After 11 days of running with Vicky White, Casey White arrived at Lauderdale County Courthouse to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Vicky White, 56 years old, was killed by a gunshot wound she had self-inflicted. After being chased off the roadway by police, she pulled the trigger in the wreckage of the vehicle in which Casey White and Vicky White were travelling. witnessed the 38-year old shuffle into court just before 10 pm. White had chains around his wrists and waist, and was securely bound to his ankles.

He only spoke to Judge Ben Graves to assure him that he received the proper counsel when he was accused of escape in first degree.

He now has another charge against him, this time a capital murder accusation.

As White sat in front of the courtroom’s small audience, his yellow Vanderburgh County Correctional Facility shirt and trousers were visible.

This was White’s only sign of injury in the crash, which ended White’s 11-day stint on the run with Vicky White (56), his co-conspirator.

Sheriff deputies led White into Lauderdale County Courthouse’s back. Waiting press asked him questions that he refused to answer.

If he was asked whether he feels any regret for Vicky’s death, a question he didn’t answer: ‘Casey did Vicky White shoot?’

Casey White is seen on Tuesday evening in court in Florence, Alabama

Casey White can be seen Tuesday night in Florence Court, Alabama

The 38-year-old did not react on Tuesday night when reporters shouted questions, asking him if he felt remorse for Vicky's death

When reporters shouted at him Tuesday night asking him about Vicky’s murder, the 38-year-old didn’t respond.

Casey White is seen on Tuesday night being led out of court after appearing before a judge

Casey White was seen being taken out of court on Tuesday evening after appearing in front of a judge

White was still on Tuesday wearing the yellow outfit from Vanderburgh County Correctional Facility in Indiana, where he spent Monday afternoon after his arrest

White was still on Tuesday wearing the yellow outfit from Vanderburgh County Correctional Facility in Indiana, where he spent Monday afternoon after his arrest

With his arms and legs in shackles, White walks out of the courtroom on Tuesday night

White, his legs and arms bound in chains, walks out of courtroom Tuesday night

Casey White was serving a 75-year sentence for multiple crimes when he confessed to a 2015 murder. Vicky White, who said she was taking him for a mental health evaluation, ran away with him on April 29

Casey White was already serving 75 years for multiple offenses when he confessed that he had been a victim of a 2015 crime. Vicky White ran off with Casey White on April 29, claiming she was going to take him for a mental evaluation.

Casey White, who is 6ft 9 tall, is seen towering over the guards in Alabama

Casey White (6ft 9 inches tall) towers over Alabama’s guards

Casey White, who faces a possible death sentence if convicted of a 2015 murder, had additional charges of fleeing added to his rap sheet on Tuesday

Casey White faces the death penalty if convicted for 2015 murder. On Tuesday, he was charged with fleeing.

He showed no emotion during his court appearance in Alabama - the state he ran from on April 29

Alabama, the state from which he fled on April 29, was his only courtroom appearance. He displayed no emotion.

Casey White's accomplice, Vicky White, is believed to have been planning the escape for some time - selling her house, submitting her retirement, and then telling colleagues she was feeling unwell and would go to the doctors that afternoon

Vicky White (vicky’s accomplice in Casey White’s escape plan) is thought to have planned the escape since a while. Vicky White sold her house and submitted her retirement. Vicky then told her colleagues that she felt sick and would visit the doctor the next day.

White will be held in prison rather than jail, to prevent him trying to flee once again

White will spend time in prison, not jail to keep him from fleeing once more.

Vicky died from a gunshot injury on Monday in Evansville. Vicky was killed just moments after Vicky’s car was driven off the road into a ditch.

Attorneys for White informed the court that they will be filing a motion for a change of venue for White’s forthcoming trial for the murder of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway – allegedly stabbed to death by White.

White admitted to the crime, saying he was paid by the company for the horrible act.

White’s lawyer stated that his client requested the trial be continued against his will.

His appearance came as new dashboard and body camera footage from Indiana showed the dramatic moment that Alabama fugitive Casey White was taken into custody and the body of his corrections officer accomplice dragged dying from their car on Monday.

On Monday, she died from an accidental gunshot wound. However, she spoke with 911 dispatchers shortly before her death. 

Vicky White, who was listening to officers close in on their vehicle, could be heard saying “Airbags going off.” We need to get off the road.

Then, other officers come and tell her that she’s still breathing. 

“We heard her saying that she was holding the trigger,” a dispatcher for 911 in Indiana released audio.

Initial confusion led them to believe that Casey White had taken his own life. They then asked for a negotiator. They don’t require a negotiator, a second voice tells them.

Casey White is first pulled out of the wrecked vehicle by his arms. The officers kneel over him and handcuff him before dragging him out of the car towards another cruiser.

While his denim shirt has been ripped in places, his black sunglasses remain on his head. The doctor checks him and then he wrestles to the floor. 

Vicky White is then described by officers as “unresponsive”.

As police approach the car, one officer says: ‘We need to clear some of this s***’ to get to her.’

He wants to know if anyone has a long stick. 

An additional officer kneels beside the vehicle and says, “She has her gun still in her hand.” 

Another adds, “She is still breathing.” She can be seen rising from her chest. Keep your finger on the trigger. It is possible to pull the trigger once more. 

After many minutes of conversation, Vicky White is finally freed by the officer who reaches for Vicky White’s gun. She is then pulled from her car with her hands. They then lay her on the road.

Casey White, 38, is seen in dashboard camera footage released by police in Indiana being taken into custody on Monday

Casey White (38), is captured in the dashboard camera footage that Indiana police released. He was taken into custody Monday

The police released a third video that showed the couple searching for a Ford truck. They abandoned it before they switched to their Cadillac.

A police officer checks the car, and then informs his colleague that there isn’t any paperwork. Some trash and some Glock magazines loaders. 

He added, “It’s strange.” 

The pair were carrying $29,000 in cash, four handguns and an AR-15 rifle and were prepared for a shootout when they were captured, an Indiana sheriff said on Tuesday.

Authorities were left trying to figure out what had happened over the eleven days Vicky White took Casey White from Florence, Alabama jail, for what Vicky White claimed was a mental-health evaluation.

Also, she shared with her coworkers that it was feeling ill. She planned to visit a doctor afterwards. 

The two weren’t discovered until 3.30pm. 

Alabama officials said that Vicky White and the inmate appeared to have been involved in a “jailhouse romance”, as reported by authorities last week. They weren’t related.

The sheriff stated that he was not forcing her to escape. They had a mutual relationship.

Casey White can be seen looking over his shoulder, as Vicky White lay dying in the car

Casey White can seen peering out from his side as Vicky White was dying inside the car.

Casey White, in the white t-shirt, was serving a 75-year prison sentence for attempted murder and other offenses when he fled. He was also awaiting trial on charges of stabbing a woman to death during a 2015 burglary

Casey White in the white shirt was currently serving a sentence of 75 years imprisonment for attempted murder. In 2015, he was being tried on stabbing charges against a woman.

Casey White, with his hands cuffed behind him, is marched towards the police cruiser - his crashed black car in the ditch behind him

Casey White is led towards the police cruiser, his black, crashed car still in the ditch behind.

The escaped prisoner, standing 6ft 9 tall, towers over the Indiana officers

Standing 6ft 9 inches tall, the escaped prisoner towers above Indiana officers

Both Casey and Vicky White had multiple changes of clothes and wigs with them when they were caught

Vicky White and Casey White both had several wigs and clothes with them at the time they were captured

The wanted man is seen being wrestled to the ground by Indiana law enforcement on Monday afternoon

Indiana law enforcement wrestles the wanted man down on Monday afternoon

Casey White is just visible beneath the hood of the police car, as sheriffs wrestle him to the ground

Casey White, just visible under the hood the police car as sheriffs wrestle to the floor

Vandenburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, right, refers to a photograph during a press conference in Evansville, Indiana on Tuesday

Vandenburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding (right) refers at a photo during a press conference that took place in Evansville on Tuesday

These are all of the weapons the couple had in their Cadillac when they were rammed into a ditch by police on Monday

They were all in the Cadillac that the couple was driving when police rammed them into a ditch on Monday. 

The couple had just $29,000 of the $90,000 Vicky had withdrawn when they were caught on Monday

They had only $29,000 left of Vicky’s $90,000 when Vicky was seized on Monday

Casey White was in 75 year prison for attempted murder. At the time the breakout occurred, he was still awaiting his trial on the charges of stabbing an innocent woman during a 2015 break-in. 

Casey White is seen in his mugshot, taken on Monday after he was recaptured

Casey White in his Monday mugshot taken after he was captured 

A conviction could lead to the death penalty.

According to investigators, the couple stayed for six days at Evansville’s motel. 

The wigs were intended to cover the identities of those wearing them, according to authorities. 

Dave Wedding, Vandenburgh County sheriff, stated that investigators don’t believe they had any relatives in the 120,000-person city.

They thought they had driven too long. The sheriff stated that they wanted to slow down, get to grips with their surroundings, and then find the next destination.

After a manager at a carwash reported that Casey White, 6-foot-9 and 260-pounds had been captured by a surveillance camera exiting a pickup truck, authorities closed the door on White.

Investigators discovered the pickup and then realized that the couple may have changed to a Cadillac. The Cadillac was later spotted near a motel. 

They arrived in Evansville, Indiana on May 3. A local man helped them.

Paul Shaw from Motel 41 said exclusively to “They stayed at a place that was not in their names. The room was rented by someone else and the guests were allowed to check in.

Motel 41 manager Paul Shaw told the runaway couple was staying in a room booked under a third party's name

Paul Shaw, Motel 41’s manager, stated that the couple were staying in a private room under the name of a third-party.

The stub was signed by a “local man” with an ID. 

‘I never saw them – I wish I had – but they stayed in the room.’

Shaw says that people come and go, but we lose track. visited a two-story hotel on Tuesday to find that few cars were parked in the lot.

Rooms are all accessed independently by exterior doors and guests need never walk through the small reception area except to use the vending machine or to check in – a process that White and Vicky avoided.

The police are able to provide all information, including the ID. Shaw stated that they were present and had spoken with everyone. 

Shaw is an electrician by trade and said that he worked the morning shift. He never saw Vicky or White, who police claim tried to cover herself up with various red and blonde hair wigs.

Police chased the couple out of the motel after they left, according to authorities.

The pair were caught Monday afternoon after leading US Marshals on a car chase that lasted 'less than a few minutes'. They had been in Evansville, Indiana, since May 3

After leading US Marshals in a short car chase lasting ‘less than five minutes,’ the pair was caught on Monday. The pair had been together in Evansville since May 3.

Sheriffs in Indiana are seen investigating the crumpled wreck of the car, in which Vicky White killed herself

Indiana Sheriffs are seen looking into the wreckage of Vicky White’s car. Vicky White was killed in the accident.

A police officer is seen reaching inside the vehicle, to prize the gun from Vicky White's hand

An officer from the police is seen entering the car to take Vicky White’s gun.

Sheriffs are seen pulling Vicky White, 56, from the car

Vicky White, 56 years old, is pulled out of the car by herriffs

Vicky White is dragged out of the car by her arms

Vicky White was laid on the grass beside the wreck

Vicky White was lifted out of her car and laid down on the lawn beside the wreck.

The 56-year-old corrections officer was due to retire on the day she absconded with the suspected murderer

She was 56 years old and due to retire the day after she ran off with the murder suspect

The two were found 219 miles away from the jail they left in Alabama on April 29. The manhunt spanned three different states

They were 219 miles from their Alabama jail where they had been held since April 29, when the two men were arrested. They were found 219 miles away from the Alabama jail they left on April 29.

The pair were staying in room 150 on the ground level of the motel, where accommodation costs about $44 a night not including a $25 cash deposit required upon booking

Both were in the 150th floor room of the motel. The accommodation is approximately $44/night and includes a $25 cash deposit upon booking.

Timeline of Vicky White’s and Casey White’s Escape

April 18,Vicky White, Jail Guard sold Lexington house. Public records revealed she sold the property for $95,550, which was below market value. After the sale, she moved in with her mother.

April 28Vicky has submitted her retirement paperwork to the Lauderdale County Jail officials. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, she had been discussing her retirement for many months and ‘talked about going to the beach’.

Pre-prisonbreak: In the week ahead of the escape (specific dates unknown) Vicky purchased men’s clothing at a Kohl’s store and visited a sex shop. She did not purchase anything from the adult toy shop.

Chris Connolly, Lauderdale County District Attorney claims that she took $90K out of several bank accounts.

April 29th at 5.21Please read the following:: Vicky checks out of a Quality Inn Florence, Alabama.

8.47amThe Transport Van 5 departs the Lauderdale County jail along with seven of its inmates, escorted and assisted by two deputy officers

8.56amThe Transport Van 2 departs the Jail with five prisoners, escorted also by two deputy officers

9.20amVicky White, Assistant Director tells Vicky White to instruct a deputy to get Casey White ready for transportation to the courthouse. White is removed from his cell and taken to the booking. He is handcuffed and his legs are shackled by the deputy.

9.41amVicky and Casey leave detention center together, and Vicky heads to the courthouse to undergo a “mental health evaluation.” The booking officer informed Vicky that she was the only deputy who can fire a firearm and she would be dropping Casey off at other courthouse deputies. Vicky then says that Vicky will be going to Med Plus in order for a private appointment.

9.49am– Vicky’s patrol car was seen parked on the Florence Square shopping center lot, eight minutes after she left jail. Sheriff Rick Singleton explained that there was insufficient time to allow them to attempt to get to the courthouse.

11.34amFlorence Police Department Officer spots her cruiser.

3.30pmAdministration: The booking officer informs administration they tried to reach Vicky in order to verify her health and her voicemail is not working. Another officer stated that Casey had not been returned to the prison with other prisoners.

At 11:15Jackie Adams from College Grove found Vicky’s abandoned SUV with tinted glass and no tags. She reported the vehicle to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, which had it towed.

May 1,Casey is eligible for a Us Marshal $10,000 bounty, up to $25,000

May 3,Vicky was charged with permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree by US Marshals. She was charged with permitting and facilitating escape in the 1st degree with connection to capital murder

May 4,Vicky and Casey drove around Florence on a police cruiser while they were gas station monitored.

May 6,: Tennessee cops discover the impounded SUV belonged to Vicky, spurring a force of US Marshals, Williamson County Sheriff’s Officers, and SWAT members to circle back to Adams’ property. 

Adams’ house was attacked by helicopters and drones. They remained there for several hours.

2.15pmWilliamson County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that there is no evidence the two were still in the area.

April 7: Connolly reveals investigators’ theory that Vicky is rolling Casey, dressed as a woman, around in a wheelchair. Officials suspect Vicky may be posing as an older woman wearing a gray wig. 

May 9,US Marshals are searching for Vicky and Vicky in Evansville after they find a car that was reported as stolen.

After a short car chase, the couple are finally caught in Evansville. Casey White gives in. Vicky White receives a gunshot injury from herself and is taken to hospital.  

Source: WAAY-TVLauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

After his arrest, Casey White said to investigators that he planned to engage in a shootout at stake and both him and the sheriff would lose their lives.

On Tuesday the inmate, who was captured on video, appeared in an Indiana courtroom. He waived extradition. Authorities said he will be taken back to Alabama.

Jamy Poss was an attorney representing White in this murder case. He declined to comment.

Vicky White (assistant director of corrections in the Lauderdale County jail) had filed for retirement before the escape. April 29 was her last day at work.

On Tuesday, a woman who has worked alongside her for sixteen years couldn’t speak from tears.

‘I know she did wrong and made a terrible mistake, but she’s still your friend,’ said Sherry Sylvester, a longtime jail employee.

White was often able to aid prisoners without their family, according to her. 

Sylvester stated that White did not do anything to cross the line. 

Sylvester stated, “She did all according to the book.”

Casey White’s mom, Connie Moore said that she spoke to him last by telephone the day before his escape. 

It is possible that her son did not know what was going to happen, said she.

“Everything was as normal as possible.” Moore claimed that Moore didn’t know he was leaving, but it is possible.

Vicky White was charged with facilitating or permitting escape and was served a warrant on May 2. 

The plan was reportedly in place for at least a while, according to officials. 

Her house was about half the market value so she sold it and purchased an SUV.

Sheriff Wedding answered’s questions about where the vast majority of the money went. The money was used to purchase multiple vehicles, items, equipment, hotels, food, clothing, as well as other personal and business expenses.

“$60,000 is a lot of money if you are spending $6,000 per person.

Vicky bought the bronze Ford Edge 2007, using some money and an alias. Vicky fled the scene, then left it behind on a road in Tennessee, two hours from the Florence jail, Alabama where White was released.

US Marshalls reports that the couple had spent $6,000 for a Ford F-150. White and White were also captured on surveillance footage at Evansville Carwash.

US Marshals Commander Chad Hunt claimed Tuesday that Chad Hunt and the wife are thought to have bought another vehicle. 

Rick Singleton, Lauderdale County Sheriff, stated Tuesday morning that she was the “mastermind” of the escape plan. However it is not clear who thought up the idea to free Casey. 

‘To go from day one, thinking she’s been kidnapped and maybe in danger then finding out she took him out willingly, then trying to determine was she threatened or coerced in some way…then finding out that she was basically the mastermind behind the whole plan. Singleton stated that it was an emotional rollercoaster.

‘Obviously, he was behind bars – he couldn’t have planned too much behind bars. 

‘Personally, I think she was the one who put the plan together. 

“She was in an advantageous position. After making sure that the other armed officers were present, she purchased the getaway vehicle, sold her home, and got cash to go shopping.

He stated, “She evidently put the plan together.” CNN.   

Singleton thinks that Vicky and Casey were involved in a “romantic relationship” and that Vicky was as anxious about Vicky’s return and face her family as she was facing the charges.

Vicky, a widow, had no children. 

Singleton, who was her employer before she passed away, said that he hoped she would survive. Singleton said of his employee: ‘I hope she survives this. She will have answers.

He added, “You don’t know who to trust.” 

Vicky White is someone I had complete faith in. She is an outstanding employee. She is an exemplary employee. I’m not sure what the universe was thinking. 

“I don’t think we will ever find out.”

The couples' abandoned Ford truck - their third getaway vehicle, after a police car, and an orange SUV - is seen abandoned inside a car wash in Indiana

Their abandoned Ford truck, which was their third escape vehicle after an SUV and a police car is found abandoned in a Indiana car wash. 

An Evansville police officer checked the abandoned Ford truck, and its discovery ultimately led to the couple

The officer found no paperwork in the vehicle, but did discover a Glock magazine

A Evansville officer checked out the Ford abandoned truck and led the couple to it.

Vicky would be moved to a facility other than the Lauderdale County Jail, where she spent 17 years helping Casey escape. 

Casey will be returned to the state prison.

Singleton expressed his gratitude to investigators at the national agencies for helping him capture the couple, as well as the media, who helped bring attention to the matter.

“Most escapes, especially from county jails, are not planned. These escapes are just kind of random. He said that there are not resources or a plan.

“This escape was clearly well-planned and planned. This was a complex task that required a lot of planning. He said that they had many resources and had money, in reference to Vicky’s recent home sale. 

They had all the tools they required to accomplish this feat. 

‘We were starting from ground zero, and not only that, we started – they got a six-hour head start on us.’

Singleton said, “We removed a dangerous man from the streets today. His name will never be seen again. It’s a great thing.

NewsNation reports that White promised to hold Casey White captive until his return. Brian Entin

Singleton replied, “I think I’ll likely hear from a civil right attorney but it doesn’t matter to me,”