On social media, users mock Chanel’s $825 Advent Calendar that contains ‘junk gifts’ like stickers, keychains, magnets, pins, and keychains.

This advent calendar, designed by a luxury designer, was launched to celebrate its 100th Anniversary in October. However fashion lovers began to take notice as TikTok users uploaded videos showing the inside. 

Elise Harmon, who goes by the username @eliseharmon on TikTok, has racked up over 14.7 million views so far for her first unboxing video, and has gone on to spotlight what’s behind each door of the calendar – including a mirror, a plastic bracelet, and a paperweight.

While many viewers imagined that such a pricey gift would include high end products, critics have slammed Chanel and accused the company of ‘scamming’ their customers for charging more than $800 for a ‘box of junk.’  

Social media users are mocking Chanel for selling an $825 advent calendar that is filled with 'junk' gifts like a magnet, pin, keychain, and stickers

Chanel’s $825 advent calendar is being mocked by social media users. It contains junk gifts such as a keychain, pin and magnet. 

On its website, Chanel describes the advent calendar as a 'first-of-its-kind,' with 'mysterious delights and surprises'

Chanel calls the advent calendar a “first-of its-kind” with many’mysterious delights & surprises.

For the hefty price, it comes with 27 items including a snow globe, a flipbook, a magnet, and stickers

The package includes 27 items, such as a snow globe (with flipbook), a magnet and stickers, for a hefty cost.

Elise Harmon shared some videos of herself unboxing each day of the advent calendar to TikTok, and she quickly went viral

Elise Harmon uploaded videos in which she unboxed each day from the TikTok Advent Calendar. These videos quickly gained traction.

‘Am I crazy? Yes, I am. But, let’s not forget that Chanel’s advent calendar is something new to me. Elise shared a video in which she unpacked the calendar. It was the size of a large bottle of perfume. 

“I think we’ll give them 10/10 for the packaging.” 

It went from there down. Strangely enough, the boxes start at number 5 instead of one and climb up to number 31 instead. 

Number nine seemed ‘promising’, as the package was quite large. So she opened that first.

Elise wasn’t happy when she discovered that it was just a sheet with stickers with the logo of the company.

She said, “This is a joke.” ‘Stickers?’

Because she was upset by the situation, she decided to open another tube in hopes of finding something better. The hand cream was small and she opened it again.

Elise incredulously showed off the haul, which included a plastic magnet (pictured)

Elise (pictured) proudly showed the bag, which contained a magnet and a plastic purse. 

Another box opened to a sheet of Chanel stickers - including individual ones for each letter of the name

Untitled, another box opens to reveal a page of Chanel stickers. Each sticker is for a letter in the name. 

Viewers said it seemed the items were just 'free samples mixed with office supplies' or random 'stuff they found around the warehouse.' Pictured is a paperweight from the advent calendar

Viewers suggested that they were merely free samples of office supplies mixed with random stuff found at the warehouse. A paperweight taken from the advent calendar is shown.

Also included was a keychain (pictured) and a small pocket mirror

Also included was a keychain and a small pocket mirror (pictured)

An advent calendar included both a keychain and small pocket mirror.

Elise couldn't stop laughing when she opened one box and it contained a flipbook (pictured)

Elise was a total hilarity when she saw that one of the boxes contained a flipbook.

'Number eight was really calling my name - until I opened it,' she said in the video, before holding up a small, pull-string bag with Chanel's logo on it (pictured). 'I can't make this up'

She said that Number eight really called her name until she opened the bag. Then, she held up a smaller, leather pull-string bag with Chanel’s logo (pictured). I can’t believe it!

People started flooding the comments section immediately with their responses, one of them writing: “$800+ for stickers, travel-size moisturizers, and can’t even imagine what else it might contain.”

Another user added, “The audacity and stickers.” One user added, “These are the samples you get for free when you order from us.”

Another person said that $850 was used for packaging and $25 went to everything else.

Elise kept posting more videos in which she opened each day.

In another video she says that Number eight really called her name. Then, she opens it up and shows off a pull-string bag with Chanel branding on it. “I cannot make this up. You have this one bag. 

A small box of body lotion and a flipbook were also included in the gift basket.

Elise was left disappointed when she opened one box and realized that there was only a sticker (pictured) inside

Elise was disappointed to discover that one of the boxes contained only a sticker. (Photo: Elise

Some of the nicer gifts included a bottle of perfume (pictured) and nail polish. Other items included a pin, a tiny snow globe, more stickers, a magnet, and a plastic bracelet

Some of the nicer gifts included a bottle of perfume and nail polish (pictured). Other items included a pin, a tiny snow globe, more stickers, a magnet, and a plastic bracelet

A bottle of nail polish and perfume were some of the more expensive gifts. Some other items include a pin and small snow globe. There were also more stickers, a magnet and a bracelet.

Many people started slamming the brand and accused them of 'scamming' their customers for charging more than $800 for a 'box of junk'

People began to slam the brand, accusing them of “scamming” their customers by charging over $800 for a “box of junk”.

Elise joked, “I’m fairly certain this is enough cream to cover my left arm,” It’s adorable. 

She was thrilled to find that number 20 was Chanel lipstick. However, her joy was short-lived when number 18 was opened and she received more stickers. 

A money clip, perfume and small snow globe were also included.

She said that the bracelet was a way to give plastic cap and Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen vibes. 

Chanel’s advent calendar is described on its website as an “first-of-its kind” with “mysterious delights & surprises.”

‘To celebrate the holiday season and mark 100 years of the legendary fragrance, CHANEL presents a first-of-its-kind calendar crafted in the timeless silhouette of the N°5 flacon,’ the description reads. 

She said the plastic bracelet (pictured) was giving her 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen vibes'

The plastic bracelet, pictured above, she said was giving her “Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen vibes”.

She also got a small tube of body cream (pictured), which she joked was 'enough for her left arm'

Also, she got a tiny tube of body oil (pictured), which she said was good enough to cover her left arm.

Elise was delighted when she opened up number 20 and it was one of Chanel's lipsticks (pictured). But her excitement was cut short when she unboxed number 18 and got more stickers

Elise was delighted when she opened up number 20 and it was one of Chanel's lipsticks. But her excitement was cut short when she unboxed number 18 and got more stickers (pictured)

Elise was thrilled when she received number 20, which was a Chanel lipstick (left). However, her joy was short-lived when she opened number 18, which contained Chanel’s lipstick, and received more stickers (right).

‘Count down to the holidays with this collector’s item featuring 27 boxes numbered from five to 31, filled with mysterious delights and surprises. This is a piece you will treasure for many years. 

Elise posted the videos and claimed Chanel had blocked her. She even recorded her throwing her Chanel bag in the trash.

She stated, “I was just checking in to let everybody know that Chanel has blocked me. They blocked me. Chanel! What isn’t clicking? Something’s wrong.’ 

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Another person wrote, “Girls really scammed them,”

A third person said, “Bestie! This must be stuff they found in the warehouse.”

After posting the videos, Elise claimed that Chanel blocked her, and she even recorded herself throwing one of her Chanel purses into the garbage.

Elise claimed Chanel blocked her after she posted the videos. Elise even recorded herself tossing one of Chanel’s purses in the rubbish.

Right away, people started to flood the comment section with their reactions, with one writing: 'Bestie, this has to be stuff they found around the warehouse'

People began to respond immediately to the post in the comments section. One wrote: “Bestie! This must be stuff that they found in the warehouse.”

“Girl, you must return the junk …’ box. One final message. 

Charles Gross (another TikToker) responded to Elise’s videos, calling the items “less than satisfactory.” 

He said, “If this Chanel advent calendar was to be purchased without seeing its contents either on the Chanel website or elsewhere online, it would leave me severely disappointed.”

“My greatest question is: What was Chanel thinking when it came to the price?” Although the advent calendar looks great, I don’t think that it is a good idea. It could be used as promotional merchandise at pop-ups or cost between $50 and $100.

He captioned the video, “This is not okay.”