Passenger: This is a grave situation. My pilot is now incoherent. Although I don’t know how to fly an airplane, I do understand the basics.

ATC: Where are you?

Passenger: It is not clear. The coast of Florida is visible in front of my eyes, but I don’t know what it looks like.

ATC: Are you able to use the transponder 7700 in accordance with your knowledge?

Passenger: Let me know if you’re ready. You can repeat this frequency default.

ATC: Disable your transponder, and then put 7700 in it.

Passenger: 7700, yes, yes.

ATC: Could you please tell us again the current situation?

Passenger: A pilot who is not coherent.

ATC: The pilot came back a bit broken. Was the situation with your pilot?

Passenger: He’s incoherent. He is not there.

ATC: Roger. Hold the wings straight and try to descend for me. Keep your hands on the controls, and you will descend slowly.

Passenger – They’re descending now at 550ft per minute, passing by 86/40.

ATC: Carry on the descent, and attempt to get at least 5,000 feet.

Passenger: 10/4 Which heading should I be? Please give me a… heading, because I don’t have control. (Muffled…)

Keep your length constant and follow the coast to either the north or southbound. Your location is important to us.

Passenger: 10/4. Passing 8600

ATC: Press the ivent key on the trans monitor if you are able.

Passenger: Which one?

ATC: There is an icon that indicates ivent on the transmonitor. Click the button ivent to activate it.

Passenger: The I and the What?

ATC: Ivent.

Passenger – I am looking for it, but can’t locate it.

ATC: You can use my frequency if it is possible. This is the Palm Beach method. You may be able to get a better sense of your location.

Passenger: (Muffled)

ATC: Have you copied the frequency? 1, 32.15

Passenger: No

ATC: It’s no problem. Keep your wings up, I’ll keep 5,000 on my radar and you can be found here by following the coast.

Passenger: Okay. 10/4.

Passenger, have you found me yet? My screen won’t turn on. All the info is there. Are you interested in any of these ideas? 

ATC: Palm Beach, is… he’s… telling me you’re about 20 miles east of Boca Raton. Keep going northbound and follow the shoreline. We’ll give you further directions. Keep going northbound at 5,000 over the beach. 

Passenger – So I think that my coast is in my frontlights. I am at 72/80. Are you able to go lower? 

ATC: Are you at 72/80 altitude for your height?

Passenger: Yea, (Muffled) 

ATC: Keep going down until you reach 5,000ft. Continue north over the beach, and we will give you additional instructions to get you to the airport. 

Passenger: Northbound on the beach, so? 

ATC: Are you carrying a phone with you? 

Passenger: Yes, I do. 

ATC: Is your phone number available? We’ll get in touch with you if you give us the number. 

Passenger: ***-***- 

ATC: Do you still have me? 

Passenger: **** ATC: 

It’s true. 

Passenger: ***-***-**** 

ATC: I hear ***-****. Is there an area code?

Passenger: *** ATC: I heard the number ***-****. Is there an area code? 

Passenger: *** 

ATC: Are you still with me? Fort Pierce Tower. 

Passenger: It looks like it’s a bit southwest. 

ATC: It’s difficult for me to hear you. It was something you mentioned about southwest. Could you please repeat your cell phone number? 

Passenger (Muffled). I don’t know how to slow down the plane. I have no idea how to do any of these things. 

ATC: Standby, I have an emergency situation. If you can hear me I have a phone number for you; ***-***-****. ***-***-****. If you get that message, please give the number a call using your cell phone, if available. 

Passenger: (Muffled)

ATC: Have you heard the transmission? Are you able to hear me? 

Passenger: Do you speak loudly and clearly? 

ATC: Have you heard the number that I provided? It’s ***-***-****. ***-***-****. Sir, I have a phone number that you could call to get in touch with someone who can assist you. Keep following the coast. Do you know where that number is? You can confirm that you have the phone number on your cell phone. They will connect you to someone that can help with your flight. 

Passenger: Okay 

ATC: Keep the call going while you make that call. We’ll try to get more assistance if you stay on the frequency. Are you unsure if the pilot is conscious? 

Passenger: (Muffled) 

ATC: Please tell me how many people are aboard the aircraft with you. 

Passenger: It’s not clear. (Muffled) 

ATC: Palm Beach Approach is going to talk with you. They will take you to Palm Beach Airport. They should be heard on this frequency immediately.  

(Other persons butt in. The silence is long 

(More flights from other aircraft. The silence is long  

ATC: Fort Pierce tower is here – can you be on the frequency?