Sleeping owner gets a rude awakening when a restless cat makes her drink water everywhere.

  • The moment that a cat poured a whole glass of water onto its owner was captured on video
  • Before backing into the glass, the cat could be seen wandering about the bed headboard by its female owner.
  • As water ran down her hair, the surprise shower awakened her cat owner.
  • This footage was captured in her bedroom at home in Thailand on Wednesday night.

After knocking over large amounts of water, a cat woke up and gave its owner a shower.

This was the result of a soaking accident that occurred in the bedroom of the Thai owner on Wednesday night.

The video starts with the cat wearing a shirt climbing onto the bed and then drinking from a glass perched above the owner.

A video captures the cat knocking over water bottles on his sleeping owner

The cat then leapt over the cup and walked toward a lamp which was located on the left side.

After just a couple of seconds the cat backs into cup. It then falls over the edge and hits the owner as the contents spill onto the woman. 

As water runs down her hair, the owner lies on her back and gets into bed.

The beginning of the video shows the cat licking the cup of water on the female owner's headboard

In the beginning, the camera shows the cat sucking the water cup from its owner’s bed.

The cat then jumps over the cup of water and onto the lamp on the left side of the headboard

After that, the cat jumps on top of the water cup and onto the lamp to the left of the headboard.

The cat continued to sit casually on the headboard, seemingly showing no regret for his watery wakeup call.

Since Thursday’s posting, the video has been viewed more than 11,000 times on YouTube.

The video was humorously commented upon by social media users. 

The cat was seen walking around the headboard before backing into the glass

Before backing into the glass, the cat could be seen roaming around the headboard.

The cup of water falls onto the head of the cat's sleeping owner and drenches her

The water cup falls on the sleeping cat’s head, and it drenches the feline.

The dripping woman sits up on the bed with the cat casually staring at her while it sits on the headboard

As the cat rests on the headboard, the cat stares casually at the woman as she sits down on the bed.

A user stated, “Well that was accidental, cats would not intentionally knock over glass,”

One said that he loves how he sits after that, pretending it isn’t his business.

“WAKE UP MOM. Another addition was ‘IM HUNGRY.  

Social media users humorously commented on the funny mishap

Funny comments were made by social media users about the hilarious mishap