Unemployment tribunal heard that a woman working in a care facility was fired after drawing facial hair over pictures of her female bosses.

Naomi Bodis destroyed publicly visible photographs of Paula Craen, manager of Compton House in West Sussex and Susan Jones, deputy manager. She was unhappy with the Christmas gift bags that were given to employees at Compton House’s care home.

The Hungarian wrote a note complaining that the gifts were ‘cheap’ and were from Aldi, not Marks & Spencer, and poured a reed oil diffuser over Mrs Craen’s office, the tribunal was told.

Following an investigation into Ms. Bodis, a trustee checked the handwriting of all staff members to find out who she was.

Then, she made unfounded accusations against her bosses as well as her colleagues. She claimed that her bosses had discriminated against her race and called her mad.

A tribunal for employment dismissed most of her claims. These included unfair dismissal, discrimination on the basis of disability, discrimination on the basis of race, and wrongful termination.

Paula Crean and Susan Jones (pictured together, above) had their photographs defaced and office at Compton House Christian care home in West Sussex vandalised by former employee Naomi Bodis

Paula Crean, Susan Jones (pictured below together) saw their photos altered and the office of Compton House Christian Care Home in West Sussex vandalized. This was done by Naomi Bodis, a former employee.

Ms Bodis worked at Compton House in Lindfield, West Sussex (pictured above) as a domestic assistant and activities coordinator

As a domestic assistant, and as an activities coordinator at Compton House in Lindfield (West Sussex), Ms Bodis was employed by Compton House.

As a domestic assistant, and as an activities coordinator, Ms. Bodis was employed at Compton House, Lindfield, West Sussex.

Tribunal heard from the caregivers that there were a variety of strange incidents at the home starting in October 2018. These included paper towels being thrown down by staff, display damage and information being taken out.

Mrs Craen was alerted in December 2018 to the fact that CQC reports had been kept in a quiet area and were soaked in water. The reports were printed twice and the same happened twice.

Ms. Craen was confronted by an unpleasant smell on Christmas Day when she entered her office. This resulted from the oil in a reed diffuser that had been spilled over her desk, keyboard and radiator.

Tribunal heard that the smell was so bad, the radiator and computer keyboard had to be changed.

Later in that month, a poster meant for staff was damaged.

Original text read “Happy Holidays to All Staff” Please make sure you collect your Christmas gift bags’ but the poster now read ‘Happy Christmas to all staff from Aldi before from M&S now change Aldi after Please make sure you collect your Christmas gift bags’.

A pointed arrow was also pointed at Mrs Craen’s name on the poster. This was thought to be a criticism about the quality of Christmas bags that were given to employees.

It was discovered that Mrs Craen’s and Mrs Jones’ photos had been altered by adding facial hair to them in January 2019. 

They were referred to by the tribunal as having been ‘upset’. The photos were then replaced but defaced once more.

The Hungarian wrote a note complaining that the gifts were 'cheap' and were from Aldi, not Marks & Spencer, and poured a reed oil diffuser over Paula Craen's (pictured) office, the tribunal was told

The Hungarian wrote a note complaining that the gifts were ‘cheap’ and were from Aldi, not Marks & Spencer, and poured a reed oil diffuser over Paula Craen’s (pictured) office, the tribunal was told

On February 19, 2019, Mrs Craen received a handwritten note saying “you can use these luxury items in your own house”. The paper towel contained a note that stated, “You can use these luxuries inside your home.”

A care home investigation found that Ms Bodin had been on duty during all instances.

After staff interviews, it was revealed that Ms Bodin’s photo had been altered by a photograph of a cat.

Bosses however ruled it was likely that Ms Bodin did this to draw attention away.

Her handwriting was also consistent with the notes that were attached to the Christmas poster, reed diffuser and other items.

Bodin claimed that she heard her colleagues say that she was mentally ill and mad when Ms Bodin was interview.

Also, she claimed that she had heard Mrs Craen tell her “now she’s married” why she didn’t go back to Hungary to find work. She claimed that many foreigners come here to cause trouble, but both the care home as well the tribunal denied her claims.

In March Ms Bodin was dismissed and then suspended.

Tim Smith, employment judge, said that the Registered Manager, who had received an Outstanding Grade from CQC, felt so affected she considered resigning… Other employees were also affected as they were allegedly walking on eggshells because of the atmosphere.

“On the balance between probabilities [Ms Bodin]Her own photo was also defaced. She was also likely to have defaced two other photographs. She appeared to have done this in an attempt to get attention from the other photos. [her]This pointed to guilt.

“No unexpected or unusual incidents took place after.” [she]The suspension was lifted.

All claims by Ms. Bodin of unjust and wrongful termination, and claims of discrimination racial or disability were dismissed.

While her claim of not making reasonable adjustments was mostly denied, one of the elements she won was that she should be informed in writing about the accusations against her prior to the investigation.

If any compensation is owed, it will be determined at a subsequent hearing.