Don’t meow-ve! Moment cat owner smashed a hole into his wall in order to find his lost pet

  • After his cat got out of his cage, the owner had to open up his wall with a hammer 
  • Scott Cunningham saved Veronica from his parents’ Thanksgiving visit
  • Video footage showed her face in the hole after her owner called. 

The moment that a pet owner breaks through his rental house wall after one of its cats goes missing is this. 

Scott Cunningham was in Waco Texas visiting his parents for Thanksgiving. When he returned to his home, he found his two cats had disappeared. 

This footage was posted to Twitter by Ronnie, a feline Veronica (also known as Ronnie) and showed her trapped in the wall. Her owners discovered that she had slipped through the air conditioner unit. 

Scott Cunningham, who lives in Waco, Texas, had been visiting his parents in Tennessee for the week of Thanksgiving when his cat Ronnie went missing

Scott Cunningham (Texas), was visiting his family in Tennessee during the week before Thanksgiving. Ronnie, his cat, went missing.

Ronnie (pictured) was home alone for a week with Scott's other cat Betty, which is when she went missing

Ronnie (pictured), was left home by Scott and Betty for one week. That’s when Ronnie went missing.

The footage, posted on Twitter on November 29, showed the black feline trapped inside the wall after her owners realized she'd sneaked in through the air conditioning unit

This footage of the feline was captured on video and posted to Twitter on November 29th. Her owners realized that she had entered through an air conditioning unit.

Scott used a hammer with care to make a hole in a wall to save the animal. The video went viral on Twitter and has received over 77,000 views.

Scott and his girls can be heard calling out “Ronnie” and, after a while, their bright green eyes show and they quickly jump in. 

After finding his missing cats Ronnie, Betty and Betty, he had to ask the landlord for permission to make a hole in the wall.

Scott returned home to his parents and Betty found him in the closet. This was when he realized that the door of the air conditioner unit was unlocked.   

Scott is a Baylor University professor of economics. He said, “I bought these two cats Betty & Veronica earlier in the year. It was my first outing to the country, though it was for longer than a single day.

“I have automatic water, food and litter. But I was still concerned so I hired someone to check them each day. He called Ronnie one day, and said that he couldn’t find him. He called me and said that he could not find Ronnie. I suggested that he wait, but he still looked around. 

“But, apparently the man had not realized that he had opened the door to the closet with the AC unit while he was searching for his wife. It was connected apparently to the wall of the house. However, he eventually left.   

Betty was found in my closet. I also noticed the amount of unfinished space (this is a rental). Ronnie kept calling my name. 

The video, which has since gone viral on Twitter with over 77,000 views, shows Scott using a hammer to carefully knock a hole in the wall to rescue Ronnie

Scott uses a hammer carefully to make a small hole in the wall and rescue Ronnie. The clip has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 77,000 views.

My daughter found meowing at the wall by my office. “My daughter found her meowing in that section of the wall in my office. She had climbed into the ceiling through the closet and then jumped across to the other side. 

Scott captioned Scotts video with the following: “After a week at mom’s, we got home and found the cats gone. They weren’t there after I had them checked by someone. 

“Well, they had gotten lost behind the walls and left the door open to HVAC. The Landlady granted permission. 

Scott uploaded the video and many people commented on social media that cats didn’t “abide by nature’s rules”. 

One person wrote, “Oh my goodness! Poor cat!” They were fine, I’m glad!

One said, “It would be awesome if the cat suddenly appeared from another side with a puzzled expression like, “Why are these crazy people punching holes into my home’s walls?”

Another added fact: “Cats don’t abide by laws of nature.”