It is simply adorable A cat who is just like Puss in Boots, with its ginger hair and imploring eyes, becomes an Instagram celebrity

  • Pisco, a cat who lives in New York City, is very similar to Puss and Boots of Shrek 2.
  • Ginger hair, large eyes and pleading expressions are typical of the adorable kitten
  • Pisco is a celebrity with over 600,000. Instagram followers 

Because of his striking similarities to Puss in Boots, this adorable cat is now a huge Instagram hit. 

Pisco, the cat who lives in New York has ginger hair, large, imploring eyes and is just like Antonio Banderas’ Shrek 2 character. 

This photogenic cat has been a huge social media hit, with many photos of him in adorable costumes and snuggling with his owners. 

Who could resist? Pisco the cat, who lives in New York, has ginger hair and large, pleading eyes, just like the Shrek 2 character Puss in Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas

Puss in Boots in Shrek 2

It’s hard to resist! Pisco, the New York cat who lives in New York has ginger hair, large, imploring eyes and is a copy of the Shrek 2 character Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas

A-paw-able! The photogenic feline has become a social media sensation with snaps of him posing in cute costumes and cuddling with his owners

A-paw-able! This photogenic cat has been a big social media hit with photos of him in adorable costumes and snuggling with his owners

More than 615k followers are now following him on Instagram.  

Writing in an Instagram Q&A, Pisco’s owner explained the British shorthair used to be skittish but has become more tactile in time. 

Pisco wasn’t the cuddle-bear he was when we got him,’ she wrote. He was extremely shy and would not allow us to touch or hold him.

But every day, we tell him it’s okay. And we won’t make him cuddle or grab us. He began to be more confident, and he started getting curious.

“And now, he’s super cuddly and a teddy bear.”

Pisco has become a popular Instagram trend. 

Feline extra cute! Pisco, pictured in an Instagram snap, has slowly learned to become cuddly

Feline extra cute! Pisco is pictured here in an Instagram photo. He has been learning to be cuddly over time. 

Look into my eyes: The British shorthair's pleading expression makes fans swoon

Take a look into my eyes. The British shorthair makes its fans cry with her pleading expression.

One posted: ‘I WANT A PISCO CAT SHIRT FOR CHRISTMAS… what else could i ask for more than that [sic].’

Another said: ‘Awww! !!!’

Another added, “What a handsome boy.” 

Puss in Boots could change from being a strong fighter to a gentle pussycat, who won over his adversaries with his sweet expression. 

Pisco’s appeals are so strong that it would be difficult for anyone to resist them.