Canadian police say they have seized guns, magazines and body armor after arresting Freedom Convoy protesters at the US border. This was in response to Trudeau’s emergency declaration.

  • Early Monday morning, police raided the three trailers located at the protest site in Alberta, Canada and Montana.
  • Officers made 11 arrests and seized a large cache of weapons including 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armor and a machete
  • One of the protesters attempted to drive a police van with his tractor-trailer trailer on Sunday night.
  • As officers search for the driver of the tractor, the police have taken possession of it and officers searched the area. This is after there had been some unrest and blockages over the last week. 

Canadian police trying to get across the US were nearly rammed into by a tractor trailer. They also seized many weapons, ammunition, and body armor.

According to Royal Canadian Mountain Police, eleven individuals were taken into custody in Coutts Alberta as a result of anti-vaccine mandate protests that have stopped cross-border Canada travel.

Police described those arrested as ‘a small, organized group in the larger Coutts Protest’. They were blocking the Sweet Grass Bridge from Coutts (population 245), for a whole week.

The Coutts crossing sees $44 million ($35m) per day in two-way trade, said David MacLean, vice-president of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

“The Alberta RCMP became aware that there was a protest group in the greater Coutts area,” they stated in a statement.

“Information received indicated that the group was able to access a stash of guns and ammunition.

According to police, the group indicated that they would use force to stop any attempt to break the blockade. This led to a complex and immediate investigation that sought to establish the nature of the threat as well as the organization behind it.

Protesters are seen at the Coutts, Alberta crossing earlier in the blockade. The demonstrators have been removed and early on Monday 11 people were arrested after weapons were found

Protesters can be seen crossing the border at Coutts (Alberta) earlier in the blockade. After weapons were discovered, the demonstrators were removed. 11 arrests were made on Monday morning.

Police are seen standing close to the US-Canada border in Alberta, where protests have been staged for a week

A group of police is seen standing near the border with Canada and USA in Alberta. This has been where demonstrations have taken place for more than a week.

Truckers are seen blocking the border between the US and Canada in Alberta

Alberta: Truckers can be seen blocking border between Canada & the US at the Alberta border

There are three crossings that have been blockaded. The Ambassador Bridge is in Detroit, which holds the greatest trade potential.

On Monday morning the RCMP with a search warrant raided 3 trailers to capture the 11

Police found 13 handguns and long guns as well as multiple body armor sets, a machete, and several other pieces of weaponry.

The suspects claimed they had seized large quantities of ammunition as well as high-capacity magazines.

The driver of the tractor trailer is being sought by police officers. He attempted to drive into the vehicle.

According to the RCMP, the attack on the police station was an example of militant thinking by a segment of protestors.

The protestors’ vehicles were described as a large farm tractor, and semi truck. They also participated in the blockade.

Officers followed the suspects into a location where protesters were gathering. The police car’s driver swerved in order to avoid collision. Both the semi-truck farm tractor and truck were seized and identified by police as the driver.

A Canadian trucker blocking the border near Coutts, Alberta

An Alberta trucker from Canada blocks the border at Coutts

The Coutts protest, which lasted a week, was costing the country CA $48 million a day in lost trade, the finance minister said

Coutts’ protest, which was over for one week, cost the country CA $48 millions per day in lost trade. The finance minister stated

Unrest in Alberta occurred as 1,750 miles distant in Ontario. Police were working also to preserve the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Michigan, and Detroit.

On Monday afternoon, Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said the border blockade in Coutts, is disrupting CA $48 million ($37m) daily in international trade. 

The Emerson, Manitoba, border block costs CA $73 million a day, while the blockade at the Ambassador bridge costs CA $390 million a day. 

The protesters were expelled on Saturday morning. Police are currently patrolling the area in an effort to stop the reformation.

Although the Emerson bridge was open at times, it took a while to get there.