A mother was horrified when warts started growing on her forearm tattoo – that had to be burned off.

Jade Harvey (21), thought it was a simple skin reaction that she experienced when her ink snake grew out of her body.

When they continued to grow, she ran to see the doctor. She was then told that liquid nitrogen would be used to burn them off.

Jade, a Cape Coral resident, Florida said that it looked unlike anything she had seen. The skin reaction was probably due to pregnancy.

Jade Harvey noticed warts growing on her tattoo earlier this year after getting it applied next to a pre-existing wart

Jade Harvey observed warts on her tattoo in January after she had it placed next to a previously-existing wart. 

The boils continued to get larger, but as they didn't hurt or irritate her too much, and with some reassurance from her midwife, Jade left them alone

Jade was reassured by her midwife that the boils wouldn’t get worse and she didn’t feel any discomfort.

“Be cautious where you get tattoos!”

Pre-existing conditions such as boils or pregnancy hormones may lead to warts spreading onto tattoos.

Jade doesn’t yet know the exact cause of her breakout.

Her tattoo was done on an impulse in June 2020.

The treatment didn't work first time around and she had to go back for another session the following month

 The treatment didn’t work first time around and she had to go back for another session the following month

Jade noticed the bumps forming on her tattoo shortly after getting pregnant with Ella in December 2020

Jade saw the bumps on Ella’s tattoos shortly after she became pregnant in December 2020.

The image of the snake was online and she requested that it be drawn to look like it would wrap around her arm. This cost $150.

The two-hour mark was up and she was satisfied with her ink. However, it had been used close to a wart that was near her wrist.

“We never discussed it” – I knew that the wart existed, I knew [the tattoo artist]”I saw it. But he never spoke of anything,” she stated.

Boxing Day the following year, she noticed that her boobs were becoming sore and began peeing often. So she decided to have a test to confirm her pregnancy.

She gave birth to her first daughter Ella Spring Harvey on September 2, but even after that the warts still didn't disappear

Ella Spring Harvey was her firstborn child. But the warts didn’t cease even after she gave birth on September 2nd.

Warts can spread onto tattoos that are done near pre-existing boils, with pregnancy hormones exacerbating the condition but Jade still doesn't know what exactly caused her breakout.

Pre-existing boils may lead to warts. However, Jade isn’t sure what caused the outbreak.

Jade is a Target employee.

“I was scared, but I told my family and they were supportive.”

The bump continued to grow until her first year of tattooing, when she began to notice warts at the tail.

“I thought that the sun caused my tattoo to flash up, so I was at the pool,” she said.

Her bump continued to grow normally, until, almost exactly a year after getting it, she started noticing warts growing on the tail of her tattoo

She continued growing her bump until she noticed warts on her tail almost exactly one year later.

After getting her tattoo Jade was happy with her new ink, but noticed it had been done close to a pre-existing wart near her wrist

Jade felt happy after getting her tattoo. But, it was too close to a wart that she had on her wrist.

Jade opted to have her warts burned off rather than use a cream on her skin, as sh was breastfeeding her baby at the time

Jade chose to burn her warts rather than apply a cream, because she was nursing her baby.

Jade let the boils grow larger. However, they were not painful or irritating her.

Ella Spring Harvey was her firstborn child. However, the warts did not disappear even after she gave birth on September 2.

The doctor told her she needed to have the cysts removed using either a cream, or burnt.

She was nursing and didn’t feel the need to use cream so she decided to burn them with liquid nitrogen.

She said, “It felt as if she were torching my skin!” She said. “It was like I had a torch or was holding dry ice. It was not enjoyable!”

Because her lumps would not go, she was forced to come back to the session for the next month.

Her story was shared on TikTok, where it has been almost 200,000 times.

Jade stated, ‘Be cautious about who and where you visit and get tattoos. Avoid places near warts. Don’t let your emotions drive you.