Alice in Wonderland: These photos of Alice, the REAL Alice in Wonderland are not visible. They were taken in an old family album dating back to the 1860s.

  • These images were discovered in the photo album of a Scottish family from the 1860s.
  • Alice is shown in a smart, tailored dress next to Edith. 
  • The descendants of the McCorquodales married into family of Princess Diana  

New photos have been discovered of Alice in Wonderland’s inspiration girl, Lewis Carroll.

These pictures depict a young, stern looking Alice Liddell standing next to Edith Liddell who is wearing a smart, fitted dress.

They were taken from a photo album that a Scottish family had kept since the 1860s.

This is attributed the ‘McCorquodales’, a name that comes from Argyll (the Highlands). 

Descendants of McCorquodales were married to the Princess Diana family. 

Chiswick Auctions, based in London, will auction the album.

Carroll (real name Charles Dodgson) was an early photographer and became very close with the Liddells.

In 1865, he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  

Previously unseen photos of the girl who inspired Lewis Carroll's classic children's novel Alice in Wonderland have been unearthed. They show a stern-looking young Alice Liddell, in a smart dress, stood next to her younger sister Edith who is wearing a bonnet

These photos, previously unknown to the public, show Alice Liddell as a young girl inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved children’s story Alice in Wonderland. These photos show Alice Liddell in her smart, stern looking dress next to Edith, who is dressed in a bonnet.

The images were found in a Scottish family's photo album from the 1860s. It is attributed to the 'McCorquodales', a name that originates to Argyll in the Highlands

These images were discovered in the photo albums of a Scottish family from the 1860s. It was attributed to the McCorquodales’, a name that comes from Argyll (Highlands).

Carroll was often seen taking pictures of Alice, and was believed to have been ‘infatuated with’ her. This raises questions about their relationship.

His 1865 book Alice in Wonderland gave Alice, his heroine, the name Alice. Rumours abound that he even proposed to her.

The album is valued at £600.

Austin Farahar is a specialist in Chiswick Auctions. He said that images of Edith Liddell and Alice are very uncommon and extremely interesting to find.

he descendants of the McCorquodales married into the family of Princess Diana. The album is going under the hammer with London-based Chiswick Auctions

The descendants of McCorquodales were married to the Princess Diana’s family. Chiswick Auctions in London is selling the album.

The album is valued at £600. Above: A boy seen in the pictures poses at various stages of his childhood

The album is valued at £600. Above: This is a picture of a boy in various stages during his childhood.

Austin Farahar, specialist at Chiswick Auctions, said: 'Images of Alice and Edith Liddell are always very rare and very interesting to find'. Above: Members of the family in the album are seen posing with their horses

Austin Farahar of Chiswick Auctions is the specialist and said, “Images Alice and Edith Liddell were always very rare and very fascinating to find.” Above: The family members in the album pose with their horses

“The fascinating relationship that Carroll and Liddell have with the larger network of artists, scholars and writers from the 19th century is remarkable.

“Carroll’s most famous work, Alice in Wonderland captured the imagination of many with its enduring appeal. This story was originally read to the Liddell siblings during an 1862 boating trip in Oxford.

“To view photographs of the girl who inspired the author is always going to appeal to both photographic and literary collectors.

It is noteworthy, too that the album was owned by the McCorquodales and Lady Diana Spencer’s descendants were married to it during the 20th century.

“This album was compiled from an extensive cache of brand-new material that came from a British private collection. It has been assembled over 50 years.

“We anticipate significant private interest and museums in the sale.”

Tomorrow’s sale will take place.

Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland, was an early photography pioneer and grew very close to the Liddell family

Lewis Carroll was an early photographer and was very close to the Liddell family. He wrote Alice in Wonderland.