Master Cosmetic PMU (permanent makeup) Artist Andrea Moore reveals everything you need to know about semi-permanent procedures

Andrea Moore, Master Cosmetic PMU Artist (permanent make-up artist) explains everything about semi-permanent techniques

Wondering how celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian look so “done?” BeforeThey’ve put on their makeup.

From micro-blading to lip blushing and Stardust liner, cosmetic tattoos have become more commonplace, giving new meaning to the pop culture term ‘I woke up like this,’ made popular by Beyoncé.

Master Cosmetic PMU (permanent makeup) Artist and owner of Spa7, Andrea Moore, reveals everything you need to know about semi-permanent procedures.

The Austin-based expert has been in this field over seven years and learned from the best.

According to Andrea, the most common request is thicker, fuller brows

Andrea says that thicker and fuller eyebrows are the most requested.


Andrea says that the most requested brow shape is thicker and fuller.

‘Its amazing to see a person’s confidence skyrocket with new brows,’ said the artist who has perfected her skillset working with some of the top artists in the US.

Adding: ‘It’s the main reason I’m obsessed with this job.’    

An artist must have vision to be able to “create a beautiful brow” that compliments the natural shape of the client’s brows and frames the eyes perfectly.  

Andrea advises those who are considering the service to conduct their own research.

Look at the reviews of the technicians and request to see photos. Then, take the top three appointments. 

'A great artist will hold your hand through the appointment and answer all of your questions, give you their protocol and insure that you leave with the right aftercare instructions'

“An exceptional artist will be there to guide and support you throughout the entire appointment. He/she will answer any questions you have, explain their procedure and ensure that you are leaving with all the necessary aftercare information.

According to her, “Word Of Mouth is the most effective way to get things done,” she shared. 

“If you know someone who has been to someone, you should see the results of their work and ask questions about how long they’ve been practicing PMU.

Andrea suggests that you ensure your artist works under state-issued tattoo licenses and adheres to statewide health regulations in order to maintain a safe work environment.

“Always inspect the needle being used to you. Make sure that it’s new and sealed in its original packaging.

“A true artist will guide you through your appointment, answer your questions and give you their protocols. They’ll also make sure that your aftercare is complete.  

'Microblading is done using a hand held tool (instead of a traditional tattoo machine) with multiple tiny needles lined up to form a blade'

Microblading involves using a handheld tool, rather than a tattoo machine. Multiple tiny needles are arranged to create a blade.

'Microblading is great for anyone who experiences hair loss and/or looking to achieve a full natural looking brow'

“Microblading can be a great option for those who have lost their hair or want to create a natural-looking brow.


What is Microblading?

The microblading process is performed with a handheld tool, rather than a tattoo machine. It involves using multiple small needles to create a blade.

This allows artists to use ink on delicate and feathery lines, which mimic hair strokes.

What makes a great candidate?

If you have lost your hair, or are looking for a more natural looking brow, microblading can be a good option.

Is it worth the pain?

It can cause discomfort. Most artist use a numbing cream to help eliminate discomfort. Most of my clients would rate their pain as a 1 or 2 with the numbing.

There is a very strict after care that come with this service,' warns Andrea. 'You can’t sweat for 10-14 days and its important to keep the brows moist with ointment and keep that area clean.

Andrea says that there is very strict aftercare required for this service. ‘You can’t sweat for 10-14 days and its important to keep the brows moist with ointment and keep that area clean.

After-care is essential   

Andrea stated that this service has very specific aftercare instructions.

You can’t sweat for 10-14 days and its important to keep the brows moist with ointment and keep that area clean.

Neglecting to take care of your eyebrows will cause them to become splotchy or fade. 

Microblading: How long does it last?

With yearly touch-ups, microblading may last for 12-18 months. 

You can see a difference if you are constantly exposed to the sun or use skin exfoliating products and services. 

Her results are longer for clients with dry skin. She also points out that oily skin requires more frequent attention.

What are the risks?

Your artist should know if there are any allergy symptoms or medication, such as topical skin creams.

It is worth asking to have a patch tested with the ink and numbing lotion if there are any allergic reactions. But, an experienced artist knows what to watch out for.


A Master Cosmetic Tattoo artist can charge between $450 to 1000 for an initial session. It may sound expensive but you should expect to pay $99-250 for maintenance.

A 4-6 week touch up is usually necessary after your very first session to polish up areas that didn’t heal perfectly.

'It's so satisfying to bring the lips to life with fun lip colors,' said Andrea. 'The tattooing can give the lips vibrant color and definition, and can even offer the lips more fullness'

Andrea stated that it was so fulfilling to see the lips come to life using fun color combinations. The tattooing of the lips can add color, definition and fullness to the lips.


Are you tired of constantly reapplying lipsticks? 

Perhaps lip blushing is the right service for you.  

Andrea stated that tattooing could give lips a vibrant color, definition and even more volume.

Lip blushing, although considered semi-permanent in nature, is still advisable for maintaining results. You will require touch-ups periodically to keep the lips looking their best.

‘The lips tend to swell from this procedure, so most clients end up adding filler after because who doesn’t want fill pouty lips?!’ 

Lip blushing services are done with a cosmetic tattoo machine and nano needles

A cosmetic tattoo machine, as well as nano needles are used to blush the lips.

It works. 

Andrea said that lip blushing is similar to eyeliner, and both can be accomplished with the new blushing method.

“These services are performed with a Cosmetic Tattoo Machine and Nano Needles.

Nano needles give you a more natural look with your makeup. This is not the old-fashioned, saturated and solidified tattoo makeup that we’re used to.

The artist will create a sketch of the final product to see what it looks like before any work is started.

These services are not usually performed with numbing, but it is possible.


Prices for Stardust lip liner and blushing can range between $350- 800, although they may last for a while. 2-3 years.

'Nano needles create an airy, natural makeup look. Not that old school saturated, solidified tattoo makeup we are used to seeing.'

Nano needles give you a more natural look with your makeup. It’s not like the traditional saturated, hardified tattoo makeup we know.

'Currently trending in PMU is faux freckles,' revealed Andrea

Andrea revealed that faux freckles are the current trend in PMU.

While we’re most familiar with semi-permanent tattooing methods designed to enhance the natural color and shape of a mouth, eyes or brows, Andrea shares that there are other uses.

Faux freckles are currently in fashion at PMU. You can brighten your complexion with cute, fun freckles.

The ‘PMU is used for concealing scars, such as stretch marks. It can also be used in creating fake nipples to aid breast reconstruction and mastectomy patients. 

Trending: ‘Heart-shaped nipples’ 

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