garden World created this summer-themed puzzle that challenges people to find the cat taking a rest under the parasol.

Brainteaser: This was created to commemorate the Summer that has been waiting and allow for the joy of hosting family and friends in the garden. 

However, with so many colorful parasols scattered throughout the busy graphic it might be more difficult to locate the hidden cat. 

Are you looking for a hint? Pay attention to the right-hand corner of the picture. 

Don’t give up! Continue scrolling to see the highlighted answer.  

The answer can be seen circled towards the right-hand side of the jam-packed graphic (pictured)

You can circle the answer towards the right of the graphic (pictured).

This puzzle will test your ability to solve problems. It challenges you to locate the pair of knickers among a variety of bras.

The brainteaser, put together by Dutch lingerie manufacturer Hunkemöller, will require your full attention. 

Creators have hidden a tiny pair of frilly knickers in the jam-packed graphic, but do you think you’ve got what it takes to find them?

This brainteaser, put together by Dutch lingerie manufacturer Hunkemöller, challenges puzzlers to find the knickers hidden among the bras

This brainteaser, put together by Dutch lingerie manufacturer Hunkemöller, challenges puzzlers to find the knickers hidden among the bras

To see how quickly you can spot something, time it. 

If this is a problem, you can focus your gaze towards the bottom of each image to slowly analyze the graph from left-to-right. 

Do you need another clue? The bra straps are the most sought-after piece of lingerie. 

Are you ready to give up? You don’t have to give up?  

The knickers are hidden behind the right strap of this pink bra. Did you manage to find it on your own?

You can find the knickers behind the pink bra’s right strap. It is possible to locate it yourself.