Unemployment tribunal hears that the veteran care home manager was dismissed for not attending a lockdown event, just one day after Boris Johnson had allegedly been at a packed Downing Street leaving party. 

Selina Taylor, a junior member of staff at Bamford Close in Stockport Greater Manchester, broke Covid rules when she went to an event with six other members of staff to celebrate one their birthdays.

Miss Taylor worked in the care home for fifteen years. She later apologized and said it was stupid of her to go to a party hosted by a friend. After a thorough disciplinary investigation, Miss Taylor was fired.

She later launched legal action against Borough Homes, claiming she was unfairly dismissed, but an An employment tribunal has thrown out the claim.

This get-together was held just one day after Cleo Watson, top Downing Street aide, is charged with going to a busy leave do.

There are reports that people at the party were drunken and Johnson spoke. Senior civil servant Sue Gray is investigating.

He has repeatedly denied that he violated coronavirus rules. In the run-up to Christmas in 2020, there were many people involved.

Selina Taylor breached Covid rules in November 2020 by going to a gathering with six junior members of her staff from Bamford Close care home in Stockport

Selina Taylor broke Covid rules by attending a meeting with six members of her junior staff at Bamford Close in Stockport.

UK became entrapped in a second nationwide lockdown on November 20, 2020. The Government imposed strict rules that prohibited indoor gatherings. 

A tribunal ruled that Miss Taylor had been employed by Borough Homes. Borough Homes runs 11 homes for vulnerable people in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Miss Taylor was a manager of Bamford Close Stockport and had a clean history. In November 2020 she was going on an annual leave and Pat Renshaw, her care assistant, invited Miss Taylor to the party.

But Miss Taylor was captured at the event on a Snapchat clip that night.

According to a tribunal report, “On Monday, November 30, Borough Homes received an electronic mail containing a video attachment about a party.”

“The staff were seen dancing in close contact and the video has been shared online. It was clearly visible that Miss Taylor was there.

“It was obvious from the footage that the event wasn’t a party without social ditancing, and without PPE.”

Miss Taylor was not notified her bosses and did not test for Covid-19 upon their return to work. She was later investigated.

Questioned about why she hadn’t stopped the party she stated that she had been told there would only be two people enjoying a curry. She also claimed she went to their house to “spy” on them.

The get-together, held on November 28, 2020, was just a day after the Prime Minister is accused of going to a busy leaving do for top Downing Street aide Cleo Watson. Reports suggest that at the party - now thought to be under investigation by senior civil servant Sue Gray - people were drinking and Johnson gave a speech. The Prime Minister has denied breaking any coronavirus rules

On November 28th 2020, the get-together took place just days after Cleo, the top Downing Street aid, was charged with going to a busy letting do. Senior civil servant Sue Gray is currently investigating reports that people were drinking while Johnson spoke at the party. The Prime Minister denies breaking coronavirus laws.

The woman claimed that she took her mask off while drinking, and put it back on afterward. However, the tribunal discovered the video does not show any masks and there is no evidence of social ditancing.

Miss Taylor stated that she was in a workplace bubble with six of her coworkers, and that curiosity took over and she left for only a brief time.

Four days following a Christmas party at Downing Street that saw Miss Taylor thrown out, Miss Taylor was dismissed by the government on 22 December. This occurred after Allegra Ston, No. 10, resigned.

Borough Homes stated that Taylor’s conduct had brought down the company. Miss Taylor admitted the party, but put residents at risk. However, she said that they were at greater risk each day.

Borough Homes has been sued by Miss Taylor for unfair dismissal.

But, she was fired from her job in Liverpool.

Liz Ord, Employment Judge said that Miss Taylor had violated the Government’s guidelines and Borough Home’s infected control practices for no good reason.

‘Furthermore she was present at the party for support, even though it was only for a moment, to more junior staff during their breaches.

“Participants were found to have interacted in close proximity and had not worn PPE, which further aggravated the problem and increased the danger.

Miss Taylor could have led by example and participated with her junior colleagues.

“She should have stopped the party from happening under the circumstances.”

“The party therefore put at unnecessary risk the lives of elderly vulnerable people, and Miss Taylor’s statement that they were at high risk was reckless and uncharacteristic of someone in her seniority and authority.