You can feel fabulous in a great outfit. But it’s not always easy to create a style that flatters your body.

However, despite the endless stream of fashion trends and must-haves we are constantly exposed to – and the fact that celebrity and influencers look effortlessly put together – it can still feel difficult to be well-dressed.

Anna Bey is an elegance coach and runs the online School of Affluence. LondonGeneva has shared a new YouTube clip revealing the nine styling rules ‘every classy lady needs to know’ to avoid looking ‘tacky’.

You should wear neutral underwear. Avoid clashing colours. Accentuate your waist.

Elegance coach Anna Bey (pictured), who runs online School of Affluence and splits her time between London and Geneva, has shared a new YouTube clip revealing the nine styling rules 'every classy lady needs to know' to avoid looking 'tacky', including making sure your underwear doesn't show through your clothes

Anna Bey, an Elegance coach who has her online School of Affluence in London, shares a YouTube clip that reveals the nine styling guidelines ‘every woman needs’ to look ‘tacky. 

When you’re wearing lighter coloured clothing, always wear seamless and nude underwear 

Anna said, “It is time to get rid of white and contrasting colours underwear that you have worn with light colored clothing. We can easily see the difference.”

The same is true for wearing textured, e.g. lace bras, under delicate or sheer fabrics. Because the texture will be obvious underneath such fabrics. 

It is important to not show your underwear. It is an important rule that every woman who wants to be elegant should follow. Underwear can instantly make a person look unattractive.

Look out for threads that are loose

Anna stated, “I want you turn yourself into Inspector Gadget whenever you scan your clothing.” Ladies, it is important to inspect all your clothes for loose threads. 

“And sometimes when you purchase garments at fast fashion shops where the quality isn’t always great, you should pay attention to those threads even if you’re going to high-quality clothing stores. 

“So, make it a part of your fashion regimen to become Inspector Gadget.”

Use lipstick that is in keeping with your skin’s undertone 

Anna explained how you can determine your skin’s undertone. Check out the inside of your veins and determine what color they are. Is it more green or blue? 

If your veins seem more blue than they are, you’re a cool shade. You are considered a warmer tone if your veins are more blue than green. However, if there is a good balance of green and blue you can be considered a neutral undertone. 

Ladies, it is important to know what your skin’s undertone is so that you can wear lipstick with the same undertone. Warm lips require a warmer undertone. 

“If your lips are cool, you need a cool lipstick. Those lucky women who have neutral undertones can wear both.

Before you leave your house, take a look at yourself from all angles in the mirror. 

The elegance coach said, “I am talking about your clothes and your hair. Because you don’t know how you look sideways or back.” 

“There may be something you aren’t seeing, such as how strange something looks on the side of a garment or foundation. Or maybe something is going on with your hair back that you don’t notice. 

“So, this is very important. You should invest in multiple mirrors and make sure you have checked everything before you go.  

Coordinate your clothes colours

'Styling rule number six is to always coordinate the colours in the pattern garments that you're wearing,' said the elegance coach (pictured)

The elegance coach said that style rule six was to coordinate all the colors in your pattern garments.

According to the elegance coach, “Styling Rule Number Six is to Always Coordinate the Colours in the Pattern Garments that You’re Wearing,”

“It can be difficult for many women to wear patterns. You might worry about how you will style your outfit and not look like a clown. 

“And to look elegant wearing those patterns, you must always use the same colours in your other outfits. 

“So, you won’t mix and match or start to wear other colors that aren’t in the pattern. This is about making sure the entire outfit matches the exact pattern. 

This way, it appears really coordinated. This unites your entire look, so you’re free to be wild. You can use a single pattern with 3 colours and still look great. 

To avoid appearing too bland, add a splash of color 

'I love simple and classic outfits where being plain is actually what sometimes bring out the elegance in the look,' admitted Anna (pictured). 'However, we all have those days when we look at the outfit in front of us and we just feel that something is missing'

Anna said that she loves classic and simple outfits. However, Anna also believes plain clothes can sometimes be elegant. “But we all experience those moments when something feels missing in an outfit.”

Anna said that she loves classic and simple outfits. Sometimes, being plain can bring out elegance. However, every woman has those moments when something feels missing from the outfit. 

Sometimes, all you need is a touch of color or accessories. 

“So, let’s assume you’re wearing plain white clothes. It will look boring and uninteresting if you have a white matching bag. Consider adding some color to your look by adding a small red or blue bag.

Show off your waist every time! 

Ladies, you should stop covering your waist with bulky clothing or heavy sweaters. You know what will happen? Anna said, “You’re going to look larger, bulkier, and heavier than what you really are.”

“But accentuate your natural silhouette with a belt, or other garments with a slight waistline, you will look more slim and feminine and, of course, more elegant.

Don’t wear shoes or bags that are too worn.

According to the elegance coach, “We want elegant looks, and we want expensive bags.”

“Bags need to be careful about certain aspects. First, don’t buy a bag that is very worn or tired. The edges may have some wear and tear. That’s fine. 

“But when these marks become very large, you need to be careful. Ladies, if there are visible marks or threads sticking up from your bag’s stitching, it is time to pay attention. 

What should we be paying attention to when shopping for shoes? You can’t make anything look worn. 

Order your size now

Anna stated, “Shop for the size you are currently at.” Do not shop for the smallest size you believe you will need one day. This is a very common error that many women make. 

“It is so crucial to purchase the correct size for your body because the clothes are essential. 

What happens if you choose a size that’s too big for you? Because you’ll look larger, the garment must be appropriate for you.