The First Dates viewer were shocked at how a woman who didn’t pay the bill for her man before she walked away was so rude.

Macy, a recruitment consultant from Barnsley aged 21, appeared last night on Channel 4 as she set up a date for Sam, a Rotherham electrician, on ‘Recruitment Consultants.

They seemed to be a couple, and Sam paid the entire bill at the end. Macy then admitted that she did not like him and would never want to go back to him.

She was astonished at the reaction of many, including one observer who wrote: “She didn’t like him and won’t see him again. However, she allowed him to pay all the bill.” This is unkind, in my view.

Recruitment consultant Macy, 21, from Barnsley, appeared on the Channel 4 programme First Dates last night as she was set-up with electrician Sam, 25, from Rotherham

Macy, 21 years old, is a recruitment consultant in Barnsley. She was set-up by Sam Rotherham, 25.

One wrote, “Have you to say? I find it extremely rude to allow the other person to pay the bill even though they have no plans to see me again.” 

Ahead of the date, Macy said: ‘My dating life has just  been a complete and utter disaster. 

“Every boy, every man is the same” – This statement doesn’t hold true for men. I’m sure they’re different, but there’s some great ones. They just don’t exist yet.

She stated that they don’t want their heads “stuck on”. She said, “I am looking for someone who wants to be loved and has a good relationship.”  

Many viewers were left gobsmacked by Macy's behaviour and declared she was 'incredibly rude' behaviour for allowing Sam to pay the bill before she dumped him

Macy’s rude behavior shocked many viewers. 

Elle confessed that she is attracted to men in ‘tracksuits and chain’, and added: “I am always into the work trouser with paint all over it and scruffy. You just need to get the screwdriver and you’ll find me drooling.

Sam was her partner in crime, and she said that Santa would bring Sam the love of his life, which would have been absolutely incredible.

“I am looking for someone who is friendly and loud like me. A big smile and good pair of eyes are what I like.

Macy replied, “I don’t believe you’re from this close!”

The two appeared to hit it off on the date, with Macy telling Sam her dating life was 'a disaster' and she would often go for 'the wrong guy'

Both Macy and Sam seemed to like each other on their date. Macy told Sam that her relationship was “a disaster” and that she often chose the wrong man.

After taking a place at the table, both were given an appetizer and a second drink. 

Macy told him that it was attractive to her when a man looked right scruffy.

She said to him, “I am a bad guy and I do like the guys who are not as nice as me.” Then, they fall for me and are like “Nah! I’m no interest.”

“The boys who I had seen before have been totally rubbish. I try to be the best I can and make them look good when I go out. Although I would rather not care about what other boys think, I just can’t help but to. 

Ryan explained to her that Ryan had not been a good friend in the past. It was an unfortunate thing that I was so young and stupid. Because I cheated, my last relationship ended. It was embarrassing.

Meanwhile Sam explained how he had been going to therapy after his last relationship ended when he cheated on his partner

Sam shared with us how therapy helped him after his previous relationship was ended. He had cheated on his girlfriend. 

“I felt lost and confused in my head, it took me a whole year to realize that that is not how you treat a partner in a relationship. No one should be treated like that.” It has been nice to come to terms with myself.

Macy said: ‘As sh** as it is, it’s good that you know you did do something wrong.’

He explained that he had spoken to another person and was unable to accept the love of his life. I could not cry for 10 years because I felt so empty of emotion. It is only recently that I have started to blush at all things.  

She told him she didn’t want to see him again after the meal ended.

As the bill arrived, Sam paid the full bill, with Macy thanking him - before telling the cameras she didn't fancy him and wouldn't see him again

Sam paid his full bill as soon as it was received by Macy. Macy then thanked Sam and told the cameras, “I don’t like Sam” that she wouldn’t be seeing him again. 

She stated that she really appreciated him telling me this, and it was an adult thing to do.

“But, I have always had in my mind that once you cheat, it is always cheat.”

She added: ‘I don’t even know whether to give him a chance because of how nice he is. He should have another chance. 

As they spoke, she said to him that she thought he was a very nice man but it had some issues and would have been better to be friends.

He stated, “This is very mortifying.” It’s truely hilarious, and people who don’t see that aren’t right with themselves.  

Many of those watching said they felt she had behaved badly on the date, with one saying:  ‘If you don’t want another date with them than go halves on the bill at least.’ 

Another comment: “Independent women you say yes?” Let’s wait and see what the bill says.