The chilling moment that a homeless murderer is captured on CCTV picking up an eight-inch knife from a supermarket before stabbing his flatmate 37 more times and leaving it in his chest.

Daniel Ainsley (24) is seen shopping for a set knives and then taking out the best one, discarding the rest, and walking away to kill Mark Wolsey (48) in Harrogate.

CCTV footage showed Ainsley, a mask-wearing man hiding an eight inch blade inside his waistband. He then fatally stabbed Mark. Mark had been providing a roof over Ainsley’s head since he was left homeless.

The clip shows the killer approaching the Asda kitchen utensil aisle before purchasing the gun that he will use to kill Mark at the self-service checkout. 

Leeds Crown Court heard that Ainsley plotted and executed the stabbing. He left hospital on March 5, then went straight to the shop to purchase the knife he would use to repeatedly inflict his victim. 

After plunging the knife into Mark’s chest, he then dialled 999 and told a police operator that he had killed a ‘so-called friend’.

Ainsley was sentenced on Thursday to 22-year minimum imprisonment after his first manslaughter plea was elevated to a murder count.

Daniel Ainsley, 24, (pictured) was jailed for life after he was found guilty of murdering Mark Wolsey in a brutal knife attack at Wolsey's Harrogate bedsit in North Yorkshire

Daniel Ainsley (pictured), was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty in the brutal knife attack on Wolsey’s Harrogate bedit in North Yorkshire.

CCTV shows the chilling moment homeless killer Daniel Ainsley is caught on camera picking up the eight-inch knife he used to stab his flatmate, Mark Wolsey, 37 times before leaving the weapon in his chest

CCTV captures the terrifying moment Daniel Ainsley, a homeless killer, grabs the 8-inch knife that he used 37 times to stab Mark Wolsey. He then leaves the weapon in his hand.

Ainsley was a recovering drug addict and an alcoholic. He denied the murder, but he admitted to manslaughter under diminished responsibility. 

But prosecutors refused to accept his plea and moved ahead with the murder trial.

His complex personality disorder didn’t diminish his guilt and the crime was done in a targeted, premeditated, and goal-driven manner according to his psychiatric reports.

Post-mortem showed that Mark had been repeatedly stabbed during this frenzied attack. Mark was struck 9 times in the stomach and 6 times to the upper arm.

According to the court, seven of his nine torso injuries penetrated his major organs. He also sustained 37 superficial knife cuts.

The discovery of Mark’s bloody body, with an 8-inch chef’s knives protruding from the chest and the knife infected in the torso by a neighbor shocked my neighbour. 

Mark McKone QC, the prosecution said Mark had permitted Ainsley stay in Harrogate at his Harrogate bedsit as he was homeless.

Ainsley, who was homeless at the beginning of this year, was expelled from a shelter due to violent and abusive conduct.

The bloodsoaked body of father-of-two Mark Wolsey, 48 (pictured), was discovered with a knife lodged in his chest

Mark Wolsey was 48 when he found a knife in his chest.

The court was told that Mark and Ainsley had been friends for more than three years. They also worked for a short time together at a local food storage firm.

Mark admitted him to the hospital to receive mental-health treatment. After his discharge, Mark extended kindness to Ainsley and let him stay in his apartment.

According to the court, he was responsible for kicking Ainsley out the house because of his conduct.

Ainsley had just stabbed Mark. He immediately called police, telling them that he had “stabbed a man death”.

A disturbing audio recording of Ainsley calling the police officer was recorded and played in court. Ainsley can be heard saying to the operator: “I need you come and arrest my brother.”

Ainsley answers, “A friend.”

Ainsley responded to a question about where the knife was located: “Inside his!”

Daniel Ainsley buys kitchen knife used to stab Mark Wolsey

Daniel Ainsley buying kitchen knife in Asda he used to stab Mark Wolsey

CCTV captured Daniel Ainsley, the killer, coolly walking up to purchase the weapon at an Asda store in Harrogate (North Yorks), as captured by surveillance.

Ainsley then pays for the weapon that he would use to murder Mark at a self-service checkout at Asda

Ainsley pays the price for Mark’s weapon at Asda’s self-service checkout

Ainsley was taken into custody in Mayfield Grove just after the body of Mr Wolsey was found at 10pm.

According to him, he knocked at Mr Wolsey’s door. When it opened slightly, he began stabbing him and didn’t stop.

In addition to the knife injuries, Wolsey also sustained cuts to his shoulder blade, ribs and hands. This indicated that he was trying to protect himself from the vicious attack.

Following Ainsley’s arrest Dr Harry Wood evaluated him. He said that Ainsley had told him of a ghost’s voice whispering in his ear and telling him to grab a knife and murder Mark.

Ainsley, however, had told doctors many different reasons for his death.

His mental health issues were complex and long-lasting. He suffered from paranoia, a personality disorder borderline and hearing voices.

A consultant in psychiatry said that Ainsley had not met the criteria for diminished accountability and that Ainsley was controlled, determined and purposeful during the period leading up to the crime.

Taylor Mark, Mark’s son, described Taylor him as his ‘best friend’ and stated to the court that he felt a massive hole’ in his life.

Mark claimed that Mark loved his daughter and that he would not let her experience ‘his phenomenal personality and his love’.

Harley, Mark’s child, said that her father’s passing had created a “huge and frightening vacuum” in her life.

Jane Smith was Jane Smith’s mother. She said she felt like her whole world had been destroyed and had nightmares.

She stated that her son was a “heart of gold” and would do anything to help others, particularly if they are struggling or in dire need.

Judge Simon Phillips, QC stated that Mark Wolsey’s passing had an irreparable impact on all who loved and knew him.

According to him, the circumstances surrounding his death were “tragic and terrible to a very large degree”. He also said that it was difficult for him to survive. He was not given a chance.

Ainsley was sentenced to life imprisonment with a term minimum of 21 years, and three months behind bars. He will be on a prison license for the rest of his life if he ever gets out.