Carlos Marin, Il Divo’s singer, was given a vaccine against Covid in Mexico this year after he died from a Covid-related infection. 

On December 7, the 53-year-old became ill during a tour of the UK. He was told by his agent that he had not been immunized but that he tested positive for the disease.

After his oxygen supply had been ‘compromised,’ he was transported to Manchester Royal Infirmary. He was then placed in an induced state and connected to breathing apparatuses. The exact time of his death is unknown.

Carlos later died, with bandmates Urs Buhler, David Miller, and Sebastien Izambard confirming the news on Twitter Sunday, saying: ‘There will never be another voice or spirit like Carlos’.

Simon Cowell put Il Divo together after an international talent hunt.

“Carlos Marin is gone. He lived for the joy of life. He enjoyed performing and had great appreciation for all the supporters who supported them from day one. Carlos, Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

Carlos’ last vaccination date, the number of doses received, and what type of jab were are not known.

Mexico has given away more than half the 205 million shots. However, significant minority groups have received Russian and Chinese shots.   

Il Divo star Carlos Marin has died in hospital after his life support machine was turned off following a Covid battle

After a Covid fight, Carlos Marin from Il Divo has been admitted to hospital and died.

Il Divo's concert in Bath on December 6 was the last time Mr Marín (right) was seen on stage

Il Divo’s concert in Bath on December 6 was the last time Mr Marín (right) was seen on stage

Simon Cowell, who put Il Divo together in 2003 after a talent search, led tributes to Carlos today - saying: 'I will miss you'

Simon Cowell, the man who assembled Il Divo after a talent-search, paid tribute to Carlos today, saying “I will miss your”

The group are considered the pioneers of operatic pop, or popera, and their live concerts have sold more than two million tickets worldwide (Marin pictured right in 2019)

This group is considered to be the first in operatic pop (or popera) and more than 2 million tickets have been sold worldwide. Marin is shown right in 2019.

On the Il Divo twitter feed, his friends wrote: “It’s with heavy hearts that I have to inform you of Carlos Marin’s passing. 

He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and fans. Carlos is the only voice and spirit that will ever be heard.

“For 17 years we have all been traveling together along the amazing journey of Il Divo, and it will be a great loss to our friend. His beautiful soul should rest in peace, we pray. From David, Sebastien, and Urs.   

Lorraine Kelly, who led tributes to the deceased, said that it was so deeply sad. Over the years, I was privileged to interview Carlos and @ildivoofficial several times. 

“He was such an example of class. Thoughts to all who loved him. 

Bruno Tonioli (Strictly come Dancing judge) added, “Devastated @ildivoofficial @carlosmarin_ died.”

“We had the most amazing time creating the first @ildivoofficial concert 17 years ago. Great voice, great man. A true passion Spirit with wicked senses of humor. We will be sorely missing you. 

Baritone Marin has been an Il Divo star since 2003 when the band was founded. They have sold more than 30,000,000 copies of their albums all over the globe. 

They are considered to be the founders of operatic pop or “popera” and have sold over two million tickets in live performances around the world.

Simon Cowell created Il Divo after creating a quartet of international classical singers inspired and motivated by the opera group The Three Tenors. 

Before his death, Il Divo had said they were ‘hoping and praying’ for Marín after the group were forced to cancel their UK tour.  

According to his agent, Geraldine Larrosa, Geraldine’s ex-wife was present at the hospital. Although they split 12 years ago, they are still great friends. 

They were due to appear together on TVE1 New Year’s Eve. 

French-born Geraldine Larrosa (better known as Innocence) had recorded a cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody with Marin for a Spanish TV special.  

The band also performed in Southend and Bournemouth, where they are pictured on December 4

They also played in Southend, Bournemouth and where they were pictured on December 4, 2005. 

Il Divo star Carlos Marín - pictured with his ex wife Geraldine Larrosa (stage name Innocence) had been placed in an induced coma after being admitted to hospital

Il Divo star Carlos Marín – pictured with his ex wife Geraldine Larrosa (stage name Innocence) had been placed in an induced coma after being admitted to hospital

Marin was born in Germany 1968, but was brought up in Spain. He recorded his first album when he was just eight years of age.

He was an active participant in several Spanish singing competitions, and often performed live on TV.

The star then appeared in musicals such as Les Miserables, Grease and The Nightmare Before Christmas. He also sang in the Spanish version Cinderella before joining Il Divo.

He shared an earlier selfie video taken from a Maspalomas pool, Gran Canaria to promote Il Divo’s last leg. 

He then performed in Southend, Bournemouth and Brighton – when he posted an aInstagram video which showed him looking healthy while talking enthusiastically about the upcoming performance.

Il Divo’s concert in Bath on December 6 was the last time he was seen on stage and he was admitted to hospital two days later, El Espanol reported. 

The gigs in Hull, Nottingham and Nottingham were cancelled and Il Divo declared that all future shows would be postponed to 2022. 

He split from the 44-year-old three years later, but they remained friends and had been seen attending events together (including this concert in Madrid)

The 44-year old split with him three years later but they were still close friends. They had even been seen together at this Madrid concert.  

Mr Marin had been a star of Il Divo since its inception in 2003, and sold over 30 million copies of their albums worldwide

Since 2003 Il Divo’s inception, Mr Marin has been the star of Il Divo. He sold more than 30,000,000 copies of his albums around the world.

The singer is pictured second left with L-R David Miller, Urs Buhler and Sebastien Izambard in 2019

The singer is pictured second left with L-R David Miller, Urs Buhler and Sebastien Izambard in 2019

It comes just days after Il Divo announced they'd postponed their remaining UK tour dates until 2022 due to 'illness'

This comes days after Il Divo had announced that they would postpone their remaining UK tours dates to 2022 because of ‘illness.

Il Divo announced that their tour was suspended by tweeting: “Unfortunately due to illness, Il Divo’s remaining dates for Il Divo’s December 2021 UK Tour have been delayed until December 2022.” 

“Il Divo” is deeply sorry for their fans. However, they look forward to getting back on the road next year. 

Il Divo – which means ‘star’ in Italian – had been scheduled to perform two festive European shows, one in Lisbon and another in La Coruña, and the latter show was recently postponed until July 15, 2022. 

Last month a 72-year-old woman from Barcelona was convicted of coercion and fined €60 for sending Mr Marín explicit and threatening letters.

The woman – named only as Rosa – was also given a six-month restraining order preventing her from coming within 500metres of Mr Marín. 

His lawyer filed an appeal against the lightness of her sentence, noting he’d had to change his ‘work and life habits’, The Olive Press reported.  

A female fan of Il Divo is reported to have developed a “platonic love” for him before making offensive calls to his production company, and turning her venom against the 53-year old.

Following a written court judgment, she made detailed sexual propositions based on sadomasochistic techniques and sent them ‘threatening, offensive messages’. 

One time, she called the singer’s aids more than a dozen times per day. According to legend, the woman in the middle of this extraordinary case posed as Carlos’s businesswoman and started sending the vulgar letters after she was turned down. 

According to her lawyer, the harassment by Il Divo singer had caused him to have trouble sleeping and to feel emotional stress. He even feared leaving his house. 

Rosa’s defense team claimed that Rosa suffered from a mental disorder before her conviction, but the judge denied their claims. 

Madrid saw the trial that resulted in the conviction in September.