After losing her job, a 36-year-old care worker posts an emotional video. She refused to be vaccinated in order to safeguard the patients she was caring for.

  • Louise Akester, a nurse at the NHS Alderson House in Hull was dismissed
  • According to government requirements, care workers have to be twice jabbed starting November 11.  
  • The video shows the 36-year old crying as she says, “This is so unfair. It’s so emotionally.” 

A nurse in the NHS was dismissed after refusing to receive vaccination against Covid-19. She posted an emotional video of her final shift.

Louise Akester (36) had her contract ended with NHS Alderson House Hull because the government required all caregivers to be double-jabbed beginning November 11.

Care workers working in adult care homes must receive two doses of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Although she has been in care for fourteen years, she refused to get vaccinated despite the government’s new rule. 

Ms Akester, 36, posted the emotional video just minutes after finishing her final shift at Alderson House in Hull

In the video she says: 'I just can't believe what the bloody government is doing to us, I just don't get it, I just don't understand'

Louise Akester (36), was fired due to government regulations that, starting November 11, all adult care home workers who don’t have medical exemptions must be double jabbed.

Speaking within minutes of finishing her last shift, Ms Akester says in the video: That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, saying goodbye to everybody, all the people that I’ve cared for, for so long, the people I’ve worked with.

“It has been so emotional that this seems unfair.

“I can’t believe the government’s actions, it’s just beyond comprehension.

Covid vaccines are set to be compulsory for social care workers from November 11. Pictured above is care home worker Louise Akester, 36, from Hull, who made an emotional video as she finished her final shift at Alderson House care home

Social care workers will be required to have covid vaccinations starting November 11. Above is Louise Akester (36-year-old care home worker from Hull) who posted an emotion video after finishing her last shift at Alderson House.

The above graph shows the proportion of staff working in care homes for the over-65s who have received their first and second doses of the vaccine. It reveals that there was no sharp surge in uptake when the jabs were made compulsory

Below is a graph showing the number of people who were vaccinated in the care homes of over 65s. This graph shows there wasn’t a sudden increase in vaccine uptake after the mandatory jabs became available.

Some 100,000 NHS workers are yet to get at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, figures show. The above graph shows the percentage that have got their first dose (blue line) and the percentage that have got both doses (orange line)

According to figures, around 100,000 NHS workers have not received at least one dose. This graph displays the percentage of people who received the first dose (blue lines) and percentages that got the second dose (orange lines).

Although the worker was reluctant to have her vaccines, it was a requirement of her job. However, she tested for Covid at least three times per week, used PPE, and followed “all recommendations relating to infection control.”

Ms Akester claims that the current situation is unfair because both care home residents as well as their visitors don’t have to be immunized by the government.

While she stated that she wouldn’t rule out getting the vaccine at some point in the near future, it is not something she wants to do now. 

She claims she spoke on behalf of the approximately 40,000 English care home workers who will be losing their jobs in November, according to her 36-year-old self.

Louise last week said, “I have been overwhelmed by messages of support.

“They were contacted all across the nation, not just Hull.  

“Someone in Hull wants to meet up and exchange notes about our experiences.”

“It’s comforting to know I’m not the only person in this situation.

“I wish that we could share something better, but this is how it is.”