This dog was rescued from a shelter. Could you help? This adorable, large-bodied crossbreed needs a loving home after four months without anyone showing interest.

  • Epiphany is a four-year-old crossbreed puppy who lives at Oakwood Dog Rescue, Hull
  • Three months after arriving at the centre, no one showed interest.
  • She is patient and picky with her dogs, as she’s larger than life.

The shelter is launching a desperate appeal for an adult dog who can be loved and cared for. 

Epiphany, a four-year-old dog from Hull arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue Centre on July 6. She is hopeful of being adopted quickly by a forever loving home. 

Metro reports that Epiphany was not shown love by the shelter in her first 133 days after she arrived. 

Epiphany’s profile explains that Epiphany was initially shy and nervous. But she has slowly been coming out of her shell, and now is a fun-loving cross with an even bigger-than-life personality.

She was deemed too stressed to live in a shelter and they are hoping she will be adopted before the end. 

Epiphany, a four-year-old cross-breed dog, pictured, has been staying at the Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull for the past 142 days and did not receive a visit in the four months following her arrival

Epiphany is a cross-breed four-year old dog. She has lived at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull since the last 142 days.

Will you take Epiphany? She'll soon be able to walk on a lead, and she's a stunning pooch with a 'larger than life' personality, the shelter said

Do you want to adopt Epiphany? According to the shelter, she is now able and willing to walk on a leash. She is an amazing dog with a larger than life personality.

According to the online profile, Epiphany was very nervous and scared when she arrived. “She is now starting to get out of her shell… It takes a lot of patience and time for her to be more comfortable with other people and to show the world what she can do.

Because she is nervous and needs to be with a stable, calm home she can only be placed in the specified shelter. 

It was clear that she could get along well with teenage girls over 15. 

Epiphany can get quite vocal when she is complaining about her time in a kennel. 

Epiphany, pictured, is quite the escape artist and can climb fences. For that reason, the rescue centre said her ideal forever home needs to come with a 6ft height fence

 Epiphany, pictured, is quite the escape artist and can climb fences. The rescue center said that Epiphany’s ideal forever home should have a 6-foot fence.

According to shelter, the dog is picky and will not tolerate other animals. However she could be paired with a quiet male dog that won’t bother her.

Even though she’s petite in stature, Epiphany has a knack for running off. To prevent her from climbing up the garden fence and running, the shelter suggested that Epiphany’s ideal forever home be at least 6ft tall. 

Although the shelter noted that the pooch has not yet learned to walk on a lead, they are working towards it. 

Oakwood Dog Rescue renewed their appeal for Epiphany to be adopted before the holiday season. 

The 'nervous' pooch has been slowly coming out of her shell, and the shelter hopes to find a forever home for her before the holidays

Shelter hopes that the shelter can find her a permanent home before the holiday season. 

The sweet pup has been nervous about living in a kennel and would do much better in a forever home, the shelter appealed

This sweet dog was nervous living in a shelter and would be much happier in a permanent home. 

The shelter said that Epiphany was not only stunning, but also has an enormous personality. She is full of joy and a lot of fun. 

Shelter said that the dog loves to run around with toys and enjoys making fuss when she gets to know you.

She is a good companion for other dogs. We can all share her good fortune to make it better, the shelter stated. 

It was liked over 300 times and shared more than 200 times. This gave the shelter high hopes for Epiphany finding a forever home.